St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
Serving the Community for 130 Years
August 23, 2015—21st Sunday
251 Franklin St., Hightstown, NJ 08520
The best and most
beautiful things in the
world cannot be seen
or even touched
- they must be
felt with the
—Helen Keller
St. Anthony’s Prayer Garden
Parish Staff
Rev. Patrick J. McDonnell, Pastor, ext. 18
Office Phone: 609 448-0141 ■ Fax: 609 448-8878
Assisting Priests and Deacons who are not assigned to our
Parish, but who come here to help us: Msgr. Hugh Ronan,
Father Lee Inverso, Father Tony Ramos, & Latino Ministry:
Father Miguel Valle
Deacon: Tom Garvey, Asst. Deacon: Michael Scannella
Asst. Deacon Andy Fatovic
For emergencies only x30
Assistant to the Pastor: Sheila Conway x25
Nutritional Counseling
Bulletin Editor/Admin. Assistant: Deb Napolitano x11
[email protected]
Trustees: Tony Humphreys, George Rodriguez
Helping Hands Coordinator: Judy Abramovitz
609 443-3573
Music Ministries Director: Quentin Marty Ph.D.
609 448-3944
Contemporary Choir: Catherine Doyle 609 448-6120
Director of Operations: Guy Conway x23
[email protected]
Parish Accountant: Henry Kazin x10
[email protected]
Religious Education: Dottie Guerrasio x21
[email protected]
Religious Ed. Admin. Assistant/Latino Community Liaison:
Ximena Bustamante x29
Sacrament Secretary: Deacon Michael Scannella x28
[email protected]
Building & Grounds: Eddie Dunn and
Assistant Nick Sebasto x31
Youth Ministry: Liz Guzhnay x12
Parish Office Hours: Mon- Thursd
day — 9am—4pm
Friday 8am - 3pm (8am—2pm July & August)
Visit our website: stanthony–
Wheelchair Accessible
Liturgy of the Eucharist
Saturday: 4:30pm;
Sunday: 7:30, 9:00 and 10:30am,
12:00 noon (Español), & 4:00pm
Daily Masses: Monday-Friday 9:00am
Monday 7:30pm (Español)
Consult Bulletin for any special 6:45am services
Rosary for the Intentions of the Blessed Virgin Mary:
Monday - Friday 8:30am
Miraculous Medal Novena: Monday after Rosary
Novena to St. Anthony of Padua:
Tuesday after 9am Mass
Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help:
Wednesday after 9am Mass
Adoration of Blessed Sacrament:
1st Friday – after 9:00am Mass to 7:00pm
Chaplet of Rosa Mystica for Priests & Religious:
Friday after 9am Mass
The Marian Movement of Priests: (Rosary & Prayers)
Friday after 9am Mass
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday 3:30-4:00pm, Reconciliation Room
9:00 am
7:30 pm
6:45 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
6:45 am
9:00 am
6:45 am
9:00 am
4:30 pm
7:30 am
9:00 am
10:30 am
12:00 noon
4:00 pm
August 24
Carmen & Jean Scarpa
Rosa Guzman
Mass in Spanish
August 25
Communion Service
Dominic & Carmella Daddio
Carmen Savino
August 26
Margaret Quinn
August 27
Communion Service
Jim Manley Jr., Jim Manley Sr.
Joan Ruth MacMurray
August 28
Enrique Patino
Kathy Dey & Linda Dey Johnson
David Constable
August 29
Fred Hetzel
Thomas Jacobi
August 30
Marie, Cole & Devin Gemmell
Luis Gomez
Alberto C. Cocorpus
Michael Minardi
For all living & deceased parish members
Lauren Conway (healing)
August Pilgrim Cross Schedule: Sunday 4:00 pm Mass
Banns of Marriage
Rosalio Herandez & Hilda Lopez
Christine Divine, Andrew Misnick, Camille Miller, Mary
Riley, Arlene Umpierre, Jeanette Santos, Joan Burchil, Dee
Yalowitz, Dan Tully, Lester Sargent, Kathy
McAndrews, Gene McGilloway, Heinrich
Ernst, Ruth Braun, Andrew Sirawsky, Shirley
Howell, Jonathan Monaco, Frances Carl, Josua
Estenes, Valerie Peterson, Alexandra Vreeland,
Vito Rubino, Lauren Conway, Richard Mastriano, Carl
Rubino, Domonique DeStefano, Mary Wall, Agnes
Medican, and Nancy Aiello.
Names appear for four weeks. 609 448-0141 x11 or
Jennie Rubino 609 490-0473 for additional prayers.
Monday: Rv 21:9b-14; Ps 145:10-13, 17-18; Jn 1:45-51
Tuesday: 1 Thes 2:1-8; Ps 139:1-6; Mt 23:23-26
Wednesday: 1 Thes 2:9-13; Ps 139:7-12ab; Mt 23:27-32
Thursday: 1 Thes 3:7-13; Ps 90:3-5a, 12-14, 17;Mt 24:4251
Friday: 1 Thes 4:1-8; Ps 97:1, 2b, 5-6, 10-12; Mt 25:1-13
Saturday: 1 Thes 4:9-11; Ps 98:1, 7-9; Mk 6:17-29
Sunday: Dt 4:1-2, 6-8; Ps 15:2-5; Jas 1:17-18, 21b-22, 27;
Mk 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23
If small children need to visit the restroom or water fountain
during mass, they must be accompanied by an adult. Thank
you for your cooperation!
21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
Today we see a Scriptural theme of wisdom interwoven
with an invitation to eat and drink. The choicest invitation from the ultimate Host! Over the centuries this
invitation of Christ is conveyed through His Church.
The early community slowly came to realize this in the
wake of Pentecost. The departure of Jesus visible and
the coming of the Spirit invisible gave them the impetus
to rely on each other for support in the battle against
temptation and sin.
We faithful followers know all this from the Bible and
our catechetical education. We respond as best we can
come Sunday. Hopefully we come to Mass motivated by
love and not merely by law. How could we ever turn
the Lord down?
It is true that many people who would quickly call
themselves “Catholic” to a survey taker casually ignore
Christ’s invitation. We can never judge them, but they
are not the norm. Nor can we erase the words of Christ
that people who do not feed on His Body and Blood “do
not have life.” They stand firm and immutable. Our
role is to pray that their hearts and minds soften
enough to hear the voice of Wisdom.
Sanctuary Lamp… for the intention of
Norman Valentine
requested by Esther Valentine
Friday, Sept 4, there will be Eucharistic Adoration in
the chapel after the 9:00am mass from 9:30am to
Think of it! Our Lord Jesus Christ could calm the
winds and the waves with a rebuke (Mk 5:3541). He could turn a meal for one into one for
5000 (Mt 14:13-23). He could even heal people of their physical afflictions with just a
touch (such as in Lk:12-14). This very same
God of such power and majesty makes Himself
present and readily available in countless altars and
tabernacles in churches around the world to be with
each one of us, indeed to be with you!
Please come to adore, praise, thank God for his love
and mercy. Bring your petitions to Him and ask for His
graces to do His will. Call Barbara McGeachen at 609448-8399 to sign up for Adoration.
First Reading: Joshua 24:1-2a, 15-7
All of Israel is united under Joshua just as they were
when fighting their various battles. The covenant at Shechem is a renewal of the earlier one of the people with
Second Reading: Ephesians 5:21-32, or 5:2a, 25-32
The accepted code of the household in those days is enhanced by Christian principles. Christ’s lordship over the
Church is one of love like that of a husband for his wife.
Gospel: John 6:60-69
Jesus’ “saying” about the Eucharist proves too much for
some of His disciples, and so He loses some of them at this
point. But Peter, speaking for the Twelve, makes a beautiful confession of faith to offset the loss.
Parish Religious Education Program (PREP)
Director: Dottie Guerrasio
609-448-0141 x21
[email protected]
Religious Ed. Admin. Assistant/
Liaison Latino Community:
Ximena Bustamante
609-448-0141 x29
[email protected]
Office hours: Monday – Thursday 9-3pm Friday 9am - 2pm
We are closed Sat. and Sun.
NEWS: Registration for Religious Education classes continues. We welcome all to complete the Registration
Process as soon as possible. The cost for one child is
$110.00. Registration received after September 1st may
be subject to additional tuition charges.
All New students need both a Birth Certificate and a Baptismal Certificate for Registration.
You may register Monday through Thursday from 9:00
am until 3 PM or until 2:00 pm Fridays in the Religious
Education Office.
Romans 12:4-8 reminds that we are one body in Christ
yet we have many gifts to share. Volunteers fuel the success of our Parish Religious Education Program. The Parish Religious Education Program seeks individuals to
share their gifts and talents with our youth. Some of the
gifts we seek are as follows:
Classroom Assistants
Class Parent
Office Aide
Arts & Crafts
Hall Monitors
Substitute Teachers
Food/Collection Assistants
Adult with Medical/First Aid background
One or two hours a week are all we ask. Training is
available FREE of charge. Please call the office of Religious Education for more details.
Sacramental Preparation
“Information leads to formation which leads to transformation.”
- unknown
The Parish Community of St. Anthony of Padua offers
information for Sacramental Preparation for adults and
children in the following areas:
Baptism - Holy Communion - Confirmation - Marriage
Are you interested in becoming Catholic? Do you know
someone who may be interested in joining our Catholic
Faith? Perhaps you are seeking to complete the Sacraments of Baptism, Communion or Confirmation.
The Parish Community of St. Anthony of Padua
offers a program designed to help you receive
these Sacraments. Sessions are Sundays beginning
September 13, 2015 through March 13, 2016.
For more information call Rosemarie Constable
609-448-0974 or Steve Pavone 732-446-7661. You
may also contact the Religious Education Office at 609448-0141, extension 21. All inquiries are confidential.
We look forward to assisting you in Sacramental Preparation.
Social Justice Corner - August 23, 2015
Live in love, as Christ loved us. Ephesians 5
Do we really believe that God loves us? Would it be easier
for us to live in love if we really felt loved unconditionally?
“The real reason we can live so comfortably as the gap between the rich and the poor widens is because we don't
know how much we are loved by God, not because we are
bad and without conscience. We feel unloved and so we
feel we have to take life for ourselves.
“Small wonder we settle for second-best or for almost anything else that promises to fill an aching void inside us.
Jesus, no doubt, is looking at us and saying:' Forgive them
Father for they know not what they do!' Too few of us, at
any personal level, have ever heard God say to us: 'I love
you!' Too few of us have ever felt what Jesus must have felt
when, at his baptism, he heard his Father say: 'You are my
beloved child, in you I take delight.'
“There is a place inside us, a place we are rarely aware of,
where each and every one of us is being touched and held
unconditionally in love by God.” excerpted from
“Daybreaks” by Father Ron Rolheiser
Lenore Isleib
Social Justice Committee
[email protected]
In order to secure the future of the parish and the Diocese,
Bishop O’Donnell has announced a diocesan-wide
fundraising campaign to raise a minimum of $75
million, of which 30% will be returned to the parishes to address local needs.
The Diocesan share will be used to create endowed
funds to enhance and grow our current ministries
and to ensure the long-term sustainability of our
Church. Our priests spend their lives in service to us. That
is why it is a priority to provide for them when they retire.
In the next 10 years alone, 44% of our current priests will
be eligible for retirement. This will require an additional
$800,000 each year to care for these dedicated men.
Our parish goal is $695,000 — to date we have $398,225
in pledges (57% of our goal) from 41 families. Please visit
our website to see how you can help:
Spiritual Adoption—Week 32
I’m not moving as much now. I’m running short on room;
but I still have plenty of growing to do!! All five senses are
working at 32 weeks (taste, hearing, touch, sight, and
smell), and I’m testing these out as much as possible. My
toenails are completely formed, but I’m not quite ready
for a pedicure. A brain scan will show I have
periods of dream sleep (REM) starting around
the eighth month. I am 16.7 inches long and I
weigh 3.75 lbs. “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love
you very much. I beg you to spare the life of the
unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted
who is in danger of abortion.”
Prayer of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Here’s to Your Health with Sheila Conway
(Consult your Physician before making any changes to your
exercise or diet regimen.)
Crucial Water Safety Tips Lifeguards Wish Parents Knew
Bounce once, bounce forward—There’s a right and
wrong way to bounce on a diving board. Bounce once,
and jump straight ahead—not to the side. Bouncing
twice can cause you to slip or land in shallow water.
Floaties don’t always keep a child afloat—A lifeguard’s
rule of thumb: Don’t float where you can’t swim. Not
only can floaties slip off, they can give children a false
sense of confidence in their swimming
Parents, please, put the phone away— The
phone is the biggest distraction. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported
that injuries involving swimming pools
climbed 36 percent in children under 5
years old between 2007 and 2010, a time period in
which adult smartphone use also skyrocketed. Though
the association does not prove that phones were solely
responsible, keep the phone down and stay alert to help
keep your child safe.
Treat swimming like a soccer tournament—Swimming
can be as exhausting as any other sport. Have your children take breaks every two hours to rest, reapply sunscreen, and have a snack. (Contrary to common belief,
lifeguards say it’s perfectly safe to swim after eating).
Observe the water at the beach—Murky water is often a
sign that there’s a rip current beneath the surface. A rip
current often occurs because there’s a break in the sand
bar. A rip current, which can occur at any time (even in
knee-deep water), can carry even strong swimmers away
from the shore in oceans or large lakes.
Remember to always swim near an attended lifeguard
September 1 is the first meeting of Anthonians after the
summer break. Fr. Boyet Concepcion will be speaking
about spirituality in seniors. The meeting is 1pm in the
church community room —everyone is welcome.
The oldest Diocesan PTA in the United States
will be 90 years old this fall. The Trenton Diocesan PTA will celebrate this momentous occasion
with Mass on Saturday, September 19, with the
Most Rev. David M. O'Connell, C.M., Bishop of Trenton,
as celebrant. Mass will be at the Cathedral of Saint Mary
of the Assumption located at 151 N. Warren Street Trenton, NJ at 9:30 am. The business meeting will take place
at the War Memorial Building in Trenton following
Mass. Past Diocesan Presidents, Pastors, Regents, Unit
Presidents, and members are cordially invited to attend
along with the current PTA membership. Renew friendships, recall wonderful memories and take part and celebrate the 90th Diocesan Conference!
Please contact Marybeth Consiglio 609-577-7349;
[email protected]
Building Fund/Capital Campaign Fund
On August 19th the church made its final payment of
$8,446.86 on the long term $1,000,000.00 mortgage loan
used to finance the vast improvements made to the facilities
some ten years ago. We are sure every one of our parishioners appreciates what a fine facility we have here at St.
Anthony’s. We are grateful for the generosity that our parishioners have shown over this period that enabled us to
reach this milestone event.
The payoff of this loan does not end the need to fund necessary improvements to the buildings and property. As we
have said in the past, the parking area needs to be torn up
and repaved, the lighting in the parking lot needs to be improved, and certain upgrades need to be done within the
church on the audio-visual system, as well as modifications
to the front of the altar such as installing railing for safety
reasons. In addition, we need to address the growing needs
of the less fortunate in our community who must line up
for help at the Green House. These projects, along with others, require a significant investment of funds so we are asking for your continued support monthly using the pink envelopes. These were formerly used to collect the Capital
Campaign funds needed for our loan payments. Now these
envelopes will be used to collect funds specifically for
“Building and Land Improvements”. We have a large facility; to keep it up to date requires a significant sum of
money. We thank you for your past and future generosity.
Thank you for your ongoing support in helping St. Anthony
of Padua maintain and improve our fine facilities. The Mass
Offering Total for August 16: $14,240. Your donations are
important; they help Saint Anthony of Padua continue the
good work in the parish and the community. Please remember the parish in your wills and in your estate planning.
Anthonian Seniors - Angie Cruz 609-448-2511
Bereavement Ministry - Parish office 609-448-0141 x25 or
Deacon Mike Scannella x28
Helping Hands - Judy Abramovitz 609-443-3573
King’s Kids - Joanne and John Tyne [email protected]
Knights of Columbus Hightstown - Rob Walsh 609-509-1718
Music Ministries - Quentin Marty 609-448-3944; Contemporary
Choir Cathy Doyle 609-448-6120, and Spanish Choir: Nelson
Rivera 609-443-9683
Prayer Shawl Ministry - Prayer shawls are available at no charge
to ill parishioners, their families or friends. Rosalie Danek 609448-8431
Respect Life Ministry - Tony Humphreys 609-448-8229
Birthright 732-462-2888
RCIA Ministry - Rosemarie Constable 609-448-0974, Steve
Pavone 732-446-7661, or Deacon Tom Garvey 609-443-5699
Social Concerns Clothing at Green House - Barbara McGeachen 609-448-8399
Social Justice Committee - Leigh or Lenore Isleib 609-448-6470
Spiritual Direction - Mary Naylor 609-426-6144 or Sandra
Lopez 609-506-1010 by appointment
Father Michael Brizio IMC will be helping us on the last Thursday
of each month for confession or counsel in the Church from 7pm
to 8:30pm. Call the church office for holiday schedule.
GED / ESL – Victor Fernandez 609-468-0304
Youth Ministry – Liz Guzhnay 609-448-0141 x12
For a complete listing of ministries and groups, please visit our
website or call the church office.
Catholic Annual Appeal
The Annual Catholic Appeal—in Action!
We well into the Catholic Annual Appeal for 2015. We are
pleased to announce that our pledges amount to approximately 89% of our $63,000.00 goal and the payments made
to date exceed 90% of the pledges. If you haven’t made a
pledge yet please consider doing so. These funds are used
by the Diocese in order to fund the important ministries,
programs, and services that are instrumental to the day by
day operation of the Diocese. Additionally, once we have
reached our goal of paid pledges St. Anthony receives a
rebate from the Diocese of approximately $10,000.00.
Above all remember that we can be proud of our Catholic
faith, including all the work within the parish communities,
and together our gifts can help further the good work of
our faith. Thank you for all your support.
The Joy of Stewardship
In today’s first reading, Joshua challenges the people
to decide whom they will serve. Recalling God’s faithfulness to them and to their ancestors, the people declare, “We also will serve the Lord, for He is our
God.” May we, too, be mindful of God’s gifts to us and
renew our commitment to serve Him with grateful
-Joshua 24:18
Thanks for sharing what God has given you with our
Collection Schedule
Religious Ed (CCD)
Building & Grounds Maintenance
Building & Land
Catholic University
Looking for Volunteers!
We need volunteers who are interested in joining our St.
Anthony’s Bakery Team. Please call Sheila Conway 609
448-0141 x25 for more details.
Fiscal Year 7/1/2014 thru 6/30/2015
We are pleased to report that St. Anthony of Padua ended its
fiscal year on June 30, 2015 in very good financial condition. Revenues met their projections and expenditures were
somewhat less than projected resulting in the parish virtually breaking even with total revenue exceeding our total
expenditures by about $15,000.00. Given the current economic conditions, along with the present investment climate, our predictions for the year 2015 thru 2016 are not
quite as positive. As it stands our budget for the new year
indicates a slight deficit possible by the end of June
2016. We appreciate your support during the past year,
and ask you for your continued giving in this year to
come. With your help St. Anthony of Padua will continue
its long history of providing spiritual guidance to its parishioners for years to come.
If any parishioner is interested in seeing the financial statement for the year ending 6/30/2015 please go to the
church’s website where it is posted.
Youth Ministry News
Bishop’s Anniversary Blessing
Life Teen and Edge will
NOT Meet Sunday,
August 23rd
The Annual Bishop’s Anniversary Blessing Mass to
honor all couples married 1 year, 25 years and 50+
Sunday, October 11 @ 3pm Mass & Blessing
St. Mary Cathedral, Trenton
Couple registration deadline is Sept. 25. Family and
friends are invited to witness this special occasion of
joy. For a registration form, please
contact the church office x11.
Please visit our blog for updated
news of Life Teen and Edge in
St. Anthony of Padua Hightstown
Attention: Life Teen is recruiting
new core members this year. If
you are interested in becoming a
core member, please contact Liz Guzhnay x 12
September 6th @
5:00 PM Gymnasium
Save the Date:
September 19 Array of Hope
April 17 DYC 2016
Professional, Quality Home Repair
Susan A. Leiva
Permit #3852
Orthodontics For All Ages
2 Centre Dr., Suite 300
Monroe Township, NJ 08831
609-409-1700 •
Love’s Tree Removal, Inc.
Senior Discounts Available • All Tree & Shrub Removal • Stump Grinding
Trimming & Pruning • Under Brush Removal • Lot/Land Clearing
All Garbage & Debris Removal & Exterior/Interior Demolition
Fully Insured
Free Estimates
Help is On the Way
Experienced L.P.N.
For Your Home Care Needs
Day Care Alternative
Joe Frey, Parishioner
(609) 426-0818 • (609) 468-3926
Mold Remediation
Structural Repairs
15% OFF
Complete Auto Repairs • ASE Certified
"Serving Your Community for Over 50 years"
Phone: 609/448-4146
308 Mercer Street
Hightstown, New Jersey 08520
Larry Quattrone ~ Owner, Parishioner
Serving PA, NJ & DE
Follow us on:
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568 St. Anthony of Padua, Hightstown, NJ (i) S
15% OFF
Carpet &
A.L. Duryee & Son
• Monuments & Markers
• Bronze Plates
• Stone Lettering
Fax: 609-448-3369
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Tile & Grout
(200 sq ft min)
Air Duct &
Dryer Vent
& Repair
✔ Air Duct Cleaning (helps w/ allergies & sinus issues)
✔ Carpet Cleaning, Stretching & Repair
✔ Tile & Grout Cleaning - Kitchen, Bath &
Shower Re-caulking, Re-grouting, Sealing,
Tile Replace & Repair
✔ Dryer Vent Cleaning (major fire hazard!)
✔ Power Washing for Decks, Walkways, Patio & Siding
John Patrick Publishing Co., Inc. 1-800-333-3166 •
XXI DOMINGO ORDINARIO (Juan 6:55, 60-69)
Lo que hoy escuchamos son las reacciones ante las difíciles palabras de Jesús; primero la del grupo de seguidores y luego la del
grupo de los doce.
El grupo de discípulos reaccionan como los judíos; murmuran y
rechazan la enseñanza sobre la carne de Jesús y la necesidad de
consumirlo para obtener la vida eterna. El escandalo al que pueden estar refiriendo las palabras de Jesús es probablemente el modo como esta ascensión va a tener lugar; su muerte violenta en
cruz. Si las puras palabras le parecen insoportables, ¿Cómo van a
aceptar la cruda realidad? Un mesías crucificado es la piedra de
escándalo para la fe discipular. La revelación de un pan que vivifica y que consiste en la carne del Mesías violentado no es para
corazones aniñados ni para voluntades mediocres. La cruz requiere de personas dispuestas a jugarse la vida por Dios, por su proyecto de dar vida por Dios, por su proyecto de dar vida. Hoy nadie
predica la cruz de Cristo, pues en el fondo no aceptamos que Dios
opera en la humillación y deshonra de su Mesías. El seguir a Jesús
no consiste solo en aceptar la doctrina del Pan de Vida, sino es ser
capaces de contemplar al mismo crucificado “donde estaba antes”.
Es decir vivir mirándolo.
Cuando la desbandada es general, el grupo de doce se consolidad
en la confesión de Pedro, provocada por el reto directo de Jesús.
Las palabras de Simón van a tono con el discurso del Pan de Vida
pronunciado por Jesús. Con los Doce, Pedro busca “palabras de
vida eterna”.
Pedro confiesa que Jesús es el Santo de Dios pues pronuncia palabras de vida verdadera. En las palabras de Jesús, Pedro y los demás
han podido reconocer que Jesús es alguien movido por el Espíritu
de Dios que vivifica a los que lo reciben. Por eso, las palabras son
santas. Por lo mismo, hay que entender lo que pronuncia Jesús
santifica, llena de vida, pues la santidad de Dios y la vida eterna
son equivalentes, son vasos comunicantes. El efecto de la santificación es la vitalidad. Si algo resta vitalidad no puede santificar, no
viene de Dios. La santidad, por el contrario, genera vida, plenitud,
comunión y solidaridad con los que comparten el Espíritu de Dios.
Las de Jesús no son palabras que haya de venerar y mantener como en una urna o en un cofre, sin que sufran alteración, para que
no se perviertan. Su revelación es Pan de vida, incorruptible porque lo mismo Espíritu de Dios anima y la hace llegar a quienes la
coman y la beban. Es carne y sangre que da vida de Dos al mundo.
Source/LTP Manual para proclamadores de la Palabra
La Renovación Católica Carismática de la Diócesis de Trenton
invita a la comunidad al retiro anual Carismático el 19 de Septiembre de 8am -4pm en el Chase Convention Center en Wilmington Delaware. El costo es de $ 30 esto incluye el transporte y la
entrada para el retiro. El último de día de inscripción será el 31 de
Agosto. Para más información, comunicarse con Patricia Sanabria
al 609.529.3007
SERVIDORES DEL ALTAR: Se invita a los niños que hayan recibido
la Primera Comunión, a ser parte del ministerio de Servidores del
altar. Para más información ponerse en contacto con Jesús Avalos.
Durante la misa, los niños pequeños deberán estar compañados por un adulto cuando vayan al baño, o a la fuente de agua.
Gracias por su cooperación.
BODA: El Obispo celebrara la Santa Misa en la que se bendecirá a
las parejas que cumplen su 1, 25, 50 y más años de matrimonio
por la Iglesia. Esto será el 11 octubre del 2015 a las 3:00pm en la
Catedral Santa Maria en Trenton. Visite la oficina parroquial para
inscribirse antes del 18 de Septiembre del 2015
LIDERES. “El Ministerio Hispano en Parroquias Católicas con el Dr.
Hosffman Ospino. El sábado 21 de Noviembre en el gimnasio de
la escuela de Santa Rosa de Lima en Freehold NJ, el evento será de
9am – 2pm. Para más información comunicarse con Sandra Lopez
al 609.403.7138.
CARTA DE REFERENCIA: Las personas interesadas en solicitar cartas de referencia tendrán que estar registrados en la parroquia por
un periodo activo de tres meses, haciendo uso de los sobres de la
Iglesia. Después de este tiempo podrán contactar a la oficina. Esta
regla aplica a lo que están solicitando el sacramento de Bautizo,
Confirmación, Quincenos y los padrinos de algún sacramento.
OFICINA DE EDUCACION RELIGIOSA: Las inscripciones para la
catequesis siguen abiertas, pero la mayoría de las clases se están
llenando rápidamente. Por favor acercarse a la oficina para que
registre a sus hijos, de lunes a viernes de 9:00 am -3:00 pm, traer
la fe de bautizo original, el costo es de $110 por niño. Para más
información comunicarse con Ximena al 609.448.0141 x 29.
La oficina está en busca de monitores del pasillo, ayudantes de
catequistas y en la oficina. Si está interesado por favor acercarse a
la oficina de Catecismo.
32ava Semana - Adopción Espiritual
Ya no me muevo tanto y ya no hay mucho espacio aquí adentro
para mí pero todavía tengo que crecer más. Mi cinco sentidos,
gusto, oído, vista, y olfato, funcionas a mis 32 semanas y los estoy
usando cada vez que tengo la oportunidad. Las uñas de mis pies
están formadas pero todavía no están listas para un pedicuro. Si se
tomara una tomografía de mi cerebro, mostraría que experimento
períodos en que duermo y sueño, esto lo he estado experimentando desde el 8vo mes. Mido ya 16.7” y peso aproximadamente 3.75
Lbs. development.: Jesús, María y José
los amo y les ruego que protejan la vida del bebe que he adoptado
espiritualmente y por todos los bebes que están en peligro de ser
abortados. Arzobispo Fulton J. Sheen
Pastor: Rev. Patrick J. McDonnell: 609 448 0141 ext 18
Sacerdote de la misa los lunes: Fr. Toni Ramos
Enlace entre la comunidad Latina y el Pastor: Ximena
Bustamante 609 448 0141 ext. 29
Confesiones al mediodía los domingos: Fr. Pat
Bautizos e Intensiones: Judith Cortez 609 336 7249
Matrimonios: Padre Miguel Valle 609 924 1743 ext. 119
[email protected]
Ensayos para Matrimonios Carlos Gavilanes 609 558 1079
Grupo Juvenil: Liz Guzhnay 609 448 0141 ext. 12
Quinceanos: Octavia Jijaba 609 578 0898
Grupo de Oración: Patricia Sanabria 609 529 6638
Grupo Mariano: Milton Pinos 908 770 0893
RICA (Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos) Carmen
Franco 609 655 2878 José Luis Varela 609 977 6558
Servidores del Altar: Jesús Abalos 609 448 7651
Ministerio de Música: Nelson Rivera 609 443 9683
Departamento de Matrimonio y Vida Familiar: Freddy y
Gloria Enríquez 609 937 8026
Servicios sociales para la comunidad Latina: David Abalos
609 371 2435
GED / ESL – Victor Fernandez 609 468 0304
Dirección Espiritual para mujeres una vez al mes: Sandra
López 609 506 1010
Rev. Michael Brizio, IMC 732-303-7800
Richard Zimmer, Manager, N.J. Lic. No. 4589
J. Brent Barlow, N.J. Lic. No. 2826
Barlow and Zimmer
Neighbor Helping Neighbor
Parish Member
Christine A. Thompson, N.J. Lic. No. 3625
202 Stockton Street
Buying & Selling Coins & Paper Money • Gold & Silver Bullion
Tuesday-Friday 10am to 5pm • Saturday 10am-2pm • Sunday & Monday Appts. Only
[email protected] •
4343 South Broad Street • Hamilton, NJ 08620
Joseph Caruso, DDS
208 South Main Street
Hightstown, NJ 08520
(609) 448-0243
Office Hours by Appointment
David J. Kosek, CPA
Care Medicine
Adult & Geriatric
131 South Main Street, Hightstown
Daniel L. Cimafranca, M.D. • 609-448-8220
441 US Hwy. 130 North
East Windsor, NJ 08520
(Board Certified Pediatrician)
339 Princeton-Hightstown Rd., Cranbury, NJ 08512
Most Insurance Accepted
24 Hour
Dewi S. Sudjono-Santoso, MD, FAAP
609-918-1030 •
Most Major Insurances
Accepting New Patients.
An Intelligent Approach to Pest Control
General Household Pest Control - Bees, Carpenter Ants
Small Animal & Bird Control • Termite Baiting
Moles, Voles, Mice & Rat Removal
Tom Garvey, Member of Parish
Licensed & Insured
Compassionate Representation of the Injured
Personal Injury • Worker Compensation
Parishioner 609-426-8755
Wills / Power of Attorney / Estates
Town Diner
431 Rt. 130 North
East Windsor
(609) 443-8222
M-Th: 6am-10pm • F, Sa & Su: 6am-11pm
609-371-HVAC (4822)
Free Estimates on Heating & Air Conditioning Installations
New....Air Duct Cleaning Service
(reg. $109)
with coupon
with coupon
on Air Ducts
609-395-5533 • WWW.BRENNANLAW.ORG
Authentic Mexican Dishes
With Fresh Ingredients
That Are Made To Order
Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars
110 Main St., Hightstown • 609-469-3524
NJ Lic. #13VH03327200
Licensed & Insured
Michele Hartnett
Sales Associate
Service you
deserve from a
trusted friend.
M: 619.787.8338
O: 609.275.5101
[email protected]
568 St. Anthony of Padua, Hightstown, NJ (b) S
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