Bolivian Mining Women Net-RNMM (Red Nacional de Mujeres Mineras en Bolivia-RNMM) founded during the
Second International Meeting, in Iroco-Oruro Department –year 2000. It is integrated by representative
delegates of women organizations such as cooperatives, civil organizations, ONGs, investigators, independent
professionals on mining activities. The main objective of the Net is support and help the work of women and
seek their incorporation in the national economic development, environmental topics and equity aspects.
Bolivian RNMM has every year a national meeting with all regional representative delegates recorded since the
Net foundation.
During the last 3 years, were invited and attended to the national meeting, representatives and delegates of
women mining organization from Peru and other countries.
Latin American Women and Mining Net
This year, during the “X National Meeting of RNMM” developed in Oruro City (13-14 March), attended invited
representations of similar organizations from Chile, Peru and Colombia with whom was organized a bloc of Latin
American countries to involve to thousands of women working in mining activities.
This new organization was named “Latin American Women and Mining Net” and will fortify base women
organizations, who will work with social responsibility criterion, helping also each local environmental efforts. Its
main objectives are:
-Support the job of base women, workers, wives of labor union workers, cooperatives and artisan miners,
ONGs, investigator women, independent professionals working in mining activities.
-Support to women involved in the mining productive process, respecting the social responsibility criterion and
environmental efforts in mining activity areas.
The address of this Net is represented by:
Bolivia - Ana María Aranibar Jiménez
Perú - Olinda Orozco Zevallos
Next to the conformation of the Net and in the effort to involve to other Latin American countries, recently and
formally, were included Brazil and Ecuador.
In this report we include the name, address and email of contacts of our involved countries.
Ana Maria Aranibar – [email protected]
Organización: Cumbre del Sajama
Av. Héctor Ormachea Nº 5298 esq. Calle 7, Edif. Vera, Piso º, Of. 1-B – zona de Obrajes
Teléfonos: (591-2) 2787383 – 2787612 – Fax: (591-2) 2787612 – Casilla Postal: 730
La Paz-Bolivia
Olinda Orozco - [email protected]
Organización: Red Social
Jr. Camilo Carrillo No. 139, oficina A Jesús María.
Teléfono: 42322834.
Lima – Perú
Zuleica Carmen Castilhos - [email protected]ón CETEM Centro de Tecnologia Mineral
Avenida Pedro Calmon, 900. Ilha do Fundão.
Teléfono: (55-21) 38657213
Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Brasil
Blanca Lucila Alcaíno Espinoza - [email protected]
Elizabeth Pérez Cáceres - [email protected]
Alicia Cristina Guerrero Montenegro - [email protected]
Elizabeth Peña - [email protected]
Yurany Monsalve - [email protected]