Sunday April 27, 2014
Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love is everlasting! Psalm 118
Mass Intentions -
Intenzioni per le SANTE MESSE
Sat. April 26th – Fri. May 2
Sat. 26th 5:00 pm: Rosa Tatangelo, Giovanni Monte, Rino &
Angelo Linhares, Vincenza Bianchi, Giancarlo & Anna Diamanti
Sun. 27th 9:00 am: Giovanni & Ascienza Di Vona, Paolo & Ida
Franchino, Mauro Ardizzi; Emilia, Santo, Salvatore & Angelina
Cristiano, Rosaria Reda & Giuseppe Basile & Bruno Gaspare,
(Giovanni Ciardullo & Marisa Ciardullo) Manna
10:30 am: Maleema Manoo, Sotero Pantig, Sergio Cortes, Lidia
& Cesco Leon & Diana Cantarutti
12:00 pm:
Mon 28th 7:30 am
Tues 29th 7:30 am
Wed 30th 7:30 am
Thurs 1st
2nd 7:30am
Souls in Purgatory
Souls in Purgatory
Carmelo Tropiano (1yr)
Italia Pingitore
Souls In Purgatory
Carmela Bianchi
Filippo Tatangelo, Benito Lippa
National March for Life: Thursday May 8, 2014- Last year about 20,000 people from across canada attended
the March for lIfe In Ottawa. You too can joing this effort to demand legal protection for children in the womb and bring
an end to abortion. The events for that day are as follows: 5:45am departure from Transfiguration of Our Lord parish
parking lot and buss departs at 4:00pm to return to Toronto. Bring comfortable shoes, folding chair, blanket, rosary, sun
screen, hat and money to buy supper. To reserve a seat on the bus call Transfiguration at 416-247-0513. The cost is
$45 per person. For more info visit www.campaignlifecoalition.com. Working and praying together we can build a culture
of life in Canada.
Join us on Sunday April 27th in the church at 3:00pm to celebrate Divine Mercy
Sunday. We will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet in Song in the Presence of Our Lord in the
Blessed Sacrament.
PELLEGRINAGGI PARROCCHIALI - Domenica 25 Maggio ci sarà il pellegrinaggio a
Santuario Madonna di Fatima, Youngstown, NY. Per prenotazioni telefonate a Giovanna
(416) 244-0321
Annuncio di celebrazione per il 50 th Anniversario della Ordinazione Sacerdotale per Rev. Padre Vitaliano
Papais, Domenica, 1 giugno, 2014- Tre messe commemorative si svolgeranno presso la chiesa di San Patrick’s
11873 The Gore Rd, Brampton 8:30am, 10:00am. 11:30am- Ricevimento 1:30pm, Pranzo 2:00pm- Riviera Parque
Convention Center 2800 Hwy #7 West, Vaughan, at Creditstone Rd—Per favore RSVP non piu tardi di lunedi,
19 maggio, con Oriana o Saverio Gardin- 416 249-1466
Catholic Family Radio invites you to a Gala Concert on the Occasion of the Canonization of John XXIII and John Paul
II on May 3, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Exhibition Place in Toronto. Ticket reservations can be made
at www.radiorodzina.com or (416) 588-0555.
Pastor’s Corner: Pope Saint John Paul II declared the Sunday after Easter to be Divine Mercy Sunday. Many of the faithful
pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy regularly. There is a link between this devotion and the pro-life movement. Fr. Seraphim
Michalenko, MIC, who was a principal translator of St. Faustina's diary, and the postulator of her cause of canonization, writes the
following: "On at least three occasions, from 8:00-11:00 in the evening, she felt like her insides were being torn apart. She suffered
so much that she thought she was going to die. The doctors couldn't figure out what was ailing her, and no medication was able to
alleviate her sufferings. Later, she was given to understand that she was undergoing those pains for mothers who were aborting
their children (Diary, 1276). "On another occasion, she had a vision of an angel coming with thunderbolts to destroy one of the
most beautiful cities of her country. And she felt powerless to do anything about it (Diary, 474). What antidote did the Lord give
her? The Chaplet of Divine Mercy. [She explained] that the city was to be chastised for its sins, primarily the sin of
abortion." ("Wombs of Mercy," Marian Helpers Bulletin, Summer 1995, p.13).