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MUT accession Number:
(to be filled in by MUT):
*Species: ______________________________ Author:_______________________________________________
*Original Acronym:_________________________________________________________ __________________
Collector: ___________________________________ Date of collection: _________________________________
Isolator:_______________________________ _____ Date of isolation: __________________________________
Original substrate: _____________________________________ Isolation method: _________________________
Habitat (ecological data): ___________________________________________________________ ____________
*Geographical origin: (country, province, place):__________________________ GPS coordinates:___ _________
Received from (if not name of collector or isolator): ___________________________________________________
Identified by:___________________________________________________________________ _______________
Location of herbarum specimen: ___________________________________________________________________
*Conditions of cultivation - media:__________________________________ temperature (°C):__ _________
Conditions for sexual sporulation - media:________________ temperature (°C): _____
mating type: ________________ or self sporulating: ___________
Known methods of preservation - lyophilization; cryopreservation; other: ____________________________________
*Deposited in other collections: no, yes (Collection and number): ___________________________
*Is the strain patented?: no; yes, patent number(s): _____________________________________________________
*Is a type strain?: not known; no; yes, Holotype/Isotype/Lectotype/Sintype/Neotype
*Pathogenicity for animals and humans: not known; H0, H1, H2 * of______________________________________
*Pathogenicity for vegetals: not known; no; yes. *of____________________________________
Precautions required ______________________________________________
*Toxin production: not known; T0; T1; T2; T3. Specify_________________
*Hallucinogenic toxins: not known; no; yes. Specify_________________
*Quarantine condition: not known; no; yes. Please specify which legislation __________________________________
*Dual use organism: not known; no; yes. Please specify which legislation __________________________________
Biological interactions: Pathogen; Saprotroph; Symbiont of ______________________________________________
Does the strain contain a plasmid: not known; no; yes:____________________________________
*Genetically modified: not known no; yes. Please report details_____________________________________________
Additional data:__________________________________________________________________
Kind of deposit:
safe deposit
free for unrestricted distribution;
not free for unrestricted distribution. Specify
Literature references about this strain ________________________________________________________________.
The truthfulness of the information are released ware under my own responsibility, and I am aware of the
consequences of making false statements, falsehood of acts and use of false facts, punishable by law
according to art. 76 D.P.R. n. 445/2000 and art. 496 of the Italian Penal Code.
*Name and Surname of Depositor: _________________________________________________________
*Signature of Depositor:____________________________________ Date:____________________
Data supplied on this form are of scientific importance and they will be recorded in the database of MUT.
Data indicated with * are compulsory for the fungal deposit.
Please, send the filled form to the MUT Curator, Dr. Giovanna Cristina Varese, Università degli Studi di Torino, Dipartimento di
Scienze della Vita e Biologia dei Sistemi,viale Mattioli 25, 10125 Torino, by ordinary mail or by e-mail ([email protected])
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