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The Malta Independent on Sunday | 9 February 2014
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Celebrating Italian food
he Accademia Italiana
della Cucina is a very
well established Italian institution that
has spread all over
the world. It currently consists of
211 delegations in Italy and 76
abroad, including Malta. The
main function of these delegations is to promote cultural activities, to participate in
important gastronomical events
and, in general, to spread the
fundamental values of the Accademia, that is to promote, safeguard and improve every aspect
of Italy’s justly famed cuisine.
The delegation of Malta
presently counts thirteen members, some Italian, some Maltese
who are very active. They promote Italian culture and cuisine
through a series of activities
which sometimes also provide
the right occasion to extend their
knowledge and exchange ideas
about everything that concerns
the art of the table.
The admission to the Accademia
requires a period of attendance
during which the candidate
should prove to be a person of
good taste and to be sensitive to
the historical and cultural values
of Italian cuisine. Academicians
should ideally follow a demanding “Decalogue” provided by
the Accademia, to reach and
maintain those exceptional qualifications that will contribute to
the prestige that the Accademia
has acquired in Italy and abroad
since it was founded sixty years
Each branch of the Accademia is
presided by a delegate that represents and directs his own delegation. His role is to guide all
academicians to fulfill the programmes aimed at achieving the
goals that the Delegation has set
out. He usually organises various events, such as congresses
and round tables where the delegation opens up to communication.
Tomaselli is carrying out this
function at present in Malta.
Being a very enthusiast person
by nature, she does her best to
communicate her enthusiasm to
others. So an ambitious programme of several events has
been prepared to spread and
deepen the knowledge of Italian
culture in all its aspects. These
will introduce Malta to various
Italian regional traditions. This
will hopefully make the Accademia well known and established
on the island’ “Moreover,” says
Siga. Tomaselli, “we want to be
another significant star to the
many already in the Accademia’s
The only compensation to be
had from the Accademia is the
sharing of values and ideas. It is
not profit making. In the words
of Cav. D’Alessio: “One doesn’t
cheat while playing Solitaire.”
These photos were taken at an
Accademia dinner which took
place at Dolce Vita in St Julian’s
Siga. Tomaselli and
Cav. Mimmo
representative of the
Presidenza Nazionale
Siga. Regina
Egle Liotta
and Sig.
The chef of Dolce Vita
restaurant, Salvatore Piccione
Ms Nadine Vassallo, Sig. Marino Egisto
Paolucci and Ms Therese Farrugia
Siga Tomaselli with
Mr Mark Vassallo
Siga. Isabel Stabile and Mario Mezzadri
Sig. Regina Egle Liotta
Catrambone also appointed
The sommelier from Farsons Mr Stephen Cassar,
Mr Joe Mizzi who was appointed Accademico
that evening and Mr Pierre Stafrace
A group photo of the newly appointed
Accademici, Sig. Italico Rota, who started it all
and some of those who attended the dinner
Siga Tanya Costa appointed
Accademico that evening
and Cav. D’Alessio
Sig. Davide Annecchini one of the newly
appointed Accademici and Cav. D’Alessio