CINECA COURSES High Performance Computing 2014

High Performance
Computing 2014
Courtesy of Giovanni Bussi (SISSA - ISAS)
Experimental structure of the RNA/peptide complex, one of the predicted structures.
The structure is in remarkable agreement with experiment and has been obtained blindly,
i.e. without exploiting any information about the binding site and pose.
Do, Carloni, Varani, and Bussi, J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2013, 9, 1720
Davidson, Leeper, Athanassiou, Patora-Komisarska, Karn, Robinson, and Varani, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A. 2009, 106, 11931
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Cineca offers every year a deep and solid teaching
program in the field of Scientific Computing, to guarantee a
suitable support to scientists who need an advanced training to
compete in their specific research field.
The courses are tailored to all researchers who need to build or update their
knowledge on computational sciences and in particular to ISCRA users.
The main goals of the courses are to strengthen the theoretical understanding of the
treated topics and to develop tools, coupling lessons and laboratories assuring a fast
and easy solution for their specific problems.
All courses are FREE OF CHARGE and held by Cineca specialists with large experience on
Cineca systems supporting users in solving their computational issues and problems.
Courses are held in Italian language except for the PATC events (*) that are held in English.
The venues are the three Cineca sites: Bologna, Milan and Rome (see addresses above).
Introduction to Parallel Computing with MPI and OpenMP
9-10-11 Dec
12-13-14 May *
4-5-6 Mar
HPC enabling of OpenFOAM for CFD applications
26-27-28 Mar *
HPC Computer Aided Engineering
16-17-18 Jun *
HPC Numerical Libraries
10-11-12 Mar *
Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing in C
25-26 Feb *
5-6 May
28-29 Oct
Introduction to Fortran90
6-7-8-9 Oct
1-2-3-4 Apr
20-21-22-23 Jan *
Introduction to scientific programming using GPGPU and CUDA
8-9 May *
6-7 Nov
19-20 Feb
Introduction to HPC Scientific programming: tools and techniques
3-4-5 Nov
17-18-19 Feb
9-10-11 Apr
Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing in C++
7-8-9 Apr
25-26-27 Jun
11-12-13 Nov
Introduction to the FERMI Blue Gene/Q, for users and developers
17 Mar *
Parallel I/O and management of large scientific data
PATC events (*) are
sponsored by the
European Project
More about PRACE:
15-16 May *
Programming paradigms for new hybrid architectures
14-15-16 Apr *
Python for computational science
22-23-24 Sep
18-19-20 Mar
2-3-4 Dec
Cineca experts have also teaching roles in the following academic courses:
Master in "Calcolo Scientifico", Dipartimento di Matematica, SAPIENZA - Università di Roma,
Cross-sectoral course: parallel computing using MPI and OpenMP - PhD School - Politecnico di Milano,
MHPC - Master in High Performance Computing (by SISSA/ICTP) -