Berlin, 2.3.2016
The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin at the
International Travel Trade Show Berlin (ITB)
Stauffenbergstraße 41
10785 Berlin
The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin (National Museums in Berlin) are present
again at the International Travel Trade Show Berlin (ITB) this year.
Information about all the museums and locations, as well as future
exhibitions, foreign language tours and special group offers is available at
stand 23 in the Culture Lounge.
Exhibition highlights 2016 – 2018
The so-called Golden Age of Spain, one of the most fascinating chapters
of western art history, is coming to the Gemäldegalerie (Old Master
Paintings) this summer. More than 100 unique works by such masters as
Velázquez, Zurbarán or Murillo from international collections will be
brought together in the exhibition “El Siglo de Oro. The Age of
“El Siglo de Oro“ (1.7. – 30.10.2016)
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“Canova und der Tanz” (Canova and the Dance) has Antonio Canova’s
dancer, one of the most important and popular works of art in the BodeMuseum, as its centre focus. Supplemented by international items on
loan, the exhibition is dedicated to the sensuous theme of dance.
“Canova und der Tanz“ (October 2016 – January 2017)
In the Neues Museum (New Museum) ancient Egyptian and ancient
Chinese art treasures will be displayed together side by side for the first
time, including many exhibits which have never been seen before in
Europe, in the exhibition “China und Ägypten: Wege zweier
Hochkulturen“ (China and Egypt: the paths of two advanced
civilisations). Each of the 250 exhibits has its own history and, at the
same time, represents an entire culture.
“China und Ägypten“ (1.5. – 31.10.2017)
A further highlight is the exhibition “Vision Pop” in the special exhibition
rooms in the Kulturforum. It presents the art and lifestyle of the 1960s, a
time full of visions, dreams, upheaval and political criticism: mini-skirts,
pop music, interior design and the peace movement became cult.
“Vision Pop“ (27.4. – 17.8.2018)
The Staatliche Museen zu Berlin belong to the Stiftung Preußischer
Kulturbesitz (Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation) and constitute a
universal museum of art and cultural treasures with 15 different
collections. They are spread over 19 buildings in Berlin at locations such
as Museumsinsel (Museum Island Berlin) and the Kulturforum, as well as
prestigious buildings such as the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für
Gegenwart – Berlin (Museum for Contemporary Art), and they encompass
areas of European and non-European art, archaeology and ethnology.
Taking photographs is solely permitted for the current press coverage of the exhibition/event.
For any further use of photos you are required to clarify issues of copyright and usage rights
independently in advance. You are responsible for obtaining further rights (e.g. copyrights for
works of art portrayed, personal rights etc.).
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