English Grammar and Usage Ⅰ【3年次生クラス】

English Grammar and Usage Ⅰ (3, 4 year students)
丹藤 永也
TANDO Hisaya
時間 : オフィス・アワーは授業の開始時に提示
場所 : 621
This course is designed for students who have an interest in English grammar for business and everyday life. Students can
learn the most useful English grammar and vocabulary they need to communicate in English, and they can practice the
grammar of business communication. English grammar is essential for improving English skills such as speaking, listening,
reading, and writing. In this course, students will learn and practice English grammar in typical business situations, such as
how to ask people to do things, how to write email, and so on. There will be a number of contextualized exercises to develop
the students’ practical English ability in class. It is hoped that students will feel their English ability improving through this
English ability is an advantage for Japanese people in many kinds of work. To improve it, English grammar plays an
important role. It has been said that the practical English ability of Japanese should be improved, so exercises in business and
real-life situations will be very useful for students. By understanding the structure of English in this course, students will be
able to have more motivation to study English.
The purpose of this class is to enhance the English grammar ability of students in contextualized exercises, so that
students will be able to recognize how English grammar is used in business and everyday life situations and apply it to their
The improvements of this course are below:
1. The teacher should proceed classes at an appropriate pace to encourage students understanding of the classes.
2. The teacher should solve students’ problem and advise them both in class and through office hour.
3. The teacher should improve students’ English ability.
3, 4 year students
Putting Common Verbs to Work for You, by Shinichiro Torikai, Asahi Press, ISBN 978-4-255-15490-9
To be announced
To be announced
Daily class performance: 30%
(This may include communicative activities, quizzes, homework, report, attendance, and so on.)
Writing Task: 20% (This will be conducted twice)
Test: 50%
(In addition to the above, some points will be added when you submit a certificate of Really English.)
In principle:
A = 100--80%,
B = 79--70%,
C = 69--60%,
D = 59--50%,
F = 49% --
Four Important Rules
1. Preview and review every class.
2. Attend every class and don’t be late.
3. Hand in every homework assignment.
4. Make sure to bring your dictionaries (English-Japanese and Japanese-English) or an electronic dictionary
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第2 回
第3 回
第4 回
第5 回
第6 回
第7 回
**Adjustments to the following schedule may be made by the teacher.**
テーマ(何を学ぶか): One word sentence
内 容: Order
教科書・指定図書 Unit 1
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Verb + er
内 容: Job
教科書・指定図書 Unit 2
テーマ(何を学ぶか): verb + ing
内 容: Feeling
Noun and adjective
教科書・指定図書 Unit 3
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Verb + ed
内 容: Explanation
教科書・指定図書 Unit 4
テーマ(何を学ぶか): be + adjective
内 容: Verb -able
Verb -ive
教科書・指定図書 Unit 5
テーマ(何を学ぶか): In and Out
内 容: Place
教科書・指定図書 Unit 6
テーマ(何を学ぶか): On, Off, and At
内 容: How to use “on, off, and at”
教科書・指定図書 Unit 7
第8 回
第9 回
第 10 回
第 11 回
第 12 回
第 13 回
第 14 回
第 15 回
試 験
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Have
内 容: How to use “have”
Have + objective
教科書・指定図書 Unit 8
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Come
内 容: Come to + verb
Come up / down
教科書・指定図書 Unit 9
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Go
内 容: Go + adjective / adverb
Go + noun
教科書・指定図書 Unit 10
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Take
内 容: How to use “take”
Take up / on / out
教科書・指定図書 Unit 11
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Put
内 容: Put X on Y
Put up / down
教科書・指定図書 Unit 12
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Give
内 容: How to use “give”
Give + noun
教科書・指定図書 Unit 13
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Get
内 容: Get to
Get adjective
教科書・指定図書 Unit 14
テーマ(何を学ぶか): Make
内 容: How to use “make”
Make X of Y
教科書・指定図書 Unit 15
Final Test