NoteCart Simple 16

NoteCart Simple 16
NoteCart Simple 16 with room for 16 Notebooks
NoteCart Simple 16 stores, charges and transports 16 laptop computers.
NoteCart Simple is a cart created and efficient to store and charge laptop computers. The cart is plain in design and comes with fixed
shelves. The laptops are to be placed horizontally with one laptop per each shelf.
Power supply units are stored separately, in a compartment accessed from the rear of the cart. Integrated control of the power panel
protects the cart against power surges and fuse overload.
NoteCart Simple offers possibilities for purchasing additional functions according to one’s needs. Please see infomation sheet “Options
for NoteCart Simple”, e.g. NoteSecure – for theft protection or Timer control of the power panel.
1385 mm
645 mm
665 mm
65 kg
Shelf size
Breadth: 535 mm
Depth: 380 mm
There is 6 cm between the shelves
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NoteCart Simple 32
Also available for Tablets
Article no. NCS-M-16V-SC
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