Registration for electives

Registration for electives
FBW/krf/stef, 10.03.2015, v 02
The following procedures are to be followed for students who are registering for electives in
summer semester 2015:
1. Students must register for all electives at the Registrar’s office (Prüfungsamt) during the
official electives registration period: 08-15 April 2015.
Registration for elective courses WITHOUT any limitation on group size must be
done in writing on the form available at the registrar’s office during this period.
Students registering for electives with a limited number of spaces, marked with a
yellow background on the list of electives, should register as follows:
1.2.1. Go to the kick-off or first lecture directly. There the places will be
distributed according to the priority list:
Konfliktmanagement für Unternehmen
Doing Business with US Americans
Intercultural Conflict Management
Produkt- und Produktionsoptimierung
Learning Management with the
White Water Principles
Kick-off / first lecture
18.03., 1 p.m., F 0.02 &
25.03., 1 p.m., F 0.02
23.03., 3:45 p.m., F 1.02
24.03., 3:45 p.m., N 12
26.03., 3:45 p.m., F 2.02
27.03., 9:30 a.m., F 1.02
31.03., 1 p.m., F 0.02
1.2.2. For the following courses please register your name and semester group,
for example, “exchange student” or IBM-4 or IBW-3 at the Departmental
Office (Dekanat) Room F 1.05 (note opening times) on the sign up lists
available in this office
…by March 19 and go the first lecture:
SAP Fin. Acc. & Controlling, English
ReWe & Controlling mit SAP, German
Corporate Culture and Leadership
Kick-off / first lecture
20.03., 7:45 a.m., D 3.07
20.03., 10:45 a.m., D 3.07
20.03., 9:30 a.m., E 0.04
…by March 27:
- Kohler “SAP R/3 HR”
- Leeb „Marketing and Human Values”
1.2.3. Electives during the International Week (05 – 08 May): register in FELIX
(Inhalte und Vorlesungen > Fakultät W > Wahlpflichtfächer/Electives)
…by March 27:
- Doing Business in China
- Doing Business in France
- Doing Business in Latin America
- Business in the era of climate change…
- Innovation Management and Forecasting (only for IEB-students)
Registration for electives
FBW/krf/stef, 10.03.2015, v 02
1.2.4. Pastor “Neue Marketingkonzepte in Spanien”: The participants have already
been defined.
2. Priority has been defined as follows, depending on the opportunities students may have in
the future to take these courses:
• first priority: students who did not pass the same course before and thus having to
repeat it
• next: IBW-7 and older, IBM-7 and older (alternating), if the elective is necessary to
complete the 18 ECTS graduating requirements
• next: international full-time IBM/IBW students, on their “Study abroad semester” here
• next: exchange students
• next: IBW-4, IBM-4, IEB 4, and if the course is not yet full IBW-3.
• next: MBA, IMM and if the course is not yet full students from other faculties.
3. Please note: with a sense of fairness, we expect students to register only for
themselves with their own ID card and not to help out their colleagues by signing
extra names on the sign up lists.
Exchange and international students: if you need help, ask your buddy, Silke
Jäckle (IBM), Natascha Steffens (IBW) or Gaby Kienast (IEB) for help.