Women in Digital Business

Global Event for Digital Business
Thursday, 17 March 2016
Women in Digital Business
In 2016 BITKOM, the Vogel IT Academy, WIN and CeBIT are
teaming up to bring back the successful “Women in Digital Business”
conference. This one-day event spotlights both the current and
potential role of women in the IT industry.
It is common knowledge that women are underrepresented in the IT industry. The purpose of the conference
is to counteract this trend and make a contribution to
helping highly skilled women attain commensurate
positions, as enterprises across the board are
experiencing a dire shortage of qualified IT recruits.
The new partnership with the BITKOM Association will
have a positive influence on the conference, as the
results and findings will reverberate with the association
and its member firms, thus exerting a direct influence on
government and business.
The conference will spark lively mindsharing on
the following:
Technical IT issues
Women in executive positions
Corporate culture in transition
Change Management
Keynotes and workshop formats like our “World Cafés”
or think tanks will all provide further impetus for
professional networking and knowledge transfer.
In the evening, the organizers of CeBIT and the BITKOM
Association invite all speakers and attendees to attend
the BITKOM Executive Night for even more top-notch
Participation options
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Organization of a think tank or World Café
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Extensive display of logo at the event
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