Highlights update Dutch multidisciplinary guideline

Highlights update Dutch multidisciplinary guideline on schizophrenia
in international perspective
Cees J Slooff,1* JR van Veldhuizen, M van der Gaag, R Bruggeman,
J van Weeghel, D van Duin
1GGZ Drenthe, Assen, 2VU University and EMGo Institute, Amsterdam,
3Parnassia Psychiatric Institute, The Hague, 4Rob Giel Research Center,
University Mental Center Groningen, Groningen, 5Kenniscentrum Phrenos,
6Trimbos Institute, Utrecht, 7GGZ Noord-Holland Noord, Heiloo, the
*C.J. Slooff, 0031-592-334883, [email protected]
Mental Health Care Goals in community perspectives, multidisciplinary
guidelines, content and implementation status: two Dutch projects on
citizenship and destigmatisation.
Crucial to schizophrenia care is accessibility and regional coverage,
comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment, rehabilitation devoted to
recovery. Guidelines only deliver cornerstones but in building Mental
Health Services have to be arranged in a network structure closely collaborating
with community facilities. This has inevitable consequences for the
concept of Mental Health Care within medical, psychological or community
perspectives. Dutch guidelines, based on international literature, will
be discussed as to organisational and implementation topics and commented