Form 30-D - Ohio Secretary of State

R.C. 3517.10
Designation of Treasurer
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Prescribed by Secretary of State 07/05
All Committees
Full Name of Committee
Street Address
Telephone Number
Zip Code
e-mail Address
FAX Number
Full Name of Treasurer
Street Address
Telephone Number
Zip Code
e-mail Address
FAX Number
Full Name of Deputy Treasurer (if any)
Street Address
Telephone Number
Zip Code
e-mail Address
FAX Number
Candidate’s Campaign Committees Only
Full Name of Candidate
Party Affiliation/Independent/Non-Partisan
Street Address
Office Sought
Zip Code
Election Year
Signature of Candidate
Political Action Committees Only
Is the PAC sponsored by a labor If Yes, name the sponsor
organization or corporation?
l No l Yes.
PAC Registration Number
Authorized Signature
Acronym, if any
List any affiliated PACs
Ballot Issue PAC?
Political Parties, Political Contributing Entities,
or Legislative Campaign Funds Only
Authorized Signature
Signature of Treasurer
l Yes
l No
Reason(s) for filing this form:
l Original Designation of Treasurer/Acknowledgement of Appointment
l Change of Treasurer/Acknowledgement of Appointment
l Designation or change of Deputy Treasurer
l Change of Address for
l Change of Committee name. The previous name was: ________________________________________________________
l Change of Filing Location. The previous location was: _________________________________________________________
The new location is:
l Change of Office Sought from _____________________________ to ________________________________________
l Other. Please explain: ____________________________________________________________________________________
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Designation of Treasurer — Form 30-D
A Designation of Treasurer form must be filed before a candidate’s campaign committee, political action committee (PAC),
political contributing entity (PCE), legislative campaign fund or
political party makes any expenditures or receives any contributions. It is recommended that candidates who do not anticipate
receiving or spending anything also file this form. [R.C.
This form has been designed so that candidates' campaign
committees, political contributing entities, legislative campaign
committees, political action committees and political parties all
use the same form. Each type of committee should complete the
top third of the form. Note that a street address, not a post office
box is required in all addresses.
The State block should be completed with the U.S. Post
Office's standard two-letter abbreviation. For example, Ohio
would appear as OH.
A candidate, legislative campaign committee, PAC, PCE, or
political party registers by filing a Designation of Treasurer form.
Thereafter, the form is used to update basic information. For
example, if a committee has already registered, but subsequently
changes its address, the Designation of Treasurer form is used to
update the information. In addition to address changes, the form
can be used to update a committee name change, a treasurer or
deputy treasurer change, change of place of filing or to indicate
that a candidate is running for a different office. The appropriate
box at the bottom of the form should be marked to reflect why the
form is being filed. The form should be completed in full each
time it is filed.
A Designation of Treasurer form should not be filed as part of
a report. It is a separate filing. It is not required whenever a report
is filed.
Political action committees filing with the secretary of state
that have not yet been assigned a registration number may leave
that block empty.
The name of a candidate's campaign committee must include
the last name of the candidate. A candidate may have only one
campaign committee.
If a committee wishes to change its place of filing, it does not
have to terminate the committee. For example, a candidate or
PAC may decide to change its focus from the local level to the
statewide level. The committee may send an original Designation
of Treasurer form to register with the new place of filing, while
sending a photocopy of the form to the old place of filing so that
no further reports are expected at the prior location. The box indicating a change in the place of filing should be checked.
A PAC must indicate whether it is a “ballot-issue PAC.”
Candidates must, and the treasurers should, sign their Designation of Treasurer forms. Any authorized person may sign PAC,
PCE and political party forms.
When a treasurer or deputy treasurer resigns or is replaced, a
revised Designation of Treasurer form should be filed immediately. The fact that the previous treasurer's name is no longer
listed will indicate that he or she no longer holds the position.