Indicative programme

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Brussels, 11 June 2014
ENVIRONMENT Council meeting
Luxembourg, 12 June 2014
All times are approximate and subject to change
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+/- 09.00
Doorstep by Minister Yiannis Maniatis
+/- 10.00
Beginning of meeting
Round table (TV/photo opp. - Meeting Point : Info point 15 minutes before start)
Adoption of the agenda (10460/14)
Approval of non-legislative A items (10516/14)
Approval of legislative A items (10513/14)
+/- 10.10
Genetically modified organisms (in public session)
+/- 11.10
2030 Framework for Climate and Energy (in public session)
+/- 13.10
Other business
CO2 emissions from maritime transport (in public session)
Kyoto ratification decision
+/- 13.15
Press conference
+/- 13.30
Lunch - Discussion on "Post 2015"
+/- 15.00
Clean Air Package (in public session)
+/- 17.00
Convention on Biological Diversity Council conclusions
+/- 17.30
Other business
Plastic bags (in public session)
International meetings and events
Endocrine disruptors
Highly fluorinated substances
Work programme of Italian Presidency
+/- 18.00
Press conference
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The Council meets in public when deliberating or voting on legislative acts. The Council's first deliberation on important
non-legislative acts relating to the adoption of legally binding rules is also open to the public. The Council regularly holds
public debates on important issues affecting the interests of the Union and its citizens, as well as on the Council's and
Commission's programmes.
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