23rd – 25th MAY 2014
conceived and directed by Fabio Castelli
MIA Fair is back: 200 Italian and international exhibitors will present established artists and emerging
photographers from all over the world, according to its unique original formula: one booth for each
artist – each artist with his/her own catalogue.
It’s already time for MIA - Milan Image Art Fair, the international photography art fair conceived in Italy is
now also ready to make its debut in Asia in 2014, aiming to become an all-important reference point for
photography and art enthusiasts and collectors.
After the event in Milan (Superstudio Più, Via Tortona 27) from 23rd to 25th May 2014, MIA Fair will be a
double bill on the international exhibition art scenario with the opening - from 24th to 26th October 2014 - of
Now in its fourth edition, directed by Fabio Castelli, MIA Fair hosts the best of the world of photography under
a format unique on the Italian art-fair scene, proposing one booth for each artist – each artist with his/her own
catalogue which, as from this year, will be in an innovative format, switching from the traditional hard copy to
the e-book format.
The event, with the patronage of Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Milano and Comune di Milano, can
once again count on its partners BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, Lavazza, BMW i, Eberhard & Co. and Nikon.
“In just a few seasons - says Fabio Castelli - MIA Fair has brought a wave of positive energy to the world of
Italian photography. In 2014 MIA Fair will be particularly inspiring, with a number of new developments: the
year opened with the success in terms of public and sales achieved at Arte Fiera in Bologna where, for the first
time, we were in charge of a section entirely dedicated to photography. Ideally, 2014 will close with the
prestigious MIA Fair Singapore, scheduled to be held in Marina Bay Sands from 23rd to 26th October.
The fourth MIA Fair Milano will offer many new quality exhibits and features, studied and organised by my staff
with their usual dedication and attention to detail, which I am certain will satisfy the expectations of our
exhibitors and the public”.
In 2013, MIA Fair achieved a important success with the public: 20,000 collectors, journalists and art
and design enthusiasts visited the booths, admiring the works presented by the 230 exhibitors and taking
part in the 10 round tables, 18 publishing presentations and 20 book signing sessions organised with
international guests.
At the next edition, there will be around 200 exhibitors – including galleries, independent photographers
and specialist publishers – not only from Italy but also from Europe and the rest of the world, selected by the
scientific committee consisting of: 3/3 photography projects - Rome, photographic image research studio;
Gigliola Foschi, curator and journalist; Elio Grazioli, contemporary art critic and curator; Roberto Mutti,
curator and photographic critic; Enrica Viganò, curator, photographic critic and organiser of events connected
with photography.
As it does every year, MIA Fair offers a programme with many new features, including: the Mila Malerba
Award, artistic/musical performance by the singer Irene Grandi and the video artists Pastis, and the
“Caffè Artistico” curatorial project by Lavazza.
MIA Fair announces a new project “Caffè Artistico”, promoted by Lavazza.
Lavazza has been the official partner of MIA Fair right from the first edition, and in 2014 will have a new role as
Main Sponsor, hosting in its own exclusive space a section dedicated to 6 photographers presented by 3
international curators.
Lavazza thus reconfirms its inseparable link with fine art photography, a universal language that represents
the Company’s identity in the world, with its calendars and advertising campaigns created by the best-known
artists in contemporary photography.
The curators invited by MIA Fair and by Francesca Lavazza - Lavazza Corporate Image Director - are:
Ricardo Miguel Hernández, (Chile), Luca Panaro (Italy) and Francesco Zanot (Italy). Each of the three
curators has selected two emerging artists who will exhibit an unpublished or newly created project on a
monographic booth. Antonio Arévalo will present the work by Ricardo Miguel Hernandez, La Habana, 1984
and Graziano Folata, Rho, 1982; Luca Panaro will present the work by Guido Meschiari, Carpi, 1982 and
Matilde Soligno, Bologna, 1980; Francesco Zanot will present the work by Francesco Neri, Faenza, 1982
and by the association The Cool Couple (Niccolò Benetton, Milan, 1986 and Simone Santilli, Portogruaro,
Following on from the excellent results achieved in 2013, the show will once again feature CODICE MIA, an
innovative portfolio reading completely dedicated to the photographic market, conceived and organised by
Enrica Viganò. Only 45 photographers, selected by the scientific committee, will be chosen to submit their
portfolio to some of the leading experts in collecting at international level, such as Joe Baio, collector, New
York, Anne-Marie Beckmann, curator art Collection Deutsche Börse, Frankfurt, Rudi Bianchi, collector, Los
Angeles, Frank Boehm, art advisor, Milan, Lisa K. Erf, director of JP Morgan Chase Art Collection, Joaquim
Paiva, collector, Rio de Janeiro, Alessandro Malerba, collezionista, Milano, Patrizia Sandretto Re
Rebaudengo, collector and director of Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Janina Vitale, curator
of the DZ BANK collection, Frankfurt, Alice Zimet, collector and art advisor, New York.
CODICE MIA is a unique occasion for mid-career and established artists, to meet under one roof the most
important opinion leaders in the sector and an opportunity for them to open new doors in their artistic path.
CODICE MIA will be held on Saturday 24th May 2014: each of the participants will have the chance to present
their work to 4 trendsetters in the photographic market, at meetings lasting 20 minutes each.
The event will culminate in a prize for the artist with greatest personality chosen by the jury of all the experts
present. A booth at the 2015 edition of MIA fair will be reserved, free of charge, for the winner.
2 The CODICE MIA 2013 award was assigned to Bjorn Sterri, who will exhibit his works at the next edition of
MIA Fair. The Norwegian photographer captivated the jury with an extraordinary and intimate photographic
study of his family.
MIA Fair will host the first edition of the Mila Malerba Award designed for the participants of the workshop
“From photography to the digital image. History, languages, market”, organised by Francesco Cascino, Fabio
Castelli and Walter Guadagnini, in conjunction with the Cultural Association ARTEPRIMA scheduled to be held
on 5th and 6th April at La Forgiatura in Via Varesina 158, Milan. The prize will be awarded to the winner who,
also in the light of the seminar proceedings, will identify an artist’s work among the ones exhibited at MIA Fair
and will formulate in writing the most convincing critical appraisal, which will be then judged by a jury. The
prize-winner will be allocated € 2.000 to purchase a work of his/her choice from those exhibited at MIA Fair.
Also this year BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas, strengthening its interest in the development of contemporary art in
Italy, confirms the prize in the form of purchase of a work selected by the award jury for the BNL Gruppo BNP
Paribas Art Collection.
MIA Fair will be the showcase for the newly born collaboration between the Italian singer Irene Grandi and the
video artists Pastis. The Pastis is a duo composed by the Florentine brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza who
melts photography and music in a new hybrid form of art language. During the music and video innovative live
performance hosted in a unique event at MIA Fair, Irene Grandi will interact with the Pastis’ video developing
with her own voice the sparks suggested by the video.
MIA Fair hosts the second edition of the Award “Tempo Ritrovato - fotografie da non perdere”,
conceived by IO Donna, in conjunction with MIA Fair, Eberhard & Co., the Museum of Contemporary
Photography of Cinisello Balsamo and with the support of Regione Lombardia.
The award focuses on private archives of Italian photographers, often forgotten today, whose work represents
a heritage of artistic importance and great documentary value. The archives competing for the award explore
all the various forms of photographic language, including portraits, landscapes, fashion, design,
photojournalism and architecture.
After awarding the prize, in 2013, to the archive of Federico Garolla for its documentation of the 50s, the
“Tempo Ritrovato - fotografie da non perdere” award will examine the archives of photographers who were
active in the 60s.
The Scientific Committee of the Archive Award is composed of Fabio Castelli (MIA Fair), Renata Ferri (IO
Donna – Corriere della Sera magazine), Laura Gasparini (Photographic Archives of the Panizzi Library,
Reggio Emilia), Lucia Miodini (Communication Studies and Archive Centre, University of Parma) and
Roberta Valtorta (Museum of Contemporary Photography of Cinisello Balsamo).
The Award consists of a contribution of € 8,000 which will be paid in order to support the costs of work
necessary for stocktaking, cataloguing, digitalisation in high resolution, conservation and restoration of the
works of the winning archive. The work must be carried out according to the indications of the Scientific
Committee of the Award.
While the show is on, MIA Fair will host an exhibition of the archive, in the Eberhard & Co. dedicated
space, and will organise a round table to celebrate the work of the artist.
Also this year BMW i, partner of MIA Fair since its second edition, confirms its participation, promoting the
photographic competition Born Electric by BMW i, in conjunction with MIA Fair and Nikon Italia.
The entrants in the on-line competition - http://bornelectric.bmw.it/ - are required to submit photographs on the
theme of sustainable mobility, the focus of the environmental philosophy developed by BMW and by the sub
brand BMW i, via the production of low emission vehicles, like the new electric city car BMW i3. The winner will
be selected by a committee during MIA Fair.
Following on from the other editions and on the strength of the success obtained, the event will once again
include the Proposta MIA section, containing the works of artists who exhibit without the support of galleries.
MIA Fair aims to propose photographers selected by its own Scientific Committee, offering galleries the
chance to make new contacts.
Out of approximately 25 artists at each edition, over 50% of them exhibited the following year, represented by
a gallery.
After the success attained at the events in Milan, MIA Fair makes its debut in the Far East.
From 23rd to 26th October 2014, Marina Bay Sands will host the first edition of MIA Fair Singapore,
simultaneously with the 4th Singapore International Photography Festival.
MIA Fair therefore opens up to new global markets, in the city which is the new capital of art in the South
Pacific and one of the main world financial centres.
To mark the occasion, the exhibition format will change: each exhibitor can present on his/her own booth an
exhibition project with other artists.
Media partner AD, Artguideeast, Arte, Artribune, Corriere della Sera, Exibart, Giornale dell’Arte, Io
Donna, Uomo Vogue, Vogue
Milan, February 2014
MIA Fair – Milan
23rd - 25th MAY 2014
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courtesy of the artist
Nicolò Quirico, I regoli, 2013, courtesy
Costantini Art Gallery
FedericaValabrega, Untitle, 2010,
courtesy of the artist
Celestino Ottavio
Ildiko Péter, Salt Mills and the Leeds–Liverpool Canal,
Shipley, England, 2012, courtesy Faur Zsófi Gallery
Diego Ferrari, Suspension Of Consciousness, 2012, courtesy
Renato d’Agostin
Mino Di Vita, Burano #2, 2012, courtesy Mino Di Vita
Piero Mollica, Fen Church, 2013, courtesy Piero Mollica /
Riccardo Costantini Contemporary
Ninni Donato, Trauerarbeit, War Theatre #20, 2013, courtesy
Ninni Donato