Francisca Pérez Carreño - The European Society for Aesthetics

Francisca Pérez-Carreño is Professor of Aesthetics and the Theory of Art at the
University of Murcia (Spain). She obtained her PhD in Philosophy at the
Autonomous University of Madrid, with a dissertation on “Semiotics and the
Aesthetics of the Visual Arts”. She was Assistant Professor at the Autonomous
University of Madrid, and in 1990 she moved to the Department of Philosophy at the
University of Murcia, where she became Professor of Aesthetics and the Theory of
Art in 2004. She has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Hull (1993),
University of Berkeley (1995-6), and the University of Cambridge (2006).
She has worked on the interpretation of the visual arts, and on contemporary theory
of art. About those topics she wrote Los placeres del Parecido. Icono y representación
(1988) and Arte Minimal. Objeto y sentido (2004). She has written a number of
articles on aesthetics and the philosophy of art, and is the editor of Estética después
del fin del arte. Ensayos sobre Arthur Danto (2006) y Estética (2013) She has also
coedited with María J. Alcaraz Significado, emoción y valor. Ensayos sobre Filosofía de
la Música, Madrid, 2010, and with I. Álvarez and J. Pérez-López Expression in the
Performing Arts, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011.
Fort the past ten years her research has focussed on artistic expression and its
relation to aesthetic value. At present, she is the principal researcher of the Research
Project “Aesthetic and Other Values in Art. The role of Expression”, financed by the
Spanish State Secretariat for Research, Development and Innovation.
She is a member of the European Society for Aesthetics and belonged to the ESA’s
first Executive Committee.