Post-doc presentation days

Post-doc presentation days - Thursday Feb. 5th, 2015
[Seminar Room, -1 floor; every talk: 15m+5m for questions]
Morning session (9:30 - 12:40)
Livia Vallini
Using FIR line emission to constrain the ISM of the galaxies
across cosmic time
Paolo Donati
Open clusters, free entry (almost)!
Felice Cusano
Variable stars and stellar populations in the dwarf galaxy
Andromeda XXI
Maria Ida Moretti
Type II Cepheids in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Edoardo Lagioia
The temperature distribution of horizontal branch stars in globular
clusters: the case of M15
Coffee Break (11:10-11:40)
Antonio Sollima
Realistic tidal field in Monte Carlo simulations of star clusters
Nuria Marcelino
The chemical inventory of pre/proto-stellar cores
Francesca Annibali
Star formation histories and chemical properties in dwarf irregular
Lunch (12:40-14:00)
Afternoon session (14:00 - 17:40)
Gabriele Cocozza
Overview of postdoc positions at INAF and DIFA [30m]
Angelo Adamo
Quantificare la divulgazione - un tentativo di applicare criteri
quanto più possibile scientifici nella scelta di strategie divulgative
Olga Cucciati
Study of environment in galaxy surveys
Michele Moresco
Further and deeper: improving cosmological constraints with
cosmic chronometers and galaxy clustering
Nico Cappelluti
Signatures of the first black holes
Margherita Talia
AGN feedback and outflows: the road to star formation quenching
Coffee Break (16:10-16:40)
Stephane De Barros Star-forming galaxy properties at z~4 and impact of nebular
emission: learning lesson from z~2
Marco Baldi
Simulating momentum exchange in the dark sector
Dominik Leier
Perks of being a lens modeller