Powder Loader
It attaches the drum which is used in the process line to the feedenser and reverses it and conveying material in the drum.
High density feeding of powder and granules.High density is effected at low speed by pressure feeding to reduce damage to the materials.
The material stored in drums is combeyed as it is without changing the container.
Even ordinary drums that have not been made sanitary can be used for hygienic conveyance by inserting a plastic bag into the drum.
Duram Volume
Fiber Drum Reverse
With safeguard, drum not resist to pressure can also be used.
Metallic Drum Reverse
Drum used in process line can be directly used in feedenser. Automatic Feed to Packaging Machine.
Drum can be used as mixing container, combining cartridge and tumble mixer.
Automatic Drum Reverse.
Insert, press and reverse can be done without human watch. Used for material handling, such as anti-­biotics, central nervous drugs, hormone preparations and spicy.
Automatic Conveyance
Conveyance Completed
Automatic Reverse
Automatic Reverse
Automatic Insert
Automatic Measuring
Automatic Press
(Pre and Post Conveyance)
Automatic Break-­Off
Automatic Move