Keep Vigil With Me & Do Not Judge

Keep Vigil With Me & Do Not Judge
Right now I am most concerned about the little ways of compromise, little insignificant things
that open the door to bigger things, even in the short time left.
I am most concerned that My Bride is not preparing herself sufficiently with prayer a
communion with Me. I say this because strong temptations will be released as things begin to
heat up and unless My Bride is truly dwelling in Me she will not weather the storms in
equanimity, she will be swayed.
No preparation is as important as prayer right now. I know there are many who are still sorting
things out for when they are gone. I advise you not to worry about them, the very moment
you are taken from the earth, My plan will start into action. What has been left behind is
sufficient without getting into worldly things, as you have been tempted to do. I must say I am
proud of you for not giving in.
I feel such restraint in the depths of my being about things like shopping for food and radios
and the like.
That is My Spirit dwelling within you.
Perhaps the most precious thing you can do is leave sweet letters behind, other than that stay
away from things that will draw you back out into the world. I have told you what is coming
and the very best preparation is what you are doing now, communing with Me, soaking in My
reality, anticipating My needs.
You know from experience that focusing on the things pertaining to the flesh bring you far
away from center in Me, they cause you to loose touch with reality. When I say reality I mean
My Reality, not the so called reality of this world which in an instant can be undone.
The temptations to act on practical everyday matters can be overwhelming, yet if you weight
what is in the balance and consider that this world will not be your home for very much
longer, you can choose for the Spirit.
The very best preparation for your departure is spiritual, this will even impact your children.