Learning with Sprout

Learning with Sprout
Reimagine what you can make
Edition #1, 2016
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Table of Contents
Learn with Sprout
What is Sprout?
Modern Learning with Sprout 8
Where to Place Sprout
Sprout Activities
Capture 2D
Tracing and Stenciling 24
Capture 3D
Mashups and Layouts
Lesson Delivery
Stop Motion Animation
Video Capture
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Welcome to Sprout!
Sprout is a new kind of all-in-one computer that enables students to
make, design, and customize the world around them. Sprout uses a unique
combination of technologies and experiences that support modern learning
and exploration.
Designed to engage students in collaboration, communication, and critical
thinking, Sprout’s support of these 21st century skills makes it a critical
evolution to the modern learning environment.
While Sprout is right at home in a classroom, science lab, library, media
center, workshop, makerspace, and any other learning environment, Sprout
is a learning environment in itself.
By connecting the physical world with the digital world, Sprout makes it
possible to reimagine what you can make.
So, what’s inside?
This Sprout in a classroom handbook is designed to give you a starting point
for integrating Sprout into your learning environment, and igniting your
students’ creativity.
Section 1: Through this handbook you will learn how Sprout can enhance
educational experiences, support the development of collaboration,
communication, and critical thinking skills, improve digital literacy, and
empower the imagination of your students.
Section 2: Additionally, this handbook includes a series of adaptable and
extensible learning activities that are unique to the interactive capabilities of
Sprout. These activities act as an inspiration point for you and your students
to begin learning with Sprout.
What is Sprout?
Modern Learning with Sprout
Where to Place Sprout
• Webcam and downward facing cameras
• Use as a document camera, capture objects
• Capture portfolios and works in progress; great
for project based learning, demonstrations
3D Scanner
• Capture 3D objects
• Grab objects to modify, copy, 3D print, use in
creative projects
• Scientific research, measurement, connecting
the physical world to digital tools
What is Sprout?
• Creates second screen on the TouchMat
• Project onto materials, touch and manipulate
captured objects, touchable second screen
• Connect computer work to physical materials for
tactile learning opportunities
Powerful Windows
• Runs all your favorite Windows applications
• Use as a normal computer; bring in content
captured with Sprout
• Real world computer skills, connect creative
Sprout content to apps like Adobe Creative
Suite,™ Powerpoint,™ etc.
Touch Mat
• 20-point touch mat + projection screen
• Collaboration, intuitive interaction, creative
drawing and sketching
• Group work, accessible for younger ages, art
Modern Learning
with Sprout
What is Sprout?
Sprout is the all-in-one computer built to help you reinvent the
Designed by HP, powered by Windows 10 with a 6th generation
Intel Core i7 Processor, Sprout provides the technological
power you need to transform instruction, increase student
engagement, and drive learning outcomes.
Today’s students need to build the relevant ways of thinking
and working which will prepare them for tomorrow’s
challenges. With Sprout at the center of learning, you and your
students will be empowered to reinvent.
Sprout provides access to a robust world of learning. In
addition to a 23” 10-point touch-enabled Integrated Display,
webcam, keyboard, mouse, and stylus, Sprout has a durable
second display, at your fingertips. This HP Touch Mat is a
20” 20-point touch-enabled interaction surface that when
combined with the projection and scanning capabilities of the
The Sprout inspires and
gives a sense of awe and
wonder in students – it
inspires passion.
– Deneen Crandall
Director of Gifted
The Village School Naples
Sprout lets you incorporate
physical objects so easily,
to really bridge the
physical / digital divide.
– Shannon
High School Student
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
HP Illuminator, makes Sprout the connection point between the
physical and digital world. When Sprout is combined with the
3D printing capabilities like those of the Dremel 3D Idea Builder
the possibilities to capture, customize, and make are made
accessible to every student.
And because all Sprout interaction surfaces — including the
Integrated Display and the HP Touch Mat — handle multiple
touch points, Sprout can be used by multiple students at the
same time. Sprout engages all of a student’s senses while
supporting both collaboration and personal exploration.
Sprout is the all-in-one computer built to help students work
together, explore together, solve problems together, and
reinvent together.
How does Sprout help
educators reinvent
In response to a changing world, teaching and learning have
come to emphasize the importance of problem solving,
collaboration, and critical thinking. Sprout supports these
essential skills through a platform that inspires creativity and
In support of these skills, Sprout can be used as a content
system for teachers. For everything from the delivery of inperson presentations to multi-camera media content made for
the flipped classroom, Sprout delivers functionality in tune with
both the technological and pedagogical needs of educators
who strive for data-driven learning outcomes through inspiring
and engaging instruction.
For instance, bolstered by strong evidence collected by the
Institute of Education Sciences (IES), the U.S. Department of
Education has recommended teaching academic vocabulary to
elementary and middle schoolers by working intensively over
a series of days using a variety of instructional approaches —
by unifying multiple visual, sonic, and hands-on approaches
What do we need to do
to facilitate self-directed
Sit them in front of a
Sprout provides a space for
independent creativity and
playful exploration.
– Laura Fleming
Library Media Specialist
New MIlford High School
Sprout gives you a better
way to present your
Capture is a quick, clean,
easy way to bring content
in for presentations, and
document projects to
demonstrate your learning.
– Isabella
High School Student
through a single device, the Sprout offers an ideal way to support
variety in instruction.
Sprout offers an accessible, engaging platform for exploration and
creativity that can extend and enrich any curricular content, while
increasing self-directed student engagement driven by inquiry-based
and personalized learning. Sprout also provides students with a
means of creating their own learning tools.
According to IES, there is strong evidence that mathematical problem
solving in middle school can be improved by teaching students how to
use visual representations — in its unique ability both to turn any 2D
or 3D object into a visual representation or to support the creation of
new physical objects via a 3D printer, Sprout can be an integral piece of
the personalized learning experience .
By encouraging students to use all of the features of Sprout — to
research, create, and share — teachers can leverage next-generation
technology to support instruction and drive data-driven learning
How does Sprout help
to reinvent the learning
The learning environment has a direct impact on student learning
outcomes, and new research shows that well designed classrooms
can boost the progress of learning.
Sprout offers educators the opportunity to reinvent the classroom
space and to use technology and environmental design to encourage
collaboration and learning outcomes.
Collaboration becomes a tactile and physical experience through
Sprout’s Integrated Display and HP Touch Mat. Each of these aspects
of Sprout support concurrent multi-touch interaction, meaning that
students can truly participate in their learning together. Students
can manipulate objects independently, but work together toward
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
completion of a single project or learning goal, driving conversation
and facilitating collaboration through shared experiences.
Sprout also makes remote collaboration an interactive experience by
moving beyond a single screen. Through HP MyRoom, students can
share, present, and engage through multi-screen video. Students
can connect remotely to students in another classroom, learn from a
distant expert mentor, or participate virtually in a field trip. The ability
to physically manipulate images and objects within these contexts
opens up all new collaborative possibilities.
Through the tactile interaction that Sprout enables, teachers and
students engage with content in multiple modalities. By leveraging
Sprout’s blend of tactile, visual, and sonic sensory engagement,
educators are offered powerful means of differentiating instruction
and personalizing learning in the classroom in a way that no other
computer can support.
Sprout helps to reinvent the classroom itself.
Reimagine learning… with
Sprout allows creativity to drive the learning experience, inspiring
teachers and students alike to explore and interact in new ways.
Sprout makes it possible to explore and to engage with content
in meaningful and personal ways. And Sprout opens up new ways
to leverage both the digital and physical worlds to inspire and to
encourage the development of problem solving, collaboration, and
critical thinking.
Use Sprout to reimagine learning and to reinvent the classroom.
Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education.
Barrett, Peter, Fay Davies, Yufan Zhang, and Lucinda Barrett.
“The Impact of Classroom Design on Pupils’ Learning: Final Results
of a Holistic, Multi-level Analysis.” Building and Environment,
20 Feb. 2015. <http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/
Where to Place Sprout
Teacher Station
• Live presentations from display, mat, and
• Document capture
• Recording tutorials
• Remote collaboration
• Standalone computer
Classroom Station
• Project documentation
• Live media creation and capture
• Multi-student projects and content creation
• Media capture and creation station
• Standalone computer
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Student Computer
• Primary computer used by students
• Individual or shared computer
• Media rich capture and manipulation
• Standalone computer
STEM Class or Makerspace
• 3D scanning and printing
• Remote collaboration with HP MyRoom to
share and get feedback on projects with
mentors and experts
• Size Up for instant measurement of any
object you place on the mat
• Standalone computer
Arts Class or Workshop
• Scanning craft materials for collage
• Tracing onto craft materials like cloth, wood
• Modeling in clay, scanning to 3D model
• Standalone computer
• Capture student work
• Capture library resources for study reference
• Collaborative research
• Explore 3D resources from the Smithsonian
• Create media to document knowledge
• Standalone computer
Capture 2D
Capture 3D
Mashups & Layouts
Stop Motion
Tracing & Stenciling
Lesson Delivery
Video Capture
2D Capture
What is 2D Capture?
Sprout’s Capture and Doc Scan apps produce high-resolution, full-color
images and digital objects with just a few simples taps.
By placing multiple objects on the HP Touch Mat and then using 2D
Capture to scan the objects, Sprout can capture multiple objects at
once, remove the background, and turn each object into a separate
image that can be manipulated independently.
Once objects have been captured, students can combine, edit, remix,
and use these 2D images for portfolio documentation, collages, art
projects, science reports, and other creative projects.
Captures can be shared to other creative applications for presentations,
documents, etc; just copy and paste or save to a folder and insert from
another app.
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with 2D Capture
Document Capture
Easily scan homework, worksheets, or other documents with the Doc
Scan app.
Portfolio Capture
Sprout makes it easy to capture artifacts for student portfolios,
including physical objects, project stages and other work to create
digital portfolios.
Science Lab Documentation
Students can capture the process of lab experiments, to include
alongside notes and other annotations for their final lab report.
Artifact Collection
Students can gather and capture artifacts from their neighborhood,
community, school, or field trip such as leaves, coins, toys, found
objects, and rocks. These artifacts can then be used in reports, projects,
and other creative activities.
Capture Colors and Textures
Capture colors, textures, and objects to import into design apps
like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Use your captures to create
backgrounds and bring textures into your design projects.
3D Capture
What is 3D Capture?
Sprout’s 3D Capture app produces high-resolution, full-color, threedimensional scans of objects with just a few simples taps. 3D Capture
digitizes both color and depth information about objects so that
students can bring them into the Sprout Create Studio.
Once in the Sprout Create app, models can be edited, investigated,
mashed, enhanced, and re-purposed for many creative projects. Models
can be manipulated, explored, and customized in Meshmixer and
Microsoft 3D Builder.
You can also save a 2D perspective of any scanned object to view and
manipulate in Create or any other design application for presentations
and creative documents.
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with 3D Capture
Model in Clay, Scan in 3D
Students can use modeling clay to design and build their own objects
and then scan it to create the beginning of a 3D model that they can
then manipulate, remix, and print.
Structured Light
The mechanics of 3D scanning are a great topic for a science, math, or
art project. Sprout uses a method called structured light; exploring this
method is a great inquiry-based learning opportunity.
Scan for Scientific Research
Collect objects for scientific research; objects like fossils, rocks, leaves,
etc are a great source material. Scan the objects to document them,
make models, detailed comparisons, and explore for scientific study.
Scan to Document a Project
For complex, multi-stage projects, like a multi-stage art project,
scanning versions at every stage will document progress that students
can share with mentors and peers.
Digital Dissection
Using the 3D Capture app, multi-part models of objects can be scanned
in their individual parts, Students can disassemble models, like a heart,
a frog, a gear, or a puzzle, and then reassemble the model digitally to
get an in-depth view of how all the parts work together.
Mashups and Layouts
What are Mashups and Layouts?
Mashups are multi-dimensional, mixed-media, object compilations that
are made possible by the special capture abilities of the Sprout. Sprout
lets you play with copies of physical objects to create new works of art,
science, and presentations.
You can start with templates in the Sprout Create app to create
presentations, flyers, announcements, collages, cards, and other
media-rich documents. Or you can start with a blank space to create
entirely new material with engaging content by mixing different digital
objects and models together.
Mashups and layouts are a great tool for anything from a science
report document to collaborative collage presentations, and can be
the starting point for content exploration. You can also use objects
and designs from a mashup in other design apps like InDesign and
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with
Mashups and Layouts
Annotated Scientific Samples
Students can use 2D Capture to document scientific samples, then
make notes and annotations in a Mashup.
Visual History Report
By bringing in historical images and source documents to the Create
app, Students can use the marker and text tools to explain how the
images relate to one another to better comprehend historical events in
a visual format.
Scan collected objects, favorite items, classroom supplies, crafts,
textures, flowers, and any other objects to use in the creation of
collages that explore content, scientific concepts, novels, student
research, and other student ideas.
Announcements and Cards
Design an announcement poster or thank you card for an upcoming
event. Use items from the classroom to make it personal and fun.
Mood and Inspiration Boards
Capture materials, pictures, and objects that inspire you, then gather
them in a mashup to create a mood or inspiration board for a creative
project, event, etc.
Stop Motion
What is Stop Motion?
In Sprout’s Stop Motion app, students can record and animate physical
objects captured over time, frame by frame, to create stop motion
animation videos. Stop Motion is a very flexible and playful style of
animation, and can be done with simple paper cutouts and everyday
objects to carefully modeled clay figures.
Using the HP Illuminator’s downward facing cameras, the Stop Motion
app makes capturing, editing, and creating stories in film intuitive for
students, while allowing for a multi-modal process that drives student
engagement through content creation and creativity.
Objects and models can be used from the computer or captured from
the HP Touch Mat. Captured stills and clips can be also be shared and
mixed with traditional video and other media using Premiere or other
video editing apps.
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with Stop Motion
Life Cycles
Show the life cycle of a cell, plant, or animal through drawings or paper
Narrative Summary
Create a short animation summarizing a story the class recently read.
Students can be challenged to think about how to best communicate
the most important ideas from the story using only visual elements.
Personal Storytelling
Students can share a short story from their own personal experience
or of their own creation, then plan and direct an animated video telling
their story.
Class Promotion
Make a short stop motion video to promote something the class wants
to get family and community support around. Post the video to social
media as a way to get your message heard.
Great topics could be anything from a social cause your class is learning
about, an event students want to promote, or a fundraiser for a school
Tracing and Stenciling
What are tracing and stenciling?
Sprout’s Light Stencil app makes it possible to capture an image, then
project it onto the HP Touch Mat for you to use as a drawing guide. Using
Light Stencil as a creative tool, you can draw directly from a reference to
create larger objects, outlines, and project templates.
You can also use the Sprout 2D Capture app to photo of a 3D model for
you to then work from, which has many applications for still life drawing
and scientific sketching.
The Touch Mat can be locked in order to draw and sketch with paper and
normal art tools or other physical media like canvas, wood, and fabric.
Scale and adjust your image to just the right size and arrangement,
then transfer to any physical media with no need for tracing paper or
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with
Tracing and Stenciling
Still Life Drawing
Set up objects on the HP Touch Mat, grab a snapshot, and create a still
life drawing based on the captured image.
Trace and Decorate Your Favorite Character
Find a picture of your favorite animated character, capture it with
Sprout, then create your own version, with custom colors and
decorations. Students can focus on understanding how tone and style
impact narrative and visual presentation.
Field Journal and Logbook
Use the Sprout to grab a snapshot of a natural object, then use Sprout’s
tracing setup to do a scientific sketch. Students can annotate the
original object using the Create app as their field journal or Logbook.
Inking and Coloring a Sketch
Comic and graphic illustration often pass through several stages which
can be documented with Sprout, especially because the inking and
coloring happen as a separate process, after the sketches are complete.
Students can use Sprout to grab snapshots of their sketches and then
add color and outlines for the final product digitally.
Pattern Transfer
Use the Light Stencil app to transfer patterns and motifs to physical
media for crafts like embroidery, beadazzling, wood burning, wood
cutting, and sewing.
What is Sprout Collaboration?
Sprout’s remote collaboration tool is HP MyRoom. MyRoom allows you
to work together on projects in real-time, share your screen, the Touch
Mat, and other applications while talking directly with others on the
Sprout and MyRoom have powerful built-in collaboration tools, including
a ‘whiteboard’ space that collaborators can draw on together, and the
ability to grab a snapshot of an object or document with Sprout and
then annotate or manipulate that object in a shared space.
To use MyRoom, simply invite collaborators by putting their email
address in when you’ve launched Myroom. Myroom allows several
devices, including tablets and phones, to simultaneously participate in
the collaborative space.
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with
Sprout Collaboration
Remote Mentor
Students can get real-time feedback from a mentor on a design or
engineering project, using Sprout’s Capture app capabilities to share
prototypes and get feedback live.
Class to Class Collaboration
Collaborate and connect with another class, in the same school or far
away. Put together a collage, share scans of objects from your class,
talk about what life is like for each class.
Group Competition
Choose a topic for competition and find another class who wants to
compete, then use Sprout’s MyRoom to share your finished work with
each other.
Virtual Field Trip
Go on a virtual field trip, where the space you’re visiting would not
otherwise be accessible to your group. Visit a science lab or research
facility from across the world; touch and play with scanned objects the
host shares with you.
Lesson Delivery
What is Lesson Delivery with
Sprout is a great tool for lesson delivery. You can use the External
Display Mixer app to share materials, use the touch mat like a
smartboard, and connect to a projector or large display with Sprout’s
third screen HDMI output.
The app also allows you to zoom in up to 4x with the downward facing
camera, effectively turning Sprout into a shared magnifying glass for
examining specimens and artifacts.
The flexibility you get with Sprout for displaying content really enables
a flexible and interactive presentation modality. This presentation
capability is great for student presentations as well as teacher-led
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with Sprout for
Lesson Delivery
Live Demonstration
Present a live demonstration, particularly for complex tasks like
complicated math problems, science projects, language diagramming,
and other multi-step or multi-concept activities.
Student Presentations
Students use the third display function of Sprout to share their work
with the class, annotating on screen with the HP Touch Mat.
Direct Feedback
Show feedback to students in real-time, marking up the document
visually with the HP Touch Mat while projecting, and verbally narrating
the feedback you have for them.
Group Science Exploration
Use Sprout’s document camera to share a special object with a whole
class of students via the third screen projection or display. This way
objects that are too small, rare, or fragile to be handed around the
classroom can be shared and explored by everyone.
Video Capture
What is Video Capture?
Sprout has three built-in recording devices, the Webcam that that
faces you, the HP Illuminator camera which faces down onto the Touch
Mat like a document camera, and the main display which has screen
recording capabilities.
These three cameras can be used together in the Video Capture app.
You can actively use up to two cameras at the same time, allowing you
to record multiple perspectives simultaneously.
With the Video Capture app you can easily demonstrate interactions
with an object, including documents, tools, or other resources, on
the Touch Mat camera, while also sharing your display, for software
interaction, videos, or document reference, and record directly from
your webcam.
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Hands-on with Video Capture
Demonstrate Learning
Students can use Sprout’s multi-camera setup to record a statement
and show off projects that demonstrate their learning in an interactive,
media-rich format.
Flipped Lesson
In a typical flipped classroom, teachers record video content for
students to review in advance of class, so that class time can be spent
working on the content together. Sprout’s webcam, screen recording
feature, and the HP Touch Mat’s downward facing camera make it easy
to record complex instructional content in an engaging and personal
Peer Tutorial
Students can demonstrate their mastery of a topic or skill by
documenting a step by step process for peers. Hands-on projects like
robotics and other constructed objects are a great focus area for peer
Science Lab Walkthrough
Short videos that demonstrate key points of a science lab or challenging
math and language arts exercises can be recorded and made available
to students so that students have an accessible resource when doing
homework and other independent work.
Activity Index
Capture 2D
Document Capture
Documentation, any topic
Portfolio Capture
Documentation, any topic
Science Lab Documentation
Artifact Collection
Capture 3D
Model in Clay, Scan in 3D
3D modeling, Math
Scan and Customize
3D modeling, Math
Scan for Scientific Research
Science, Math
Scan to Document a Project
Documentation, any topic
Digital Dissection
Mashups and Layouts
Annotated Scientific Samples
Science, Math
Visual History Report
Art, etc
Announcements and Cards
Stop Motion
Life Cycles
Narrative Summary
Personal Storytelling
Class Promotion
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Sprout by HP powered by Intel® Core™ i7 processor
Tracing and Stenciling
Still Life Drawing
Decorate Favorite Character
Art, language
Field Journal and Logbook
Inking and Coloring
Remote Mentor
Project based learning, Maker, etc
Class to Class Collaboration
Art, History, Math, Language, Science, etc
Group Competition
Art, History, Math, Language, Science, etc
Virtual Field Trip
Art, History, Math, Language, Science, etc
Lesson Delivery
Live Demonstration
Art, History, Math, Language, Science, etc
Student Presentations
Art, History, Math, Language, Science, etc
Direct Feedback
Art, History, Math, Language, Science, etc
Group Science Exploration
Video Capture
Demonstrate Learning
Language, Documentation, etc
Flipped Lesson
Art, History, Math, Language, Science, etc
Peer Tutorial
Project based learning, Maker, etc
Science Lab Walkthrough
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