Persuasive Writing - Primary Resources

Advertisements are a special
type of persuasive writing.
Their purpose is to sell a product or a
They do this by aiming at a particular type
of customer.
They use carefully chosen, positive
They appeal to some aspect of the
reader’s personality.
They try to make the reader
believe that their product will
make them:
The envy of all their friends!
They use carefully chosen language
to appeal to their target audience.
They promise:
• to cure all your ailments;
• To solve all your problems;
• To change your life for the better.
They make you feel that
you can’t live without it.
How do they attract your attention
and stick in your memory?
• They can use humour to get you in a good
• They ask questions to hook you in;
• They appeal to your senses;
• They use alliteration, rhyme or a play on words
to create a memorable slogan;
• They persuade you to imagine yourself using
their product;
• They make you feel special.
They contain a mix of facts and persuasive
They focus on the positive and ignore the
They use exaggerated language, full of
adjectives and adverbs to paint an appealing
They start sentences with the imperative.
They ask rhetorical questions.
They use memorable images and slogans.
Their sole purpose is to convince the reader to
buy their product.