Register for exams

Register for exams
1. Go to and log in
2. Go to the tab ‘selfservice’ and click on ‘studentencentrum’.
3. Click on the link “inschrijven” (‘register’)
Please note that you can only register during a specific registration period.
4. Select the `inschrijven met het nummer van de studieactiviteit´ option (‘Register using the number of the
study activity’).
5. Select the period 2014-2015 and click on ‘Continue’ (´doorgaan´).
6. Then enter the number of the study activity and click on ‘Continue’. (´doorgaan´). Make sure you
register for the correct study activity. Each study activity which is created in SIS is given a number.
These numbers are published on DLWO (inschrijftabel) and you can register using these numbers:
7. Now tick the box next to the study activity you have found and click on ‘Add to shopping cart´ (´in
winkelwagen´). You can add more activity’s. The following screen will appear.
8. Go to the ‘Shopping cart’ subtab. Select the study activity by ticking the box and click on ‘Register’.
9. complete the registration process (see below).
10. Check whether you have been registered. Under ‘Status’, you can see whether the registration was
11. Double check if you have been registered successfully. Go to tab `inschrijving verwijderen´ (remove
registration). Here you can find which activities you are registered for.