EFL Academic writing: What should Dutch business communication

EFL Academic writing: What should Dutch business communication students learn?
Sandy Barasa, Elizabeth de Groot, Berna Hendriks, Frank van Meurs, Ulrike
Nederstigt, Brigitte Planken
Many Dutch university students are expected to read and write academic research papers in
English. In this presentation, we discuss a number of areas of EFL academic writing that are
relevant for first-year Dutch business communication students. These students need to
become familiar with quantitative research in the field of international business
communication (corpus analyses, experiments, surveys) and with the English conventions for
reporting such research. The relevant areas of EFL academic writing include the conventions
of empirical research articles and research posters in terms of structure, phrasing, tense use,
expressing caution, and referencing. We will illustrate our discussion with examples of
exercises from a course we have designed to enable students to practise the various areas. Our
analysis of problem areas and our exercises build on textbooks on academic writing for EFL
students (Swales & Feak, 2000, 2004; Weissberg, & Buker, 1990), including recent textbooks
specifically aimed at Dutch learners (Bolt & Bruins, 2013; Van Loon et al, 2011).