Along the ancient way, and - istituto secolare angela merici

The registration fee is €. 430 for a single
room, €. 350 for a double, €. 340 for a triple. This
fee includes room and board, organizational and
office expenses. There will be no reduction for
members who will be present for only part of the
The pre-registration fee of € 100, nonreimbursable, is to be sent by April 15, 2015,
while the balance must be sent by June 10, 2015,
both through post office account 82767559, made
payable to Compagnia di S. Orsola Istituto
Secolare di S. Angela Merici. For those working
through a bank (bank transfer, etc.), the
international banking code is IT56 R076 0112
1000 000 82767559.
Arrivals are expected in the afternoon of
Saturday, August 1, 2015.
If the registered person should be unable
to participate as planned, the fee can be credited to
her substitute. For those who are not Italians, the
full fee will be paid at the meeting site itself.
However, send the registration form.
All the participants in the assembly are
asked to bring with them the Liturgy of the Hours.
Priests, bring albs and stoles.
The directresses are asked to make known
the planning notes and the program to all
participants, including the Assistants, and to
provide the cumulative registrations for their
The attached registration form should
be filled out completely and sent by April 15,
2015, to the Councilor:
Rosa Maria Bernasconi
If through e-mail:
[email protected];
tel: 031/986480
cell phone: 328 6632995
Via Campagna, 16
22020 Gaggino Faloppio CO
V. Monte Gallo, 113 - 00100 Roma
tel: 06 39387355 - fax: 06 39387446 E
Email: [email protected]
Secular Institute of Saint Angela Merici
To reach Casa Tra Noi, Rome
By auto:
Take the Grande Raccordo Anulare to Exit 1 Aurelia/Centro. At via Aurelia (direction toward the
Centro) continue straight for about 5 km to the Piazza
Irnerio. Turn right onto Circonvallazione Aurelia. Continue
along the main road to where it merges into Via Gregorio
VII. Follow via Gregorio VII to Via Monte del Gallo (on
the right, immediately before the two large, prominent
railroad bridges). Turn right onto Via Monte del Gallo and
continue on it all the way to the hotel entrance.
From Fiumicino Airport:
Go to the train station inside the airport. Take the train in
the direction of Fara Sabina or Orte. Get off at Trastevere
Station. (Trains leave every 15 minutes.) Then take a train
(in the direction of Cesano/Viterbo or
Civitavecchia/Grosseto). Get off at the Stazione di San
Pietro. In the lower level follow signs to Via Clivo di
Monte del Gallo. Continue up for 300 meters (about 15
minutes) and you’re there!
International Study Meeting
The Federation
Company of Saint Ursula
From its origins to our day
«Along the ancient way,
and a new life»
From the Termini Station:
Take Bus 64 (at platform “L”). Get off at the
Cavalleggerius Pietro. Take Bus 34 to the end of the line,
at Via Monte del Gallo, 50 meters from the hotel.
To pre-book a taxi or mini bus from the airport
or the train station to the site of the meeting,
telephone: Ialungobus at 06-3338162
For information about logistics or
arrangements, contact
Rosa Maria Bernasconi.
Casa tra noi - Rome
August 1-5, 2015
Saturday, August 1
Paolo Gheda
Professor of contemporary history
Università della Valle d’Aosta
Afternoon: Arrivals and getting organized
7:00 Eucharistic celebration
8:00 Dinner
Gaetano Zito
Professor of Church history
Theological dept. S. Paolo di Catania
Massimo Naro
Professor of Trinitarian theology
Theological faculty of Sicily, Palermo
Gian Carlo Rocca
Director of the Dictionary
of Institutes of Perfection
Adriano Tessarollo
Bishop of Chioggia
and Ecclesiastical Assistant
to the Council of the Federation
Sunday, August 2
Breakfast and Eucharistic celebration
Free morning for possibility of the
Angelus in Piazza S. Pietro
Maria Dravecka
President of the Federation
General Introduction
Prof. Paolo Gheda
Consecrated Life in the 1900s
Mons. Gaetano Zito
7:00 Vespers
Company of Slovakia
Mary-Cabrini Durkin
Monday, August 3
Company of Canada, USA Group
Lauds and Eucharistic celebration
Geneviève Chambris
Company of France
Academic planning committee:
Francesco Bonini, Caterina Dalmasso, Paolo Gheda,
Adriano Tessarollo, Gaetano Zito
Organizational planning committee:
Rosa Maria Bernasconi, Caterina Dalmasso,
Maria Razza
7:00 Vespers
Tuesday, August 4
4:30 Beginning of the conference;
greeting participants
Maria Razza
Francesco Bonini
Rector of LUMSA University
History of the Federation,
Eighties to 2000
Prof. Paolo Gheda
Witness from Different Continents:
Europe: Maria Dravecka
Africa: Geneviève Chambris
History of the Federation,
Forties to Sixties
Prof. Paolo Gheda
Development of the Federation’s
Rev. Massimo Naro
Lauds and Eucharistic celebration
The Juridical-canonical Structure of the
Rev. Gian Carlo Rocca
The Merician Charism in Events of the
Federation’s History
Bishop Adriano Tessarollo
Witness from Different Continents:
The Americas and Asia:
Mary-Cabrini Durkin
Prof. Francesco Bonini
Wednesday, August 5
Breakfast and Eucharistic celebration
Participation in the general audience
of Pope Francis in Piazza S. Pietro