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Air France-KLM
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*Source: S&P Global BMI, 31 July 2014
Company Description
The Air-France KLM Group is a leading provider of global passenger transport, cargo transport and air-maintenance services. Comprising two unique
brands, the company serves 231 destinations in 103 countries, representing the largest long-haul network from Europe. In 2013 the company carried
over 77 million passengers and 1.3 million tons of cargo, improving its financial performance, generating EUR 25.5 billion in revenues and EUR 130
million income from current operations. Both Air France and KLM are signatories of the UN Global Compact.
Industry Drivers
Commercial airlines continue to face a competitive and challenging environment. Volatile fuel costs combined with fierce competition from low-cost and
ultra-low-cost carriers are forcing airlines to rethink their business plans and adapt their long-term growth strategies. Consolidation continues throughout
the industry, and new route-sharing partnerships help create economies of scale and reduce operating costs. The EU Emissions Trading Scheme,
originally scheduled to include all airlines from January 2013, has been put on hold until 2016, giving the UN’s International Civil Airline Authority (ICAO)
additional time to develop a global alternative. For now, the scheme will include all intra-European flights, but puts pressure on non-European airlines
with European operations to improve their operational eco-efficiency. Although airlines have made significant strides in improving fuel efficiency and
investments in the latest generation aircraft remain strong, further cooperation between the private and public sectors is needed to meet the 2020 goal
of neutralizing net CO2 emission growth. This includes increasing cooperation on the development of alternative fuels and the implementation of
advanced route planning systems and navigation technologies.
Sustainability Scores
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Air France-KLM
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Sustainability Performance
For the sixth consecutive year, Air France-KLM has been named Industry Group Leader. The company continues to demonstrate sustainability leadership
in the transportation space, building on its long-term commitment to reduce its environmental impact while increasing operational eco-efficiency.
Through innovative programs, the group engages its customers on sustainability issues, integrating their feedback into its product offerings and
communication strategies. Air France-KLM remains a leader in the commercialization of sustainable biofuels and has partnered with organizations such
as SkyNRG, Boeing and local governments in Europe to invest in a viable, profitable production base for biofuels in Europe. The group takes a clear stance
on key issues such as air traffic control, regulations in the air transportation market and the climate protection ambitions of the IATA and ICAO. On the
social front, Air France-KLM measures and manages its economic impact at the destinations it serves, focusing on developing local economies, engaging
with local stakeholders and upholding human rights.
Company Performance for Selected Criteria
Air France-KLM
DJSI industry average
Best company within industry
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