SDU-Romain Laufer-2015-1 - Society & Organizations

Tuesday April 21, 2015 from 12:15 -­‐14:00 in IVØs meeting room : V4-­‐204-­‐a1 (close to U133) Professor ROMAIN LAUFER, HEC Paris Uncertainty, Trust and Institution Proposal for a comparative history of the iconography of French, British and American banknotes Is it possible to identify dominant features of a society in time just by looking into some specific products? Which products are most significant to study for what purposes, and why? Of course we can see that art has differed and evolved, but which other products should be studied when art has become more alike worldwide? Which ones matter the most in terms of institution and legitimacy? How can we look into difference and change? Which methods and which theories are most appropriate and why? Professor Romain Laufer will compare the iconography of French, British and American banknotes and show how much they reveal of the similarities and differences between these democratic societies when it comes to ways of dealing with trust and uncertainty since the establishment of their democracies. Romain Laufer is professor of marketing emerita from HEC Paris. He is a graduate of HEC–Paris, holds an M.A. and a Ph.D. from Cornell University. His research has been devoted to the development of a multidisciplinary approach of management based on the notions of "system of legitimacy" and of "history of systems of legitimacy". The primary goal has been to articulate in a rigorous manner marketing, management, social sciences and philosophy. This approach has been developed over the years in many publications articles and books such as : Management Public : Gestion et Légitimité (Dalloz 1980), Marketing Democracy: Public Opinion and Media formation in Democratic societies (transaction Books 1990), L'Entreprise face aux Risques Majeurs : à propos de l'incertitude des normes sociales (L'Harmattan 1993), New Foundations of Management Research (Presse des Mines ,2012) Le Libéralisme l'Innovation et la Question des Limites (L'Harmattan 2003). Romain Laufer is co-­‐editor of Politiques et Management Public (PMP), Member of the Review Board of Recherche et Application en Marketing (RAM) and Consumptions Markets & Culture (CMC). He has served as a member of the scientific council of the College International de Philosophie (CIPh).