Programm Welcome Day am 16

Welcome Days 23 - 25 April 2015
23 April 2015
Room no. S18, 1st floor, Musiktrakt
at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 3 (GSP)
09:00 am
Welcome note
by Vice Dean Prof Dr Martin Doevenspeck and Coordinator Dr Christine
(with introduction of the BIGSAS administration team)
09:30 am
Introduction of the new Junior Fellows and their PhD topics
10:15 am
Introduction of the Postdocs and their activities
by Postdocs Akiiki Babyesiza and/or Shola Adenekan
10:30 am
Information about Junior Fellow activities
by Junior Fellow Representatives Johanna Sarre and Sarah Böllinger
10:45 am
Information about the Gender and Diversity Programme
by Gender and Diversity Representative Dr Eric Anchimbe
11:00 am
Information about the German language course and the IIK
by Insa von Uslar
Common lunch at the GSP cafeteria (Mensa)
07:00 pm
International Club Bayreuth – Welcome Party
at Alexander von Humboldt-Haus (IBZ), Eichendorffing 5, Bayreuth
24 April 2015
Room no. S17, 1st floor, Musiktrakt
at Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 3 (GSP)
9:00 am
Information about the University of Bayreuth Graduate School (UBTGS)
by Coordinator Dr Thomas Gollan
9:30 am
IT introduction
by IT Manager Rainer Noack
25 April 2015
Wölfelstrasse 2, 95444 Bayreuth
3 pm – 6 pm Old meets new
We would like to invite you to meet the “old” Junior Fellows at an informal gettogether. You will have the chance to exchange experience, get to know each
other, and to ask questions. We will provide snacks, drinks and a cosy
We cordially invite you!
Johanna & Sarah (JF Representatives)