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To the kind attention of José Manuel Barroso
European Commission
B-1049 Brussels (Belgium)
Cc: College of Commissioners
Monica Frassoni
President of the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU‐ASE)
Square de Meeus, 22 A
1050 Brussels (Belgium)
Brussels, 20 January 2014
Dear President Barroso,
Re: The business community calls for an EU binding energy savings target for 2030
We understand that the College of Commissioners may decide not to include the option of an EU energy
savings target as part of the 2030 climate and energy package. The business community represented by
the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) regrets such an omission since energy efficient
investments yield fast and attractive returns for European business and economy while making a positive
impact for our climate ambitions.
European policy-makers must realize that Europe will never lead on cheapest energy and must lead on
least consumed energy. A binding energy savings target for 2030 is the EU’s most effective lever to
strengthen the block’s energy security and economic resilience while reducing greenhouse gas
Contrary to assertions by Business Europe, climate policies are not the main driver of electricity price
increases. IEA analysis shows that the main driver for increased industrial electricity prices in Europe is
rising wholesale electricity prices driven primarily by rising fossil fuel prices. The IEA notes that if an
effort is made to reverse this trend, through greater investment in energy efficiency and renewables,
industrial prices for electricity will benefit positively by at least 15% by 2035 (i.e. this will help a relative
15% price reduction).
A greenhouse gas target only approach would fail to trigger additional energy savings, wasting an
opportunity to save energy and money.
The businesses EU-ASE represents call on the European Commission to support us in our efforts to
remain globally competitive and keep the EU as a reference in the fields of climate policy and social
[email protected] • • @EU-ASE
We welcome last week European Parliament vote to include binding energy savings targets into the EU
long term ambitions for energy and climate. We expect the Commission to reconsider its initial
assessment and to arrive at the same conclusion on January 22nd.
On this subject we reconfirm our willingness to collaborate with the Commission in building a lean
efficient and competitive European economy for all.
Yours sincerely,
Monica Frassoni
President of the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE)
Harry Verhaar
Tony Robson
Global Head of Public and Government Affairs
Group CEO
Knauf Insulation
Claude Breining
Niels Bjorn Christansen
Head of European Affairs & Standardization Strategy
Schneider Electric
Martin Schaer
Chief Executive Officer
Gene Murtagh
Senior Advisor to the Management Board
Siemens Building Technologies
Chief Executive Officer
Catia Bastioli
Alex Laskey
Chief Executive Officer
President of Kyoto Club
President and Co-founder
[email protected] • • @EU-ASE
Sumir Karayi
Nick Mabey
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Johannes Meier
Thomas Reynaert
President UTIO Europe
United Technologies Corporation
Chief Executive Officer
European Climate Foundation
Gilles Maria
Kari Lehtinen
Rockwool International A/S
Chief Executive Officer
Paroc Group Oy
Ingrid Reumert
Kim Nøhr Skibsted
Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability
Group Vice President
Emmanuel Normant
Manon Janssen
Chief Executive Officer
Saint-Gobain Isover
CEO & Managing Director
[email protected] • • @EU-ASE
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[email protected] • • @EU-ASE