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10/12 FEBRUARY 2016 | RIMINI
Intimate relationships exist between the enhancement and preservation of cultural heritage and tourism as a fundamental driver for regional development. The time has come to give due recognition to the
rescaling processes affecting heritage and tourism destinations, intended both as upscaling and
downscaling. Rescaling heritage and tourism destinations can be seen as both a strategy pursued by
national and regional agencies, or as unintended consequences of the constant interplay between an
increasingly complex array of stakeholders, including cross-national institutions and local communities.
The aim of the RSA research network is to examine tourism diversity from the perspective of regional
development in order to identify current challenges and opportunities in a more systematic manner,
and hence provide the basis for a more well-informed integration of tourism into regional development
strategies and move beyond political short-termism and buzzword fascination.
The Rimini workshop aims to discuss and exchange ideas, experiences, and research results
about cultural heritage and tourism with a particular focus on the rescaling processes. This endeavour has in fact the potential of shedding new light on the intricate and multilayered decision-making
processes underpinning the rescaling of heritage and tourism.
The Rimini workshop welcomes papers on topics including:
tourism and cultural routes: networks, governance, impact
tourism and cultural heritage in regeneration/rejuvenation strategies
cultural heritage off-the-beaten track: governance, impact, policies
power dynamics, social conflicts and inequalities related to cultural heritage and tourism
quality of life and wellbeing in heritage and tourism
the role of cultural heritage and tourism for smart specialization strategies
destination management vs. cultural heritage management
co-operation in heritage and tourism development between the core and the periphery
of regional areas
sustainable uses of the past
host-guest relationships
the role of creativity and creative industries in heritage and tourism
events and festivals as development drivers
impact assessment of cultural tourism policies
competition between heritage sites and destinations
creating, utilising and comparing place brands
social sensemaking and the co-construction of cultural heritage
We will also be happy to accept papers addressing other aspects of tourism and regional development.
30th October 2015 | Deadline for abstract submission
15th November 2015 | Notification of accepted papers
20th December 2015 | Deadline for early bird registration
20th January 2016 | Deadline for registration
Abstracts (title and an abstract of not more than 300 words) should be submitted to
Lorenzo Zirulia [email protected] no later than 30th October 2015.
All presenters must register for the conference.
The event is open to researchers and practitioners, young and old, with an interest in tourism and
regional development. It is organised by the Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism (CAST), the
interdisciplinary coordinating body for all the activities related to tourism within the University of Bologna. The event will take place at the Rimini Campus (120 km from Bologna), beginning on Wednesday,
10th February, and ending on Friday, 12th January.
It will combine keynote and paper presentations and other interactive work sessions.
Please check the workshop website for further information:
The workshop fee is 200 Euros.
Early bird and RSA members registration is offered at a discounted rate of 180 Euros.
RSA Member will be granted the Early bird rate also after the deadline for Early bird registration.
The fee covers meals, coffee, and refreshment during the workshop, and some recreational activities.
The RSA has kindly provided bursaries of up to 200 Euros to support travel for students or other
delegates with an accepted paper and limited financial means of their own in order to encourage as
wide a participation in the working group as possible. Participants can join the Association and request
a travel bursary at the same time. Bursaries will be distributed on first-come-first-serve basis. For your
application please contact Henrik Halkier [email protected]
On the basis of the workshops of the research network, the intention is to produce one or more publications, in the form of special issues of peer reviewed journals.
The Tourism and Regional Development research network is a recognised meeting point for all those
with an interest in issues relating to tourism from a regional development perspective.
The research network is financially supported by the Regional Studies Association and organised by:
Henrik Halkier, Aalborg University, Denmark | [email protected]
Marek Kozak, University of Warsaw, Poland | [email protected]
Local organisers:
Alessia Mariotti | University of Bologna | Dept. for Life Quality Studies
Francesco Barbini | University of Bologna | Dept. of Management
Massimo Giovanardi | University of Leicester | School of Management
Roberto Patuelli | University of Bologna | Dept. for Economics
Chiara Rabbiosi | University of Bologna | Dept. for Life Quality Studies
Lorenzo Zirulia | University of Bologna | Dept. for Economics
Wednesday, 10th Feb. 2016 | Opening at about midday
Thursday, 11th Feb. 2016 | Workshop, full day including study visit
Friday, 12th Feb. 2016 | Closing at about 5 pm