ISTUを通じたレポート提出方法。 Instructions for assignment

工学と生命の倫理 Ethics of engineering and life
Instructions for assignment submission via "ISTU" 13, Apr, 2016
① ISTUにログイン Log in to “ISTU”.
Top page of “ISTU”
Click to the log-in page.
You can select “English” here
User ID = Student ID (small character)
② 授業科目の選択 Select a course.
1回目のみ Only 1st time
※ Setup
“Courses List” ⇒ “Search Courses”
⇒ Check “Ethics of engineering and life”
⇒ “Attendance Application”
⇒ “Fix Attendance Application”
*After approval by Kudo,
you will find the subject name.
2回目以降 2nd time~
Click “Ethics of engineering and life”.
◎This procedure is not for registration but for assignment submission.
③ レポートの選択 Select an assignment.
 レポートを作成する授業名の“Assignment”を
クリック Click “Assignment #” to answer.
 ビデオを見る場合は、“Video xxx”をクリック
To see video, click “Video xxx”.
④ レポートの作成・提出 Write and submit the assignment.
Fill in your answers and click
以上で完了 Completed.