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Most of Zimbabwe's hospitals and clinics have been severely affected by the past economic
situation and suffer from a shortage of healthcare staff and supplies. Make a difference
through assisting in clinical duties and educating the community on health and wellbeing.
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African Impact is a multi-award winning volunteer travel organisation which runs and manages
meaningful and responsible volunteer experiences and internship programs throughout Africa.
The organisation was founded in 2004 in Zimbabwe, and since then has grown into the Africa
leaders in volunteer tourism, having facilitated over 12,000 volunteers and interns in 12 countries
across the continent.
We are proud to offer fun, safe and structured placements where volunteers understand their
contribution to responsible projects run in partnership with local communities and conservation
efforts. Our journey so far has been both inspiring and humbling and we will keep pushing the
horizons of what volunteering can achieve.
in the power of volunteering and have seen the amazing things volunteers can achieve.
in Africa and all that this inspiring continent can offer to the world.
in the passionate people who work with us and alongside us to create tangible
positive impacts and change lives.
To us, volunteering is a two-way thing. It’s not just about the hands-on help and skills that
volunteers bring; it’s also about what this amazing continent, its people and its wildlife can give
those volunteers in return. The volunteer experiences we offer in Africa are based on three key
points: 1) volunteers having an amazing time and experiencing everything Africa has to offer; 2)
volunteers learning as much as they can about local history, culture and wildlife and soaking up the
essence of the country; and 3) supporting local communities and conservation efforts through
education and hands-on help.
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Right on the doorstep of Antelope Park is the high-density area of Mkoba. This is the area
where the majority of Gweru’s population live, most of whom do not have access to private
healthcare facilities so most are totally dependent on the poorly staffed and serviced local
clinics; specifically Mkoba Polyclinic.
Mkoba Polyclinic caters for over 47,000 people each year and provides a range of services
including full maternity care, Opportunistic Infection (HIV and TB), Extended Program of
Immunisation (children 6 weeks to school age), outpatients consultations for children and
adults and Pharmacy (medication dispensing). It is ill equipped and poorly funded and faces
staffing shortages. This service provider is heavily dependent on goodwill and support from
donor agencies.
Their maternity ward caters for all surrounding areas and records on average 160 births per
months, yet only has 2 delivery beds. The Opportunistic Infections Department cares for
approximately 3,900 people being treated for HIV and the outpatients department sees over
2,000 patients on average per month.
Whilst on this project, you will be able to get involved in not only this clinic but also others with
similar needs in the nearby areas as well.. You will have the opportunity to observe all aspects
of care being provided and will assist qualified local staff in weighing babies, documentation,
filing, archiving, general cleaning and maintenance and making patients feel welcome and
comfortable. You may also have the opportunity to experience home visits in the community
and even night duty at the clinics!
Away from the clinic you will have the opportunity participate in any health and nutrition
education campaigns and national immunisation drives scheduled during your stay.
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Gain valuable healthcare/ medical experience by observing patient care being provided
by local staff
Helping to make patients feel welcome, comfortable and cared for
Getting involved in tasks such as baby weighing, medical record filing and medication
packaging in local clinics
Opportunity to experience night duty at the clinics and home visits in the community
Support clinic staff in healthcare education outreach (topics include HIV/AIDS) and
immunisation campaigns
Contribute to uplifting the community through much needed repairs and maintenance
Explore the African Bush and local Zimbabwean culture
Enjoy optional excursions to see more of Zimbabwe’s natural wonders and wildlife areas
such as the world famous Victoria Falls, Matobo National park, and the ruined city of
Great Zim!
Make friends for life with local community members and other international volunteers
on the project!
Gweru, Zimbabwe – in the heart of the Zimbabwe Midlands!
Minimum 18 years, unless a specific arrangement is made and consent forms
signed. Maximum age decided on the health of potential participant
This project welcomes all volunteers, with or without previous
healthcare experience or qualifications, and is for anyone interested in learning about
healthcare in Africa and participating in health promotion activities. Volunteers who do have
professional healthcare/ medical training may also be interested in our projects that enable
using these skills to provide more specialized assistance in our communities – chat to your
Destination Manager for more details and the latest information!
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3 - 8 weeks
This project starts every two weeks on a Monday. Start dates for
2015 are as follows: 5 January | 19 January | 2 February | 16 February | 2 March | 16 March | 30
March | 13 April | 27 April | 11 May | 25 May | 8 June | 22 June | 6 July | 20 July | 3 August | 17
August | 31 August | 14 September | 28 September | 12 October | 26 October | 9 November | 23
November | 7 December | 21 December
Volunteers should arrive into Bulawayo or Harare, Zimbabwe where you will be met by one of
our experienced African Impact team members. Please note in some instances and depending
on your arrival time, it may be required that volunteers stay overnight in their respective arrival
city, at our affiliated volunteer lodges.
Arranging your visa is your responsibility and the information we provide is to serve as a guideline
only. We advise that you confirm this information with the embassy / consulate of the country that
you will be visiting in your home country before departure.
Prior to your trip you will need to arrange medical insurance which will give you full cover for any
medical requirements which may arise during your trip, including cover for full air evacuation in the
unlikely event that this is necessary. Your medical cover also needs to include repatriation. If you do
not already have a company that you are happy to use to take out a policy with, we suggest World
Nomads or Mind the Gap Year, who offer comprehensive medical and travel insurance. Please be
sure to check your policy carefully to ensure that it does cover activities which you are likely to
participate in.
[email protected] | TEL: +27 (0)87 751 3977
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You will be staying at the Antelope Park Game Reserve – a few kilometres away from the city of
Gweru – and home to the African Impact Lion Rehabilitation Project!
Volunteer accommodations are a mixture of comfortable twin or quad thatched roof rooms at the
main reserve camp with clean shower and toilet facilities located adjacent to the sleeping area
Other facilities include a stunning swimming pool and internet access (access can be sporadic due
to our remote location). Your room will be cleaned daily by the housekeeping staff and you will
have weekly laundry services provided. All your meals, unless you happen to take a packed
breakfast into the park on a long lion walk, will be served at the main camp and are guaranteed to
leave you feeling nourished and happy! Volunteers also have the opportunity to the river, canoes,
sun-downer deck and bar/coffee shop.
Please note that accommodation upgrades are available to those who wish to have a more
‘exclusive’ volunteer experience – these include cottages and riverside tents. Pricing available on
request, please speak to your Destination Manager to find out the details!
Please note that with the needs of the projects constantly changing, the below is given as a
guideline only, and we ask that you remain flexible:
8:00 am
Breakfast at Antelope Park
8:30 am
Depart for one of the clinics
9:00 am
12:00 pm
Arrival at the clinic and deployment to the different departments – EPI (Extended
Program of Immunisation), OI (Opportunistic Infection-HIV/TB), Maternity ward,
Outpatients etc.
Pick up for lunch and return to Antelope Park- only if half day at projectsIf full day at projects- then packed lunch is taken out to projects)
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2:00 pm
3:00 pm
Assignment to different afternoon duties in the clinic or out in the community –
health education, repairs and maintenance, filing and other community work (full
day only)
Pick-up and return to Antelope Park for the evening where you can relax, socialize,
go for a swim, or email– just to name a few!
6:15 pm
Briefing by your volunteer coordinator about the following day’s activities.
6:45 pm
Dinner typically followed by mingling around the cosy campfire under the stars!
Upon arrival to Antelope Park you will receive a comprehensive orientation including:
Meet and greet with your Volunteer Coordinator, Volunteer Manager and Scientific
Introduction to Antelope Park and the surrounding area
Overview of the Antelope Park Community Healthcare Project
Cultural Induction on life in Zimbabwe
Relevant information about common diseases and illnesses that you will be likely to come
into contact with (i.e. HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, etc.) and safety precautions whilst in the clinics
to ensure that you start your experience in a well-prepared and safe way
Overview of the Antelope Park Lion Rehabilitation Project
Volunteers role and responsibilities
Throughout your placement you will have the support and guidance of our experienced project
managers. They are part of our greater African Impact support team, which will provide you
with competent 24-hour field support and assistance. A volunteer coordinator will ensure that
you are orientated to each community placement and have a designated contact person each
day for support.
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3 weeks
4 weeks
5 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
Please note that volunteers staying longer than 4 weeks will require a “temporary employment permit”
(TEP) at an additional cost to the volunteer of US $500.
Project Fee: this entails financing that goes directly back into the project All transfers to
and from Antelope Park
Full board and lodging which includes 3 meals a day
Comprehensive orientation and 24- hour assistance while on your project
All daily transfers to and from the project during your stay
Daily room servicing and weekly laundry service
International transportation to and from Bulawayo or Harare
Visa fees (including the TEP required for stays over 30 days)
Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement (to include cover for
All items of a personal nature, such as curios, gifts, clothing (work and other)
Email and telephone calls made during your placement
Any activities and excursions outside of your planned itinerary
Soft drinks and other food items not included in your meal
[email protected] | TEL: +27 (0)87 751 3977
USA Toll Free: 1 800 606 7185 | UK Toll Free: 0800 098 8440
We have found in the past that the more you, as a volunteer, put in to your involvement, the
more you will get out of the experience. Volunteers will be involved in a diverse range of project
work, which is continuously evolving and developing to best meet the needs of the community.
As we strive to help create positive change, some projects will shift focus areas or become selfsufficient and no longer require the assistance of volunteers. Please be advised that any such
project variations reflect moving forward in reaching our common goal of making an IMPACT!!
During your stay at Antelope Park you will have the opportunity to enjoy an excursion to some
of the other spectacular spots that Zimbabwe has to offer. Day trips are offered to the Great
Zimbabwe Ruins as well as Matopos and once a month a trip to the Victoria Falls is organized
for those volunteers who are interested.
These trips are also a great time for volunteers to interact and get to know each other better.
The expedition such as the one outlined below (to Victoria Falls) will cost you approximately
US$495 (this includes National Parks fees, transport, meals – although not in Victoria Falls – and
Day 1: Leave after breakfast from Antelope Park for Miombo Safari Lodge in Hwange National
Park- the largest national park in Zimbabwe. Enjoy a game drive in Big 5 territory where you
could get up close and personal with a herd of elephant, buffalo, a pride of lion and many more
Day 2-4: Leave after breakfast from Miombo for Victoria Falls, adrenalin capital of Africa! You
have the option to bungee jump, white water raft, visit the Falls, swing across the Batoka Gorge
below the Falls or just enjoy the great social atmosphere at this tourist hotspot!
Day 5: Depart early morning from Victoria Falls to return to Antelope Park
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All horse activities have to be paid for, but the Stables will be offering a horse induction free of
charge to each volunteer who would like to take part. The induction will consist of feeding and
cleaning in the morning, a tack and riding lesson from a Zimbabwe polo crosse national team
player before lunch (Zimbabwe is rated second in the world at polo crosse!), and a bush ride
after lunch. All other horse activities like polo crosse or further rides will be charged for and
prices are as follows –
Polo crosse game - $10
Polo crosse lesson - $10
Bush ride - $15
Games on horseback - $15
Rent a horse for a week, which includes 3 bush rides on the horse of your choice - $45
Day Safari - $80 which includes a bush ride before stopping for a gourmet lunch (prepared in
the bush by one of our highly skilled chefs), drinks and another bush ride after lunch.
Overnight Safari - $130 leaving camp after lunch and going for an extended bush ride. Arriving
at a chosen location to spend the evening. You will be served a gourmet 3 course dinner (also
prepared in the bush by one of our highly skilled chefs) including drinks (beers, wines or
spirits). After dinner, star gaze while sitting around the camp fire, enjoying a few evening drinks.
You will spend the night out in the African bush and fall asleep under the stars, with the sounds
of the bush around you. Wake up in the morning to tea, coffee etc. and a cooked breakfast,
after which you will go on another bush ride and be back at main camp before lunch.
[email protected] | TEL: +27 (0)87 751 3977
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Kylie will guide you through the whole pre-arrival procedure for
this placement and you will receive comprehensive information
throughout to ensure you are fully prepared for your project
placement with us.
Kylie was born and raised in Zimbabwe. In 2001 she travelled to
the United Kingdom to work, travel and study and returned to
settle in Africa at the beginning of 2008. Kylie loves being
involved with all the wonderful African Impact community
projects based in and around East Africa.
Email Kylie on: [email protected]
[email protected] | TEL: +27 (0)87 751 3977
USA Toll Free: 1 800 606 7185 | UK Toll Free: 0800 098 8440