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Number 3, September2014 • RoodMicrotec
Successful visit to Asia
Earlier this month, Reinhard Pusch and myself travelled to Asia, where we met with six of our
business partners, both customers and suppliers.
We spoke extensively about our new
strategy, which is focused on applications
in three markets that are key for us:
Industrial and Automotive, Hi-rel/Space
and Medical.
These fields involve chips for applications
in homes (smart grid and smart metering),
GPS-applications in agriculture, parking
systems in cars and implants that can
restore sight to practically blind people.
As we have stressed before, these are
projects that have long lead-up times, but
also a great deal of promise.
Our views were received very well, and
have resulted in closer cooperation with a
number of our Asian partners.
RoodMicrotec is eager to expand its
partnerships there, because developments
in Europe remain disappointing.
We will keep you informed of further
developments in our newsletter.
RoodMicrotec seminar:
Printed circuit assembly failures and their prevention
On 16 October, RoodMicrotec will organise a seminar on this theme, which will provide valuable scientific and practical insights into
diagnosing and preventing failures in printed circuit assemblies.
Device processing at PCA level contains numerous risks of early failures or reduced reliability. One major factor is the manufacturing
process, which comprises for instances soldering, cleaning, vanishing or encapsulating steps. Another major factor are the rules
determining the layout of the device (e.g. capacitors, inductors or push-buttons) and the design of the interfaces.
The continuously increasing complexity and miniaturization of the designs requires that further consideration be given to external
influences such as electrostatic discharge (ESD) or environmental factors. Further topics covered in this seminar are cooling, minimum
distances between PCB tracks, quality metrics of the PCB as well as interface design for high voltage operation.
Finally, typical failure patterns and methods recognising these patterns will be presented.
The seminar is especially interesting for engineers and designers working in the fields of
design, development or manufacturing of PCB or PBA. Additionally, layout designers in
general and supply chain specialists will also benefit greatly from this seminar.
The general seminar language will be German. However, if a sufficient number of Englishspeaking participants will register, a simultaneous translation and English documents will be
The deadline for registration is 26 September 2014. For more information,
Information meeting on 25 September
for shareholders, bondholders
and other interested parties
Recently, we have undertaken to intensify communications with our target groups. In that context, we will be
organising an information meeting on 25 September (see also the 2 September press release) on the theme:
‘Co-creating, collaborating and co-investing’.
At this meeting, we will give a presentation, illustrated by actual cases, on market developments and how we have
adjusted our strategy in response to them.
That strategy adjustment has been to increasingly offer a complete product of integrated services throughout the
lifetime of the product - the chip. In this way, we will contribute more actively to new product development
(co-creating and collaborating), which will results in recurring sales and in long-term projects that yield stabler, more
predictable and less cyclic sales.
The new strategy also means co-investing in new and promising projects, which is also aimed at breaking through the
ongoing lending restraint in the financial markets.
In the panel discussion following the presentation, which will be attended by several of our sales managers, there will
be ample time to ask questions and exchange views.
The programme is as follows.
3:45pm : reception
4:00pm : shared presentation by Philip Nijenhuis, CEO,
and Reinhard Pusch (CSO)
4:30pm : panel discussion with Philip Nijenhuis, Reinhard Pusch,
Vic Tee (supervisory director) and sales managers
5:30pm :
Euronext ‘bell’ ceremony
6:00pm : close and drinks
Location :
Euronext, Beursplein 5, Amsterdam.
If you would like to attend the meeting, please send an email to: [email protected]
Registration closes on 18 September.
Introduction of Sebastian Axmann
In April, Sebastian Axmann joined RoodMicrotec’s failure analysis lab.
He studied electrical engineering at the University of Rostock (Germany) and ETH Zürich
During his master’s studies, he already worked at Empa‘s reliability science and technology
After obtaining his master’s degree, he worked at RWTH Aachen University for several
years. His major research focus was the novel field of carbon-based semiconductors for
organic solar cells.
‘For me, the field of failure analysis offers an astounding number of interesting challenges,
which combine electrical engineering, physics, chemistry and material science.
The broad and in-depth experience of the team on recent issues in the whole industry is a
highly valuable asset to all customers. I hope to be able to strengthen the failure analysis
lab with my knowledge and experience in the field of semiconductor research as well as
automated data analysis and acquisition.’
In the medium term, Sebastian’s main focus will be on analysis in the field of the automotive
and high-reliability industry. In the longer term, he will also work on the growing medical
devices market.
Sebastian Axmann
Agenda 2014
16 October 2014
Seminar RoodMicrotec
Stuttgard, Germany
22 - 23 October 2014
Coventry, Great Britain
Design Show
De Vere Hotel
at the Ricoh Arena
RoodMicrotec will perform a seminar of Failure and Technology Analysis, Qualification
& Reliability at the Electronics Design Show
28 - 30 October 2014
Frankfurt, Germany
Hall 11.0 Booth C 70
11 - 14 November 2014
electronica Munich, Germany
Hall A 5 Booth 101
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