Deanne Learning a language in a classroom environment can be a

Learning a language in a classroom
environment can be a challenge. It quickly
becomes a jumble of grammar, words and
phrases swimming around the student’s head,
while they struggle to make sense of it all. At
times when students don’t understand, it is
easy for their native language to step in to
save them. For this reason, they often find themselves lacking confidence with an
irrational fear of making mistakes, two things they never experienced whilst learning
their mother tongue.
A passionate teacher can motivate, encourage and engage students, however it is
always the practical experience which will captivate them and give them the
self-motivation they need to improve. Going abroad is a fantastic way to reinforce the
practicality of learning a second language therefore I was delighted to find out that the
students of Taishi Senior High School would embark on a study tour to my hometown
Perth, Australia.
Having met the students for the first time post-tour, I could see they had enjoyed
themselves. It was great to instantly have something in common with the students.
Everyone spoke English with confidence and we enjoyed not only getting to know each
other, but sharing stories about Perth as well. I could see how much the trip abroad
had opened their eyes to a different lifestyle, new experiences and a new appreciation
for why they are studying English at Taishi Senior High School. It is evident that the
practical experience they had on the study tour has enabled them to realise just how
valuable having a second language can be whilst travelling abroad.
Studying English enables students to have a global passport to study at university,
develop a career and to travel the world. I hope Taishi Senior High School continues
with their study tour for years to come to ensure many more students are able to
enrich their experience of learning English by going abroad.
初めまして。7月に西オーストラリア州のパースから着任した Deanne Couanis と申しま