Figurative Language

Figurative Language
 A simile is a figurative language
 technique where a comparison
 is made using like or as.
Examples of similes:
 She is like a rainy day.
 He is as busy as a bee.
 They are like two peas in a pod.
Create our own…
 The cat was as scary as a ____.
 The night is like a ____.
 The moon is like a ____
 The scarecrow was as scary a ____.
 A poetic comparison that does not use the words
like or as.
 Examples of metaphors:
 She is a graceful swan.
 He is a golden god.
 They are honey from the honeycomb.
Brian was a wall, bouncing every
tennis ball back over the net.
This metaphor compares Brian to a wall because
a. He was very strong.
b. He was very tall.
c. He kept returning the balls.
d. His body was made of cells.
 Personification is a figurative
language technique in which
human characteristics are given to
nonhuman things.
 The leaves danced in the wind
 The heat ripped the breath from her lungs.
 The sleeping water reflected the evening sky.
 Humidity breathed in the girl's face and ran its
greasy fingers through her hair.
 The tree arrested the oncoming car.
 An idiom is a figurative language technique that
does not mean what is being said.
 OR
 An idiom is a speech form or an expression of a
given language that is peculiar to itself
grammatically or cannot be understood from the
individual meanings of its elements.
More examples of idioms:
 Mommy says: “Daddy is a little pigeon toad.”
 We were chewing the fat.
 It’s raining cats and dogs.
 She’s as sharp as a tack.
 I wish he would kick the bucket
 Girl, that was hype.
 Can you think of anymore?....
• When we exaggerate on purpose in order to prove
a point.
• We use hyperbole all the time when we want to
impress or stress.
 Say this word with me…..
 ( Hi-per-bully)
• I ate a thousand pounds of pasta.
A thousand pounds is also known as a ton, this
person must be really obese.
• I told you a million times.
I don’t mind repeating myself, but a million times?
That’s a lot.
A poetic device which repeats the same beginning
sound for effect. Examples of Alliteration:
 Sally Sells Seashells By The Sea Shore
 Rolling, Racing, Roaring, Rapids
 The formation or use of words such as buzz,
murmur or boo that imitate the sounds associated
with the objects or actions they refer to.
Examples of the onomatopoeia:
 Bang, went the gun!
 Swoosh went the basketball
through the hoop.
We’ve looked at these types of figurative language
 metaphor
 personification
 idiom
 Hyperbole
 Simile
 And
what else?