ARL (Additional Learning Requirements) Mathematics

ARL (Additional Learning
Requirements) Mathematics
Who have to/may attend the course
Students who fail the Mathematics test will be required to attend an additional
course called “Additional Learning requirements of Mathematics” (ALR) and to
take the ALR test at the end of the course.
As all of the contents of the course will be considered known when attending
the regular first year course, all students are strongly encouraged to
attend the ALR course (also those who passed the Mathematics test). If you
want to check your skills in Mathematics, you can take the self-evaluation test at
the following url:
Basics of Mathematical Logic and Set Theory. Functions: general definition, oneto-one, onto, composite, inverse functions.
Algebra (real numbers, operations, rules of algebra, fractional powers,
Equations and inequalities: polynomial (linear, quadratic, of order greater than
2), with absolute values, rational, irrational, with exponentials and logarithms.
Systems of equations and inequalities.
Cartesian coordinate systems. Distance in the plane. Lines, circles, parabolas,
ellipses, hyperbolas.
Real functions of one real variable. Domains. Graphs. Linear and quadratic
curves. Polynomial curves. Graphs of exponential and logarithmic functions.
Where to revise these notions
K. Sydsaeter, P. Hammond, “ Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis”,
Prentice Hall, 2008, (Chapters 1-5).
Other references (in Italian):
Castellani M., Gozzi, F., “Precorso di matematica”, Esculapio, 2007.
Further information concerning the ALR course, may be found in the syllabus on
the Ca’ Foscari web-page.
Where and when
San Giobbe Campus, September 1-13 2014.
Attendance of the course is free of charge.