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Product Brochure
Say it. Do it. Prove it. Mitigate privacy, security, and compliance risks across your
information gateways with a comprehensive risk management process.
Compliance Guardian enables organizations to establish an effective compliance and risk management process to ensure that
information is available and accessible to the people who should have it and protected from the people who should not. As a full
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform, Compliance Guardian mitigates privacy,
security, and compliance risks across your information gateways by allowing organizations to document their policies,
implement and measure them, and then demonstrate conformance.
Scan content in motion or at rest against compliance policies that map to a wide range of requirements for privacy,
information assurance, operational security, sensitive security information, and accessibility
Discover data across multiple information gateways, including on-premises or cloud-based file shares, SharePoint, websites,
instant messaging tools, databases, and social collaboration platforms in your enterprise to shed light on potential sources of risk
Take corrective action automatically to secure, block, delete, move, quarantine, encrypt, or redact risk defined content, and
help compliance staff prioritize risks that require immediate attention with advanced risk calculators and reports
Track, respond, resolve and report on issues across your systems with Compliance Guardian’s Incident Management System,
which also provides trend reports and historical analysis to measure your organizations’ compliance improvements over time
Drive enterprise classification and taxonomy with user-assisted and automated classification– ensuring sensitive data is tagged
Monitor content on an ongoing basis and utilize comprehensive, detailed reporting to demonstrate compliance with ongoing
risk management practices
AvePoint Compliance Guardian
Say It
Do It
Risk Management
Implement a best practice
approach to risk management
across information and
collaboration gateways.
Prove It
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Scan enterprise content in real time or on a schedule against out-of-the-box or customized check files based on regulatory and statutory compliance or your very own policies - that include plain text search terms, regular expressions, and report criteria
Evaluate Office files, PDFs, HTML/XML files, AutoCAD files, .zip files, and hundreds of other file types for privacy and information security issues
Advanced Risk Calculator provides the user with a method to automatically assess and report on increased risk at a level proportional to the risk type
while simultaneously providing a method to grow risk at a specified factor, allowing for a real look at risk by occurrence with methodologies for Raw
Risk, Stepped Risk, and Weighted Risk
Involve human review to assess and change check status to enable exception handling and reduce false positives
Classify content with user-assisted or automated tagging via a Metadata Classification Engine
Based on content classification, assign permissions; route to the appropriate location; and block, delete, quarantine, encrypt, or redact sensitive data to
comply with information governance policies
Enhance incident tracking and management with Compliance Guardian’s Quarantine Manager, Encryption Manager, and Redaction Manager to ensure
discovered incidents are reviewed, tracked, and acted on in accordance with your information governance policies
Detect software and hardware configurations, such as free disk space and Compliance Guardian Agent permissions, with a self-checker to automatically
troubleshoot system errors that impact Compliance Guardian performance.
Present scan, risk assessment, classification, and action results in graphical dashboard displays, or automatically input all compliance risk data and
reports into HTML or Microsoft Excel files for download and reference
Highlight the areas that violate the specified compliance standards or guidelines in files or web pages to help organizations quickly address the
non-compliant information
Track historical risk analysis on your data with trend reports and compliance activity timelines to accurately measure compliance improvements
Generate actionable email notifications upon identification of sensitive or non-compliant content for end users or compliance teams to take decisive action
Gain a holistic view of your environment’s risk levels, as
well as overall compliance status, with AvePoint
Compliance Guardian.
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