Years 2016
FIM Europe
Fime Europe Enduro & Rally Commission
Years 2016
Extreme Enduro events are controlled start events which are a test of endurance and
reliability. Competitors will be required to complete a number of laps within a time set by
the organizers. The duration and length of events will be stated in the Supplementary
The FIME organizes the European Extreme Enduro Cup in according to the rules of the
FIME Sporting Code, the FIME and FIM Rules, the FMNR Rules, by the Official appointed by
the FMNR and confirmed in the S.R. and by the FIM Europe Delegate/Representative and
with particular reference to Supplementary Regulations produced by each organizer.
Technical rules will be as FIME Motocross or Enduro Technical Rules.
The European Extreme Enduro Cup will consist of a number of rounds each year which shall
be published in the FIME Calendar.
Each Organizer must pay the current Inscription fee of 200 € to the FIME.
All the riders must hold a valid FIM/FIME or National Enduro/Motocross license and starting
held from FNMN, confirming insurance by FMN starting permission (in case of Fim/Fime
licence), and be a minimum age of 16 years.
There will be only a class: Overall.
Supplementary Regulations
The Supplementary Regulation (SR) shall contain important local . details on such
matters as the course, average speeds, safety conditions, entry fee, etc. The organizers must
show the FIME and promoter logos in the SR of each race.
Overall class
Class Numbers
Allocated by organiser on each event.
Years 2016
A Entry Form must be completed in every detail, signed by each rider and shall clearly
identify. Each completed entry form, together with the entry fee, shall be forwarded to the
Organiser. Any information concerning entry form, sending of inscripetion, payment of entry
fee, must identified in the Supplementary Regulations.
Also any kind of information about limit of entries, track, price giving, etc., etc., must by in
the SR.
Subject to the Supplementary Regulations any motorcycle which complies with the FIME
Motocross, Enduro and Baja technical rules may be allowed. No trial bikes are allow.
Tyre type is optional or as stated in the Supplementary Regulations. No trial tyre are
Every rider must place on their number plates the numbers and stickers of any sponsors
agreed upon by the Organizer and foreseen in the Supplementary Regulations or by the
official board. These logo’s/stickers and numbers must be used without alteration or
Bibs may be supplied by the organizers.
Administrative and technical inspections.
At administrative inspection the rider must submit his FIM, FIME or National Rider's Licence,
Driving Licence (if required in the S.R.), confirmation of entry fee payment, filled entry form,
starting permission from FMNs. At the preliminary examination (details of which will be
given in the S.R.), the following parts will be marked as described below, in such a way as to
ensure their identification:
 Frame (main)
 Silencer
All riders
 must sign on according to the time specified in Supplementary Regulations of each
event and present their machine and clothing for inspection .
Noise Control (if there expected)
Machines must be checked following the Rules of FIME (2 METRE MAX METHOD).
Years 2016
Same noise level for all, enduro or motocross. Rules Noise level must be in SR.
Total length or time: fixed in the S.R.
Outside Assistance
Assistance and outside assistance and receiving spare parts or tools will only be allowed in
the Pit/Refueling Area, except when provided on the course by the organizers. No outside
assistance is authorized outside the designated areas mentioned above. The penalty for not
respecting this rule is exclusions (or other penalties given as provided for in the FIME/FIM
Disciplinary and Arbitration Code). Riders may work on their bikes on the track with tools
and parts carried with them.
It is forbidden to use air or electrically powered tools (except battery-powered tools). The
penalty for any use of electric or pneumatic tool is exclusions (or other penalties given as
provided for in the FIME/FIM Disciplinary and Arbitration)
The start must be set out so that riders will start in groups which will be decided by the
organizers e.g. capacity classes (mass start). The number of riders in each group will be
decided by the organizer and due regard to course layout and the approval of the permit
issuing authority. The organizers must ensure that the entire entry must be able to start
together and leave the start area before earlier riders start subsequent laps. UNLESS an
adequate filter system can be incorporated to allow riders to join the course without
impeding existing competitors. In all circumstances there must be a dead engine/le mans
start. This may limit the size of entry.
The procedure of start is explained in the SR and /or at a preliminary rider's briefing.
Any rider who fails to start their machine at the allotted start time for their group will be
credited for that original start time regardless of the actual time that they start.
Also individual start with running engines, after order in qualification should be allowed.
Timekeeping equipment must be handled under the supervision of an official timekeeper.
In order to carry out his duties a timekeeper must use:
An apparatus functioning automatically with a printer synchronized with the real time
and registration time to 1/100 second. Photoelectric cells or transponder linked to the
Years 2016
chronometer will activate the start and finish of the time. The apparatus must be efficient
and accurate to work under the conditions for which it is to be used. A monitor, linked
directly to the timekeeping system shall indicate the time registered by the rider as he
crosses the finish line. A timekeeper officiating at an international meeting must have
at his disposal a reserve chronometer with the real time to check the readings of
instruments being used. It is compulsory to use a system of electronic timing. Riders must
accept any type of Timekeeping system approved by the Referee.
Timekeeping equipment must be handled under the supervision of an official timekeeper
who is approved by the FMNR.
It is compulsory to use a system of electronic timing. Riders must accept any type of
Timekeeping system approved by the FMNR. Ny other information is given by the S.R.
Lap Scoring Area
An area must be designated which allows riders to pass through single file gates where their
number will be recorded on the completion of every lap. Where there is more than one class
the organizer may set alternative durations to suit the varying abilities. The organizers may
stipulate that riders have to stop. Specifications of lap scoring area must given in the SR.
After the specified time/number of laps, the riders will be diverted through the lap scoring
area and then from the course. In mass start event the finish of the race is when the leading
rider, crosses the finish line after the allocated time has elapsed.
Finishing Order – see S.R.
Ties - see S.R.
The start/finish will be the only time check, OR others fixed in the S.R.. There should be
adequate marshals/route checks on the course to prevent course cutting.
Organizers should place marshals at strategic points around the course to monitor safety
and ensure control of event.
Years 2016
A suitable and restricted area must be marked out adjacent to the course as a Pit Area.
Access to this area must be restricted to marshals, riders and authorized helpers. The
Organizer MUST establish a fire point, clearly indicated and with the appropriate fire
extinguishers present. Each rider shall ensure that his refueling crew, have a fire extinguisher
at the refueling area. 'No Smoking' signs should be displayed. The use of an environmental
mat is compulsory during any refueling.
Fire Extinguishers
Organisers must ensure that fire precautions are in place.
Prizes and Awards
Each Organizer must provide Prizes and Awards.
All racers must collect their prizes/awards at the Prize ceremony or will face a fine of 100 €.
This is providing the Prize Ceremony is held within 90 min’s of the arrival at the finish of the
last racer. If the ceremony is not started within this time the rider may leave without
At each event the following Awards/ Prizes will be presented:
The 3 best riders places in the overall ranking
The twenty best riders classified in overall (from the highest class) classification will be
awarded with points according to the following scale at the end of each day of the
25 points to the 1st 10 points to the 11th
22 points to the 2nd 9 points to the 12th
20 points to the 3rd 8 points to the 13th
18 points to the 4th 7 points to the 14th
16 points to the 5th 6 points to the 15th
15 points to the 6th 5 points to the 16th
14 points to the 7th 4 point to the 17th
Years 2016
13 points to the 8th 3 point to the 18th
12 points to the 9th 2 point to the 19th
11 points to the 10th 1 point to the 20th
The winner, the European Extreme Enduro Cup is the rider with the highest number of
points. In case of a tie, the rider with the most victories and than highest places in the
scoring days will be placed first and so on until the statement is broken. If the draw subsists
the winner will be the rider with the higher score in the last day.
Disqualification Penalties (or other penalties as provided for in the in FIME Disc and
Arbitration Code).
Smoking in the Pit/Refueling area.
Outside assistance except in the Pit Area.
Refueling other than in Pit/Refueling Area.
Refueling with engine running.
Changing machine during event.
Course cutting.
Failing Sound Control Test.
Riding in opposite direction to the course.
Protests must be lodged according to the Disciplinary and Arbitration Code of the FIME and
the Supplementary Regulations and be accompanied by the currently fixed fee 130 eur or
the equivalent amount in local currency (convertible), returnable if the protest is justified.
Protests must be submitted no later than as follows: 30 minutes after the arrival of the last
rider of each class, if the protest is against a rider or a machine
Any protest, for the first or second day, must be presented to the FMNR Official and/or the
FIME Delegate/Representative within 30 minutes after the provisional results have been
displayed on the official notice board.
 One hour after receiving the written reply of the Officials of FMNr
 No protest can be made against a decision of the Officials, but in certain cases an
appeal may be lodged as prescribed in the FIME Disciplinary and Arbitration Code.
Years 2016
Fines and Protest Fees
The FMNr will keep an account of all fines and protest fees received, and will send
the account and the amount collected to the FIME on the conclusion of the meeting.
Interpretation of Regulations
The interpretation of these regulations and the S.R. is the responsibility of the Officials
nominated by the FMNr, who is also empowered to deal with any matter not provided
therein. In second instance, and facts relating to the classification of FIME CUP, any appeal
will be examined and decided by the FIME Delegate/representative.
The FIM Europe Enduro Commission shall nominate an Delegate/Representative, choosen
among the Commission members and, if possible the member of FMNR . In that case all the
costs are in charge of organizers.
Compliance with Regulations
Every rider by entering or being entered or nominated, thereby acknowledges that he is
bound by the FIME Sporting Code & Rules, Supplementary Regulations of the event and Final
Instructions to be hereafter issued, to all of which he undertakes to submit and moreover
renounces any rights to have recourse to any arbitrations or tribunal not provided for in the
said Rules and Regulations.
Ecological Area
Each organizer will be obliged to provide a special area for the safe storage of waste oil,
tyres, batteries and/or any other material regarded as environmentally hazardous. Such
area shall be in the paddock/service areas and shall be clearly identified. It is compulsory to
use a environmental mat for service and replenishment at the service areas.
Medical Services
At all events qualified First Aid personnel must be in attendance with full first aid equipment
including a stretcher. There must be a minimum of TWO ambulances or ONE ambulance and
ONE other suitably identified vehicle, which must be equipped with and able to carry a
stretcher. At least must attend at the event one type A ambulance. One vehicle must always
be available at the event. The attendance of a Doctor is compulsory.
Approved by FIME Enduro & Rally Commission – 24th Octrober 2015, Rome