Some Compelling Reasons
For Studying Another
A Subjective Viewpoint by a Language
Teacher, Backed by Objective Data –
English-only speakers will find themselves at a
disadvantage as businesses enter global markets.
Even workers who intend to never leave their hometowns
will probably be in touch with people from other
Thanks to improved communication technology, U.S.
businesses are dealing with international suppliers,
customers and colleagues.
Teotitlan, Mexico
Versace, Milan
The tremendous increase in the Latino American
population has changed the way business is conducted...
With so many Latino-Americans speaking Spanish in the
US, even basic service jobs will require some bi-lingual
Chartreuse Cellars, Grenoble, France
Chocolatier, Paris
“If you don’t speak Spanish in the southern part of the
U.S., …
La Muralla, Puerto Rico
…you’re basically not marketable in the tourist trade.”
- Fariborz Ghadar, Center for Global Business Studies, Penn State University
Alicante, Spain
About one in five U.S. residents speaks a language other
than English in the home. – U.S. Census Bureau
The number of Spanish speakers in the U.S. rose 62% in
the 1990s, to 28.1 million in 2000 from 17.3 million in
1990.- U.S. Census Bureau
Every American should develop proficiency not only in
English, but in other languages as well. - ACTFL
Vicuñas in Chile
For those students who want to be best prepared for life
beyond the classroom,…
… there will be increasing numbers of career
opportunities that are enhanced by proficiency in
multiple languages.
Across the U.S., more than 500,000 elementary and over 7
million secondary students are enrolled in foreign
language courses. - ACTFL
Students at rest outside Notre Dame, Paris
Additionally, nearly 1.4 million students at American
colleges and universities include language education in
their schedules. - ACTFL
The Louvre, Paris
“Our goal at the college level should be to encourage
students to continue the study of languages…
The Plaza Mayor, Madrid
“…they began as K-12 students so that they may achieve
or maintain high levels of proficiency. - Dr. Audrey Heining-Boynton
German Knight 1512
“Studying other languages has been shown to contribute
to increased cognitive skills, …
Cervantes Memorial, Madrid
“…better academic performance …”
“…and a greater understanding of others, …”
Vigil, San Sebastian, Spain
”…while also providing life-long learning opportunities
for people beyond school age.” ACTFL
Grenoble, France
The world's ten most influential
After weighing six factors
(number of primary
speakers, number of
secondary speakers, number
and population of countries
where used, number of
major fields using the
language internationally,
economic power of countries
using the languages, and
socio-literary prestige),
(number of points given in
English (37)
French (23)
Spanish (20)
Russian (16)
Arabic (14)
Chinese (13)
German (12)
Japanese (10)
Portuguese (10)
Hindi/Urdu (9)
George Weber’s article “The World’s 10 Most Influential Languages” in
Language Today (Vol. 2, Dec 1997)
Standardized test studies
indicate that students who
have concentrated on foreign
language studies generally are
among the highest performers
in other subject areas.
” Studying languages exposes us to more than just
language – …”
Tántawawas Masks, Bolivia
Paris in Spring
“…we learn about the cultures and societies of the native
Museé de le Gran Chartreuse
Corrida de Toros, Madrid
San Fermin Jolly Giants in Parade
Marianne, France
The Eiffel Tower, Paris
Art sellers on the Seine
“…and we are exposed to their literature as it was
created.” - ACTFL
Monte Alban, Oaxaca, Mexico
Gaining language proficiency can be a stimulating,
rewarding activity for the adult who’s been away from the
classroom for many years. - ACTFL
Oaxaca, Mexico
“The mental discipline that is required …”
Walled City, Toledo, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
”…and the resulting cultural exposure …”
Monte Alban sculpture
Prince Phillip and Princess Letizia of Spain
The Prado Museum, Madrid
Cathedral, Toledo, Spain
Cathedral of Holy Family
Notre Dame de Paris
Arch of Triumph, Paris
Paris at Night from the Arch of Triumph
Notre Dame from the Seine, Paris
“…are life-enhancing experiences.”
Artist’s stalls, Montmarte, Paris
Cathedral, Barcelona
Fluency in other languages enhances a career resume.
Businesses need people who can communicate with global
clients in many languages.
Eurail Station, Charles De Gaulle Airport, Paris
The increasing cohesiveness of the European Union
enhances opportunities for international trade.
In the 21st century, multilingual international business
people will be in a lucrative position…
…to communicate with clients…
…around the world.
Students of language gain special insights…
…that come from intense language study …
Princess Eugenie’s Jewels
Empress Josephine’s Tiara
El Álcazar, Toledo
… an understanding of the cultures, …
House of Commons,
Cathedral, Barcelona
Sacre Couer, Montmartre
… the social customs …
El barrio español, Madrid
National Court, Barcelona
Baroque Fountain, Barcelona
…and the language subtleties that explain the
…between what a person says and what they mean.
Les Deaux Magots, Paris
Expand your world;
Learn a new language.
The photography used in this production
represents an ongoing lifetime love affair with
world languages and cultures.
P.S.: It’s
Paris, France, 2004
Alicante, España, 1966
Photography*, script, editing and production by
Anna Marie Pietrolonardo © 2004
Maps [flat] – John Wiley Publishers, 2003
[globes] – Microsoft Gallery, 2004
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