12 Feb 2016 - top white ring

Do you remember how to make them?
You’ll never see such an innocent event!
Shiramine districts have had snowmen festivals every winter since 1990.
The districts are well-known for their heavy snowfall in Ishikawa prefecture!
When the sun starts setting the snowmen will be illuminated, and visitors can enjoy
some specialties from the local region while entering to this world of fantasy.
12 Feb 2016
Special event for only white ring tour’s guest
You join the festival! You can learn how to build a snowman.
You should prepare a warm jacket and a pair of pants you don’t
mind getting dirty, like ski clothes. It's really cold as you walk
through these mountain areas at night!
◆Per 1adult(Including taxes)
The tour fee included food tickets for 800JPY and a discount
coupon for the hot spring. Enjoy local foods!
There are about 18 food stalls serving some warm snacks such
as Tonjiru (miso soup with pork and vegetables), sausages,
Zenzai (sweet red bean soup with rice cake), ramen, others. All
of them good to keep your body warm!
And we have special tour desk at information center in JR
Kanazawa station on 11th Feb 9:00am –6:00pm. And 12th Feb! You
can apply the day till 12:00pm
FAX:076-256-7489 e-mail:[email protected]
Travel planning and implementation
〒920-2333 石川県白山市尾添チ 81-6
石川県知事登録旅行業地域 262 号
国内旅行業務取扱管理者 中村吉成
Per 1 child(6~11yrs)
Meeting up
at JR Kanazawa station
Roadside station SENA
Building snowmen experience
Snowmen Festival
at JR Kanazawa station
◆In case of expressway closure or inclement weather,
we reserve the right to alter the travel schedule.
◆Baggage compartments are available on the bus,
as well as overhead storage for smaller items.
Capacity : 45 people / Minimum required : 15people
Tour guide (Japanese) & Food tickets(800JPY)
Length of tour : about 6.5 hours
Changing and cancellation fee
You can cancel/change your reservation with this charges.
Date of cancellation changing
10days before your tour for day trip
20% of tour rate
7days before your tour
30% of tour rate
1days before your tour
40% of tour rate
Same day of your tour
50% of tour rate
After the tour starts or No show
100% of tour rate