Case Reports Poster Session 08.00 to 08.30

Case Reports Poster Session
08.00 to 08.30
Moderators: M. Sabbe – M. Vranckx
• Acrylonitrile intoxication: a review of 3 cases
R. De Mulder 1, K. Anseeuw
• Skin burns in the perineal and gluteal region after ingestion of white spirit.
J. Vanhoucke, W. Buylaert, K. Colpaert, P. De Paepe
• Colchicine poisoning: a silent killer in the Emergency Department
S. Tuyls, B. Van Den Poel, K. Desmet, P. Vanbrabant
• Intentional ingestion of the autumnal colchicum plant
D. Verougstraete, M. Meeussen, S. Hachimi-idrissi
• Ingestion of caustic agents
C. Schellemans, I. Demeyer
Moderators: C. Melot – R. Beckers
• Sagittal sinus thrombosis: From discrete to dramatical.
W. Van Paesschen, I. Demeyer
• Strangulation, sex … and stroke: A very serious condition also for teenagers
O. Detriche, D. Moens, J. Poelaert, C. Carlier, J. Van Dorpe, F. Guérisse
• Sudden unilateral mydriasis in a 3-year-old boy.
N. Walgers, C. Lyphout, S. Lemoyne
• Your diagnose, Sir?
C. Lyphout, J. Van Lerbeirghe, S. Hachimi-Idrissi
• Disulfiram-ethanol reaction, not always an easy diagnosis
K. Segher, W. Buylaert, P. De Paepe
Moderators: J. Vanderschoot – A. Higuet
• If you’re scared, you play the dead!
X. Muschart, D. Blommaert, F. Dormal
• Death of a young 'healthy' bodybuilder.
T. Declercq, K. Vandevelde
• Monitoring ECG with reduced bandwidth: Adequate for the diagnosis of Acute
STEMI in patients with a paced rhythm?
• Delayed presentation of hemothorax after rib fracture.
T. Bosiers, C. Depuydt
• Cupid’s arrow revisited
E. Rimbaut, S. Martens, R. Beelen, E. Wyffels, E. Kersschot, I. Demeyer
• Fitz–Hugh-Curtis syndrome, what does it mean?
X. Muschart