Webroot Speeds Protection, Lightens IT Load for Thompson Truck

Webroot Speeds Protection,
Lightens IT Load for Thompson
Truck & Trailer
Thompson Truck & Trailer, Inc. is a heavy-truck automotive dealership that provides sales, parts,
and service to all over-the-road vehicles. The company has earned an outstanding reputation
for quality work and dependable service to the trucking industry; in 2012 it received the Circle of
Excellence Award from International Trucks, the highest honor a dealer principal can achieve from
International headquarters.
Vertical » Transportation & Storage
In 1998 Dennis Thompson purchased Hawkeye International Trucks, an Iowa-based truck dealership
affiliated with International Trucks. In the 16 years since that acquisition, the growth of Hawkeye
Trucks (renamed Thompson Truck & Trailer in 2013) has been steady and vast across eastern Iowa
and the western edges of Illinois and Wisconsin. When Thompson first acquired the company it had
three locations in Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Waterloo; now there are seven facilities throughout
Iowa and Illinois.
End Users » 200
Devices » Desktops & Laptops
IT Director » Daniel Abbott
The company’s impressive expansion (there are additional sites for its trailer and tire centers) is a
testament to Thompson’s ability to provide quality service that offers solutions to its customers’
transportation equipment needs. However, such growth does pose challenges for the organization’s
IT department, which must ensure robust data security and endpoint protection across all of its
According to Daniel Abbott, IT Director at Thompson Truck & Trailer, problems with the company’s
previous AV solution (TrendMicro) made those challenges more difficult: “We had been using a heavy
product that had long and large installs, and was placing sizeable loads on both our workstation and
server resources. On top of that, it just wasn’t catching critical web-based attacks.”
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Abbott began looking for a replacement AV solution, and through his
research discovered several key features that convinced him Webroot
SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection was the optimal choice for
Thompson. “I liked that the install was less than 1MB,” Abbott recalls. “And
that Webroot offered an easy-to-use interface, excellent sandboxing and .exe
Abbott goes on to delineate some of the ways in which Webroot has
benefitted Thompson: “Reduced potential downtime due to threats, saved
IT man hours from installs, avoiding a cumbersome server product...” The
impressive metrics reported by Abbott and his IT team give persuasive
evidence of the measurable gains delivered by SecureAnywhere™
Business Endpoint Protection:
• Average scan time per device dropped from 2 hours to 2 minutes
Abbott’s experiences after deploying Webroot certainly validate that
decision to replace his company’s previous AV solution:
• Saved 5-10 hours per week in managing security-related issues
“Because Webroot is a lightning-fast, feather-light
install with the ability to stop execution before it even
happens, we have not had one uncontrolled incident.
Installs now run automatically through our domain
login script, where before we’d waste almost a full day
on installs of 100MB in size to over 200 desktop PCs.”
Daniel Abbott, IT Director, Thompson Truck & Trailer
Webroot’s initial install package is extremely small (around 500 KB)
because no signature database is stored within the client software (that
database is typically the largest part of a conventional client); instead,
Webroot maintains a huge (over 250 TB) signature database in the cloud.
• Infections dropped by 50 percent
For organizations like Thompson Truck & Trailer that are undergoing
steady growth, the deficiencies of ineffective antivirus solutions become
increasingly magnified—and costly. Given the dramatically reduced
downtime and greater IT efficiency that Thompson has achieved with
Webroot endpoint protection, Abbott’s enthusiastic endorsement comes
as no surprise:
“As of 2014 it’s one of the best products in the market
today...Webroot has saved us many hours of time
and a lot of frustration, which are the unfortunate
aftereffects of buying a competitive product.”
Daniel Abbott, IT Director, Thompson Truck & Trailer
The advantages of Webroot’s more efficient, cloud-based approach are
• Better protection (due to a vastly more comprehensive database)
• Quicker installation (completed in just a matter of seconds)
• Faster scanning (for example, the first scan takes only minutes
compared with the hours other AV solutions require, and Webroot’s
subsequent full system scans typically take two minutes or less)
In the unlikely event that an infection does occur on a Webroot-protected
machine, the process to remove the infection is much easier and
far faster than on conventionally-protected systems. Using rollback
remediation capability, SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection
can undo every action that a malicious piece of software executed and
return the machine to its state prior to the infection—in far less time
than required by traditional AV solutions.
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