information on the christmas cd

The Sons of Italy Choir
25 Anniversary Christmas CD
Christmas is a time to celebrate with family and friends. We hope the music
we have chosen to sing for this recording will bring back some wonderful
memories and give you peace, joy and all the blessings of this wondrous
season. Buon Natale...from our family to yours!
1 Natale e’ Arrivato (Patrick Magnarin/Angelo Venditti)
2 White Christmas (Irving Berlin)
3 Christmas Canon Rock (Paul O’Neill)
4 Gesu Bambino (Pietro A. Yon)
5 Calypso Carol (Michael Perry)
6 Drummer boy/Peace on earth (Davis/Fraser, Grossman, A. Kohan)
7 Mary’s Boy Child (Jester Hairston) Soloist: Lucia Sanmartin
8 Tu scendi dalle stelle (Tommaso Capocci/Pius IX)
9 O Holy Night (Adolf Adam) Soloist: Oliver Carreiro
10 Carol of the Star (Harry Simeone)
11 Silent Night (Franz Gruber/Joseph Mohr)
12 Fermarono i Cieli (Marcello Cagnacci/Alfonso de Liguori )
13 Italian 12 Days of Christmas (Traditional/F. Austin/A. Venditti)
14 Ave Maria (Shubert) 4:28 Soloist: Angelo Venditti
This beautiful Christmas CD is $10.00 and
makes a great gift for family & friends.
To order additional copies
please call 905-388-0872.
Lorien Grayson
Piano Accompanist:
Geoff Grayson
Lorien Grayson
Angelo Venditti
Oliver Carreiro
Lucia Sanmartin
Marie Leone