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Franz Joseph
16 March –
27 November 2016
On Occasion of the
100th Anniversary of
the Emperor’s Death
Exhibition in
Four Locations
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Man &
Representation &
Festivities &
Everyday Life
Hunting &
Franz Joseph
Franz Josef at the age of 85
On November 21, 2016 we mark the 100th anniversary of the
death of Emperor Franz Josef, ruler of the Hapsburg Empire
for 68 years. After ascending to the throne at the age of 18,
he became more and more the symbolic figure of his empire
on the Danube, in particular of it’s cohesion. His politics,
however, left many problems of the highly complex political
system unsolved and in the long run contributed to its failure.
Looking back at the time of his rule, we see, how social,
national and political tensions remained hidden behind the
splendor of the empire.
The exhibition takes a rather critical look at the person of
the Emperor. The focus is on the person of the monarch, but
politics as a main constituent of his function as a ruler, are
not left out altogether.
Franz Josef at the age of 35
This mayor special exhibition has been arranged around
several thematic areas and has been organized by Schloß
Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. in cooperation
with the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and the Bundesmobilienverwaltung. The exhibition takes place at four
different locations in Vienna and the Lower Austria region.
Man &
Franz Josef at the age of 2
Representation &
Festivities &
Everyday Life
Hunting &
Man & Monarch
Schönbrunn Palace
The emphasis at Schönbrunn Palace is on Franz Josef, the man and
ruler. This part of the exhibition is mainly dedicated to the person of the
Emperor, his ancestors and his descendants, his infancy, childhood,
and education, and the determining events of his life: the ascendancy
to the throne in 1848, the engagement and marriage to Elizabeth,
Princess in Bavaria – better known as Sisi – and the compromise with
Hungary and its consequences. These themes are presented by
impressive exhibits in rooms especially adapted for the occasion
on the ground floor of Schönbrunn Palace (the rooms Berglzimmer
and Weißgoldzimmer and the Apartment of the Crown Prince).
Representation & Modesty
Imperial Carriage Museum Vienna
At the Imperial Carriage Museum the focus of the exhibition is on the
staging of the public image of the Emperor in tension between splendid
public representation and personal frugality. The theme is brought to
life through carriages and clothes, which were used by Franz Josef.
Preserved state carriages, elaborate horse trappings, exquisite special
occasion wardrobes and refined court uniforms bring to life three
important ceremonial events in Franz Josef’s long life as a ruler: his
wedding with Elizabeth, Princess in Bavaria (1854), the crowning in
Hungary (1867) and his solemn funeral (1916). This closing event of the
long life of the Emperor left many observers with the feeling that not
just a long-serving monarch was taken to his final resting place, but
an entire era, as well.
Festivities & Everyday Life
Imperial Furniture Collection – Furniture Museum Vienna
At the Imperial Furniture Collection – Furniture Museum Vienna, one of the
biggest furniture collections in the world, the exhibition focuses on special
occasions and everyday life. The frugal personal needs of the man Franz Josef
are juxtaposed to the elaborate lifestyle, which the meticulous fulfillment of
his public duties imposed on him. Big celebrations and elaborately staged
travels were part of Franz Josef’s life as a ruler. At the beginning stands the
dramatic attempt on the life of the young Emperor. This incident was cleverly
exploited to improve the image of the monarchy, which had suffered severe
damage during the 1848 revolution. The exhibition closes with a critical look
at the afterlife and the myth Franz Josef in different media (e.g. in the medium
film, then very new indeed) and the „Imperial Cult“ around his person from
1918 onward into the present. We owe it to technological progress that Franz
Josef is the fist Emperor recorded in sound and image.
Hunting & Recreation
Schloss Niederweiden, Lower Austria
At Schloss Niederweiden in the Marchfeld region close to Schloss Hof,
the country- seat of the famous Hapsburg general Prince Eugene of
Savoy, the exhibition has been arranged around the themes of hunting
and leisure. From his early youth Franz Joseph showed – together with
a passion for everything military - a great love for riding and hunting.
The hunt was a traditional aristocratic pastime, which had for centuries
served as the leisure time activity of choice in the Hapsburg family. The
exhibition illustrates Franz Josef’s personal relationship with the hunt,
but also gives an overview of the Hapsburg hunting grounds, especially of
the discovery of the Salzkammergut, Bad Ischl, and surrounding hunting
grounds. Shooting parties and their political significance as well as the
hunting mania of other family members, among them Crown Prince Rudolf
and heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand also appear in the exhibition, as well
as hunting administration and records of the „haul“, in Franz Josef’s case
of impressive length, due also to his long life..
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Adults€ 25,-
Children ages 6-18 € 16,-
One-time entry to all four locations for the duration of the exhibition
Also pay a visit to the original apartments and State
Rooms of Emperor Franz Joseph at Schönbrunn Palace
and the Imperial Apartments and Imperial Treasury
at Hofburg Palace, Vienna.
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daily from March 16, 2016 –
November 27, 2016
Schönbrunn Palace &
Imperial Carriage House Vienna
9am – 5pm
Imperial Furniture Collection Furniture Museum Vienna &
Schloss Niederweiden
Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und
Betriebsges.m.b.H. (SKB), Wien, 2015
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Preview 2017
March 15 –
November 29, 2017
A Special Exhibition
on Occasion of
the 300th Birthday
of the Empress
The exhibition about the life and work of one of the most significant ruling figures in history is a cooperation between
Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H., Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and the Bundesmobilienverwaltung