HR7958/00 Philips Kitchen Machine

Philips Avance Collection
Kitchen Machine
Unbeatable results, easier than you think
900 W
7 speeds and pulse
Easy 6-in 1 set up
Cake,bread,pizza,cookies,smoothies,soups and more
Presenting the all new Philips Kitchen Machine - unbeatable performance and versatility,
easier than you thought!
Unbeatable kneading, mixing, whisking results
• Powerful 900 W motor for consistent, unbeatable results
• Planetary Mixing Action for thoroughly mixed ingredients
• 7 speeds and pulse for maximum control
• 4L metal bowl for upto 1300gms of dough
• Metal kneading hook, whisk and beater, designed to perform
Versatile, high performing accessories
• 1.25L blender jar with easy to clean detachable blade
• 1.5L Food processor that slices, chops, shreds, granulates
• Citrus press for fresh juice in minutes
• Grinder mill
• Self feeding meat mincer
Easier than you thought
• Unique open arm for full bowl access, easier to attach tools
• Easier to clean with rounded edges, covered hinge
Kitchen Machine
900 W 7 speeds and pulse, Easy 6-in 1 set up
Powerful 900 W motor
Powerful 900 W motor for consistent,
unbeatable results.
7 speed control and pulse
1.25L blender jar
Multiple speeds and pulse gives maximum
control for unlimited variety of recipes.
Based on world class, leading Philips blender
technology, high performing blender
attachment with a 4 star blade blends fruit,
purees vegetables, crushes ice effortlessly. So
you can enjoy smoothies, sauces, dips or baby
food in minutes.
Planetary Mixing Action
Strong metal bowl tools
1.5L Food processor
Planetary Mixing Action allows the kneading,
mixing and whisking tools to move in a unique
backwards and forwards movement rather
than just in a simple circle, reaching all corners
of the bowl, and resulting in the smooth,
thoroughly mixed ingredients.
Metal kneading hook, beater and whisk are
easy to lock into place with a simple twist.
Specially designed kneading hook mimics
kneading by hand to ensure smooth, lump free
4L metal bowl with handle
Unique open arm for easier use
Large, robust 4L metal bowl can comfortably
knead upto 1300gms of dough so you can to
make upto 4 12"pizzas or 2 loafs of bread in
one go.The metal handle makes it easy to carry
and pour. While the splash guard cover
prevents splashing when in use.
The open arm swings up in a practical position
so you can easily attach and detach the bowl
tools. It can be closed again with a simple one
hand push. The open arm also offers you full
bowl access, a practical feature when checking
consistency or adding ingredients.
Easy to attach food processor bowl with
dedicated discs for slicing, chopping, shredding
or granulating all variety of ingredients from
vegetables to nuts to cheese.
Philips Green Logo
Philips Green Products can reduce costs,
energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
How? They offer a significant
environmental improvement in one or
more of the Philips Green Focal Areas –
Energy efficiency, Packaging, Hazardous
substances, Weight, Recycling and
disposal and Lifetime reliability.
Kitchen Machine
900 W 7 speeds and pulse, Easy 6-in 1 set up
Accessories included
1.2L blender
1.5L Food processor with discs
4L metal bowl
Citrus press
Grinder Mill
Meat mincer
Metal kneading hook
Design specifications
• Housing material: ABS
• Material bowl tools: Metal
• Material bowl: Stainless steel
General specifications
• Speeds: 7 + pulse
Technical specifications
• Power: 900 W
• Color(s): White and grey
Issue date 2014-06-04
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