By email: First Vice-President Timmermans CC: Vice

By email:
First Vice-President Timmermans
Vice-President Ansip
Commissioner Avramopoulos
Commissioner Jourova
2 July, 2015
Dear First Vice-President Timmermans,
EDRi is a pan-European organization working on human rights in the digital environment. We
represent 33 digital civil rights organisations in 19 European countries.
After the CJEU ruling on 8 April 2014 invalidating the Data Retention Directive, the
implementation of the decision of the Court has been addressed differently across the EU. EDRi has
undertaken a case study (attached) of six Member States that have kept data retention laws which
contain features that are similar or identical to those that were ruled to be contrary to the EU
Charter. This analysis strongly suggests that personal data of millions of Europeans are being stored
illegally, in breach of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.
Please find in the attached Annex a list of some of the examples we have consider to be contrary to
the CJEU ruling. Given the role of the European Commission as the guardian of the treaties and the
legal basis to commence infringement procedures under Art.258 TFEU, we urge you to analyse
these examples and to take all necessary measures to ensure that those Member States bring their
practices into line with EU law. Similarly we request that your services use our work as a starting
point to review all such practices – and plans for such practices - in all Member States of the
European Union.
We look forward to your response and remain at your disposal to support the necessary initiatives to
uphold EU law in this policy area.
Joe McNamee
Executive Director
European Digital Rights | 20 Rue Belliard, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium | Tel. +32 2 274 25 70 |