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Year VIII - Number 364
26 March 2015
Marist News
Marist Brothers - General House - Rome
A new way of being a brother!
French Third Age Renewal Program
he Marist renewal session is taking place at our General House
in Rome from March 15 to May 8,
2015. This eight-week lifelong learning
is aimed at religious Brothers aged 6580. It involves 22 Brothers: Eight from
Quebec, seven French, five Belgian, one
Greek and one Malagasy.
Two priests from Quebec, of Rome’s Canadian College, are accompanying the
group as chaplains: Steve Lemay (parish
priest of Lac Mégantic) and Pierre Bougie, (Professor of the Major Seminary of
Montreal). Here is the summary of the
main objective of the session.
Under the theme “a new way of being a
brother,” the meeting is a time of “tuning” for senior brothers who, voluntarily,
leave behind their little train of life to
respond to the invitation of the last
general chapter of 2009: “With Mary, go
in haste to a new land”. Therefore, the
meeting offers the opportunity to see
how everyone lives this call, personally
and as a community.
To do this, the program follows the approach suggested by the General Council, which is to encourage participants
to a form of conversion to the novelty
André Salvas
Bernard Baudin
Bernard Vial
Claude Desaulniers
Denis Carrier
Fernand Gauthier
Georges Vidalis
Guy Palandre
Jacques Declerck
Jean-Denis Couture
Jean-L. Bosland
Jean-P. Destombes
René Paulus
Robert Lemaire
Léonide Rabemahasoa
Roberto Di Troia
Théo Van Driessche
Eugène Chavalier
Jean-Claude Christe
Réal Sauvageau
Yvon Deschamps
required by the current time in the context of globalization.
People, who are professionals in their own field, have been invited to give assistance
to each one to help them walk at a good pace towards this new horizon that affects
all aspects of our commitments to follow Christ.
The topics are:
1 Live brotherhood as prophets and mystics; Celibacy and sexuality, affectivity
and chastity of monks and priests; 3 Marist and Marian spirituality of Marist
General Administration
The meeting of the Committee of the Project for the leaders of the Marist schools in Africa will take place in Nairobi,
Kenya from 27 to 29 March. The project, promoted by the Secretariat of Mission, is being financed by the FMSI. Brother João
Carlos do Prado, Mario H. Meutti and Angela Petenzi, of the FMSI, are participating on behalf of the General Administration.
The Assembly of the Province of Brazil Centre-South will take place in Curitiba starting Sunday 29 March. Brothers Emili
Turú, Víctor Preciado y Eugène Kabanguka will take part.
Marist News
Year VII - Number 364
brothers; 4 Prayer and interiority; 5 A church is dying
and another wants to be born: a horizontal Marian
church; 6 Desert times in the city and in places of pilgrimage (our established places- Lourdes and Assisi);
7 On the way to 200 years of the birth of the Institute
of the Marist Brothers in 2017
Br. Bernard Beaudin (Province of Canada) - Animator
Br. Maurice Goutagny, fms (Province of the Hermitage)
Animator's deputy
District of the Pacific
Projects managers from across the Pacific
come together for a workshop
r Allen Sherry and Mr Ashley
Bulgarelli from Marist Solidarity (Australia), conducted a
workshop on “Effective Funding
for Mission” for Brothers and Lay
from across the District of the
Pacific. The meeting was held at
the Pacific Noviciate in Lomeri,
Fiji,6-7 March. Eleven Marist project managers attended from Fiji,
Kiribati, New Zealand and Samoa.
The facilitators were invited by the
District of the Pacific leadership
team to commence a more formal relationship with the District’s
The two-day workshop started
with an introduction to Marist
Solidarity of Australia and to the newly
developing arm – Marist Volunteers
Australia, which included school im-
mersions. Fiji currently hosts four immersion groups each year whilst Kiri-
bati and Samoa are working towards
immersions later in the year.
The workshop then moved onto types
of funders, project cycle management
and then onto the 14 step project proposal writing methodology. Each countries representatives were grouped together as
they focused on a real-life project in their school and how to
write a strong proposal for this
project. It was especially useful
for many of the younger Brothers who were new to these processes and to services offered
by Marist Solidarity of Australia.
There were many positive outcomes to arise from the workshop and has given these project managers the tools to access
funding and develop their projects.
The Young Montagne
"He was summoned to a hamlet, one day, in order to hear a sick boy's6 confession. As usual, he set
out at once. Before proceeding with the confession, he put a few questions to make sure that he was
sufficiently instructed to receive the sacraments. To his great surprise, the child knew nothing about the
principal mysteries and, in fact, didn't even know whether God existed. Greatly upset at finding a twelveyear-old7 in such ignorance, and fearing that he would die in such a state, he sat down beside him to
teach him the mysteries and truths necessary for salvation. It took him two hours for the instruction and
confession. It was extremely difficult to impart, even the most fundamental truths, to a child who was so
sick that he scarcely grasped what was being said. Having heard his confession, and helped him make
several acts of love of God and of contrition as preparation for death, the priest left him, to minister
to a sick person in an adjoining house. As he went out, he asked after the sick youth, to be told by his
tearful parents that he had died a moment after the priest's departure."
Br John-Baptist Furet, Life of blessed Marcellin Joseph Benedict Champagnat
Marist News
26 March 2015
Thousands Gather for Celebration
75 years of Marist presence in Zimbabwe
ver 5,000 people gathered at
a remote prestigious boarding
school in Zimbabwe to celebrate the arrival of Jesuits and Marists
to the country a century ago.
for Marist Brothers to come help them
some 15 years later.
and Nyanga with 2,000 students in
President Robert Mugabe, who attended St Francis Xavier’s Kutama
College himself aged 14, also took
part at the event held on March 22.
“The celebration of the centenary and
the 75th were scheduled to be held
last year, but for a number of reasons,
the festivities had to be postponed at
least three times,” said Brother Mario Colussi, secretary of the Marist’s
province of Southern Africa.
The Jesuits were the first Catholic
missionaries to arrive to Zimbabwe,
formerly known as the British colony
of Southern Rhodesia, in 1914. They
established a number of institutions,
including a training college for teachers.
He praised the Jesuits and Marists
saying students there are “moulded
into upright, principled and hardworking Zimbabweans,” according to online news agency NewsdzeZimbabwe.
The full-day event began with 10am
morning Mass on the sports field
of the College under marquee-tents,
celebrated by the Bishop of Chinhoyi,
Bishop Dieter B. Scholz.
“Since it was not functioning well in
the late 1930’s, the Marist Brothers
in Canada were invited to come and
staff the school on very favourable
terms,” said Br. Colussi in an interview
on March 20.
The College is in a rural area in the
district of Zvimba. The closest village is Chegutu, 120
km southwest of the capital
city, Harare.
Bishop Scholz, a Jesuit himself, then
“A group of Marist brothers studying in London who
had been destined to work
in Lesotho, were told to alter their final destination to
Kutama,” he added.
The all-boys school is part
of Kutama Mission, a Catholic mission originally run by
Jesuits but now run by the
Marist Brothers.
Brother James Langlois, of
the Kutama College, said
“our results are among the
best in the country while we
have a reputation for good discipline.”
“I am hopeful for the future,” he added
in an interview with the Marist’s General House in Rome. “I see our sector
as a small remnant, but in it one finds
unity, serious commitment and enthusiasm in the service of youth.”
They began teaching there
in 1939 at the Jesuit’s St
Francis Xavier teacher training institution, making them
the first Marists to land in
blessed a new building of classrooms
and a new statue of St Marcellin
Champagnat on the school grounds.
The Society of Jesus celebrated 100
years alongside the 75th anniversary
of the Marists in the College.
Both the former and the current
school heads, Brothers Bernard Chirombe and Jacob Mutingwende, as
well as the provincial superior, Joe
Walton, addressed the participants.
And after lunch, students of the College provided entertainment for the
The Jesuits landed in Zimbabwe in
1914. But due to problems finding
suitable lay staff for the school, the
bishop of Harare eventually arranged
There are currently 11 Marist brothers
in Zimbabwe in four communities.
They help run three boarding schools
in the rural villages of Dete, Kutama
“So, 2014 also marked 75
years of the Brothers’ presence in the
country and this month’s gathering,
therefore, is a double celebration,”
stated Br. Colussi.
The Brothers undertook the building
of the St Francis Xavier’s Kutama College, organising the very making of the
bricks to be used.
Br. Colussi added that although the
“collaboration has proved fruitful in
many ways,” there are other major
challenges like the drop-out of young
brothers before making their final
Marist News
Year VII - Number 364
Presentation of the Graphic Identity Manual
of Mexico’s Marists
l A very important event for the
two Marist Provinces of Mexico
took place on February 25, the
presentation of the institutional image. Brothers José Sánchez of central
Mexico Central and Raúl F. Lara of
western México, formed a committee to attend to the assignment of
the Provincial Councils to carry out
the development and implementation
of the institutional image manual for
Mexico’s Marists. In turn they had
the support of the staff of the Marist
Animation Centre and an external consultant in the area of organizational
The CEOs of Marist institutions and
the responsible for communications
were invited to the event. Ninety people from the whole country, including
the north and the south, took part.
Brother Ricardo Reynoso, the Provincial of Central Mexico, welcomed the
participants and invited them to be
open to the change of schemes. The
fact that it is necessary to make an
effort to make ourselves visible, make
clear who we are and what we want to
communicate was stressed. To homologate verbal, visual and virtual speeches.
Looking after the image and taking care
of the way we communicate it, promotes identity, belonging, having a better position in society as a network of
Marist Institutions and it is also an opportunity to revitalize the foundational
meaning and essence of being a Marist.
He then went on to the presentation of
the graphical identity manual, prepared
by Lic. Juan Francisco Orozco, Marist
Animation Center.
Meeting of the Interamerican Commission
on Spirituality, Brothers and Laity
l The second annual meeting of
the Interamerican Commission
on Spirituality, Brothers and Laity
took place in Quito, Ecuador –Norandina Province –, from 2 to 4 March
2015, with the presence of: Br Tony
Leon, Secretariat of Brothers Today;
Br Javier Espinosa, Secretariat of the
Laity; Br Javier Pérez París, Interamerican Subcommission of Spirituality; Mr
Gustavo Balbinot, Interamerican Subcommission of Spirituality; Mr Moisés
Beltrán, Interamerican Subcommission of the Laity; Mr João Luis Fedel
Gonçalves, Interamerican Subcommission of the Laity; Br Oscar Montenegro, Interamerican Subcommission of
the Brothers; Br Carlos Vélez, Interamerican Subcommission of Brothers and
Coordinator; Br Valdícer Fachi, Coordinator of the Interamerican Commis-
internationalism and multiculturalism,
to respond to these challenges, etc. 3)
To continue to grow in team awareness
and fraternal relations.
sion on the Mission – Guest.
The outlined objectives were the following: 1) To share the journey of our
respective subcommittees: challenges,
achievements, appeals ...; and the
Secretariats of Brothers Today and
the Laity. 2) To finish the strategic
planning that began in Lima in 2014,
paying attention to the appeals of our
provincials: to find synergies, promote
Redaction: Piazzale Marcellino Champagnat, 2, ROME
E-mail: [email protected]
For three intense days, encouraged by
the opening words of Br Luis Carlos
Gutierrez, chairman of the Standing
Council of the CIAP, by the greeting of
Br Mariano Morante Montes (Ecuador
sector) on behalf of the Provincial
Brother, and with the advice of Br
Valdicer Fachi, of the Interamerican
sister comission within the structure
of the CIAP, we approach the task
and achieve a plan that integrates our
three fields delegated by the Provincial Brothers, sharing the Mission, the
Vision, Beliefs, Goals, Lines of Action,
Strategies, Initiatives, and of course,
N.º 364 – Year VII – 26 March 2015
Edit by: Marist Brothers' Institute - General House – Rome