Ohanami - 札幌国際プラザ外国語ボランティアネットワーク

Enjoy Cherry Blossoms Together
ogether ~ Ohanami~
Let’ss enjoy “Ohanami
Ohanami”” with citizen
volunteers. We will go to
Maruyama Park and Hokkaido
Shrine, where many Sapporo
citizens gather. Enjoy walking in
the park and seeing the flower of
various types of cherry and plum
May 9 (Sat.) 10:00
Meeting Place
Place: Maruyama-koen
Subway Station (T06) ticket gate
(Tozai Line) (Five
(Five minutes from Odori Subway Station)
Fee: Free
Capacity: First 20 applicants.
Apply to: [email protected]
Please inform us of your name, gender and nationality.
! The event will last 2 hours an
d will be canceled if it rains.
! Bring drinks and snacks.
! Come in clothes and shoes which are easy to walk in
Hosted by Sightseeing & Japanese Culture Unit of SICP Foreign Language Volunteer Network
This event is for foreign nationals.
We look forward to having you
joining us