MIT Energy Conference 2012 Application Form A - g-Enesis

The University of Tokyo Energy Club(g-Enesis)
MIT Energy Conference 2012 Application Form
• Compile your answers in this MS word file. You are free to format your text the way you
prefer as long as you obey the word-count restriction.
• The Japanese translation of the questions is provided for reference only. You must write
your answers in English.
• Send your application to [email protected] by December 16th 2011 23:59 JST.
A. General information
University and department:
Theme of your research(If you do not have one, please write your plan of research):
B. Please answer the following questions.
1. Why are you applying to the MIT Energy Conference, and what do you expect to gain
from it? Limit your response to 150 words.
MIT Energy Conference に参加を希望する理由、及び参加を通じて学びたいこと。
(300 字以下)
2. g-Enesis is an energy club where the activities are mainly organized by graduate
students. As a potential member, how will you contribute to the club? Please mention
short term actions and long term contributions. Limit your response to 200 words.
私たち g-Enesis は大学院生が中心となって活動を行なっているエネルギー問題に関す
ていきたいかを具体的にお答え下さい。(400 字以下)
3. Why are you interested in energy related issues? Name some of the issues of your
interest, and briefly explain how you are related to those. Limit your response to 150
ついて具体的にお答え下さい。(300 字以下)
4. What, in your opinion, should be a pragmatic and sustainable energy policy for Japan
with the depleting supply and rising price of oil, controversies surrounding shale gas
extraction, the questionable future of nuclear power in a post-Fukushima world, and the
fate of renewable energy in the face of political uncertainty? Limit your response to 300
まえお答えください。) (600 字以内)