Criteria for student internships at ARK and Rewilding Europe

Criteria for student internships at ARK and Rewilding Europe.
Students have to apply for an internship by sending an application
letter with CV.
For most studies/internships at least college level, second year or
later (NL: HBO level), or University 2nd year or later. This might
depend on the topic of the research/internship.
Good quality of spoken and written English.
Minimum age of 18th
 Write 3 blogs for the Rewilding Europe and ARK website during
the internship;
 Make pictures for ARK and or Rewilding Europe during the
 The internship lasts at least 2 months; in some cases the
duration can or should be longer;
 Deliver a report, according to a predetermined standard, in
English, both printed and digital;
 Approval of the educational institution;
 Signed contract with the educational institution and with ARK
and Rewilding Europe;
 If placed in remote areas, it is preferred internships take place
in duos, in some case this can be with a local student;
 When students apply for an internship they have to come up
with a potential study topic as prove of commitment.
Students have to be flexible, can work independently, are stress
resistant, are open to adventure and they can cope and adapt to
different cultures.
We prefer students who apply for a scholarship within the Erasmus
Programme (or else) and who cover their own travel and subsistence