April 19, 2015 Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor

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May 18, 2014
May 18, 2014
Mass Intentions
Monday, May 19
7:30 AM † James Branco
† Norah Power
† 30th Anniversary of Joseph Brown
11:00 AM † Phyllis Blaine
† Marie and Ed Pramuk
Special Intention Fran McCarthy
Tuesday, May 20
Jim and Mary Power
Brown Family
Introcaso Family
Joan Murphy
Barbara Kane
St. Bernardine of Siena
7:30 AM † Barbara Campion
Special Intention Maryann O'Neill
† Art Long
11:00 AM † Sheila Joyce
† Robert Gilman
† Emily Morrison
Marion Reilly
A Friend
John and Nancy Hurley
Margaret and Ed Burke
Cassidy Family
Wednesday, May 21
7:30 AM Special Intention Dr. Karl Franzoni
† Rev. Msgr. William J. Carton
11:00 AM † Daughter Marianne
† Esther and Ed Burke
Special Intention Charlene Hanson
Thursday, May 22
St. Mark's Holy Name Society
Mary and Oscar Birle
Kapcsos Family
St. Rita of Cascia
7:30 AM † Theresa Van Galen
† Margaret Strenz
11:00 AM † Kelly Anne Gordon
† Mary Lou Brown
† Richard C. Reilly, Sr.
St. Mark's Parish Family
John and Pat Gibbs
Barbara Smith and Eilleen Cunningham
John and Annabelle Flynn
Friday, May 23
7:30 AM † Joan Enright
† Martha Stebner
11:00 AM † Theodore Rybicki
† John Bebbington
† Jeremiah Murray Family
Theresa Gagliardo
Richard Haesler
Betty Lou Stypa
Saturday, May 24
7:30 AM Special Intention Mass of Thanksgiving
† Frank Prettyman
4:30 PM † Marie Lynch
† Rita Regenye
† Gerald F.Healey, Jr.
Sunday, May 25
Agnes Morgan
William Lynch
Peter and Cathy Abitanto
Sixth Sunday of Easter
8:00 AM For the People of the Parish
10:00 AM † Joseph Stypa
† Katherine 'Kay' Austin
† Peter Gordon
12:00 PM † Agnes Betty Morgan
† Guido Petruzzelli
† Barbara Campion
5:00 PM St. Mark's Spanish Ministry
Bartholomew Family
Anne and Frank Ciesla
Fran and Kathleen Merlo
Ann and Paul Tortorella
Marion Reilly
May 18, 2014
CCD End-of-School-Year Ice Cream Bash
Thank you to our wonderful CCD teachers and assistants who volunteer their me and talent to pass along the
Catholic faith to the children of the parish. We couldn’t do it without you and our amazing DRE, MaryAnn Hirsch!
Fifth Sunday of Easter
Acts 6:1-7 And the word of God increased; and the
number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem,
and a great many of the priests were obedient to the
Psalm 33:1-2, 4-5, 18-19 The earth is full of the steadfast
love of the LORD.
1 Peter 2:4-9 To you therefore who believe, he is
precious, but for those who do not believe, "The very
stone which the builders rejected has become the head
of the corner."
John 14:1-12 In my Father's house are many rooms; if it
were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a
place for you?
What’s Inside?
Part-time Job Opening Here.................................... 5
Procession with the Book of the Gospel ................. 5
1st Holy Communion Photos ................................. 7
13th Annual HNS Charity Golf Classic ................. 11
Regular Features
■ Liturgical Minister Schedule 4 ■ Pray for Military 4
■ Prayers for Healing 5 ■ Week at a Glance 5
■ Community Activities 6
Bulletin deadline: Monday at 2:00 PM (except before holidays)
Joanne Gibson, Editor Diana Zuna, Associate Editor
Email submissions to: [email protected]
May 18, 2014
Next Weekend’s Liturgical Minister Schedule
May 24/25
4:30 PM
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
12:00 Noon
5:00 PM
Glenn Skola
John Kemper
Anthony Granato
Jerry Zoufaly
Tom Hayes
Don Healy
Bob O’Neill
Richard Siderko
Harry Dunne
Ed Robinson
James Revel
Jim Mulvihill
Brendan Heslin
Jorge Medina
Carlos Solís
Diógenes Jiménez
Miguel Ramírez
Bill Hannon
Bernie Ricciardi
Todd Leonhardt
Ann Carville
Erika García
Carlos Medina
Ministers of
the Eucharist
Mary Murphy
Tom Greenan
Lynn Jelliff
Ken Jelliff
Pam Zusi
Don Healy
Dan Crimmins
Rose Crimmins
Mary McLaughlin
Don McLaughlin
Jay Lorenzo
Marianne Sheridan
Florence Guippone
Mary Ellen McNamera
Nancy Schatzman
Helen Hopkins
Elmer Arias
Olga Astorga
Francisca González
Altar Servers
Ellie Moonan
Chloe Bird
Jack Ramina
Erin Mulroy
Ellen Boyle
Gerardo Medina
Rolando García
Esmeralda Ramírez
Ángel Sánchez
Mary Bogan
Margaret Price
Jessica Rostron
Claire McGowan
Marjorie Zaccaro
Néstor Román
Breath of Life
Espíritu de Vida
Jerry Flynn and Pam Zusi
Altar Ladies
Readings for the Week
Monday: Acts 14:5-18; Ps 115:1-4, 15-16; Jn 14:21-26
Tuesday: Acts 14:19-28; Ps 145:10-13ab, 21; Jn 14:27-31a
Wednesday: Acts 15:1-6; Ps 122:1-5; Jn 15:1-8
Thursday: Acts 15:7-21; Ps 96:1-3, 10; Jn 15:9-11
Friday: Acts 15:22-31; Ps 57:8-10, 12; Jn 15:12-17
Saturday: Acts 16:1-10; Ps 100:1b-3, 5; Jn 15:18-21
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In Remembrance
We ask your prayers for our beloved parishioners,
family members and friends who have recently died,
especially Frances Mary McCarthy and
Theresa Van Galen. Our parish family
extends its sympathy and assurance of
prayer to their family, friends, and to
all those mourning the death of a loved
one. May the Lord Jesus sustain them
with His peace.
Lt. Nicholas Guariglia, USMC, Sgt. Carmen
D’Armimio, USAF, Specialist (SPC) Colin P.
Marvel, US Army, Major William Kampf,
US Army, PFC Taylor Weiss, US Army,
Lt. Commander Brenden Piccolo, USN, IS2C Brian
Maffucci, USCG, Pvt. Ivan Guzman, USMC,
Cpl. Ian Michael Rivera, USMC, Major Sean P.
Cox, USMC, Major Kevin Ward, US Army,
LCpl. Christian Roman, USMC, Spc. Robert Czech,
US Army, Lt. Col. Michael Hoos, US Army,
Commander Michael Brunner, USN, Lt. Robert J.
Bennett, USN, Major Bryan Price, US Army,
Ensign Jonathan M. Hill, U.S. Navy
Upcoming Evening Virtus Class
Virtus training will be held this Tuesday, May 20th
at 7:00 PM in the Church basement. Anyone who
works with the children of the parish must be Virtustrained.
Last weekend’s collection
May 18, 2014
Parish News and Upcoming Events
Part-time Job Opening Here
St. Mark’s Church, Sea Girt, is seeking an
experienced and reliable part- me maintenance/
janitorial person to maintain church/rectory. Du es
include iden fying and performing needed repairs,
basic maintenance tasks and working with contractors.
Some knowledge of hea ng/air condi oning systems
preferred. Flexible hours. Must be able to li heavy
objects. To apply, contact Msgr. Flynn at 732-449-6364.
Scholarship for Catholic HS Freshmen
Prayers for Healing
Patrick Wypler
Celeste & John Reardon
Virginia Barnes
Baby Ben
BettyLynne Corio
Timothy Ragan
Michael Sheridan
Marianne Sheridan
Joseph Kearney
Andrew Mechlinski
Elizabeth McCarthy
Brendan Harrington
Anne Fleming
Julia Buonocore
Victor Bini
Richard McCarthy
Enedina Marquez
Jack Lee
Once again, the pastor is pleased to announce the
offering of the Lorette E. Jordan scholarship which
recognizes the achievements of first-time freshmen who
will be attending a Catholic high school in the fall.
Application forms are available in the rectory. To qualify
for the $1,000 scholarship, the freshman’s family must
be registered parishioners of St. Mark’s, the student must
be an incoming freshman at a Catholic high school and
must have volunteered in some way at St. Mark’s.
The scholarship application form provides further details
about writing a short essay and providing your academic
accomplishments. Please submit your application to the
rectory no later than Friday, May 30th.
Procession with the Book of the Gospel
Msgr. Flynn and St. Mark’s
Liturgy Committee have
reinstituted the procession to
the altar with the Book of the
Gospels at the beginning of
Mass. The procession may be
led by the thurifer with burning
incense, if incense is used. It is
followed by altar servers who
carry lighted candles, and between them the Cross.
Next is the Reader* who carries the Book of the Gospels,
which should be slightly elevated, followed by the priest
who is to celebrate the Mass. Although the whole Bible is
God's Word, all liturgical traditions accord special
treatment to the Gospels. When the procession arrives at
the altar, the Book of the Gospels is placed upon the
altar before use, carried between candles, its reading or
singing is reserved to the ordained, and all stand while it
is being read.
*If a deacon is present, he should carry the Book of the
This Week at a Glance
Weekend, May 17/18
The second collection is for Catholic Communication
Campaign. The funds help evangelization through
activities and presentations in media, TV, radio and
on the web.
CYO End-of-School year BBQ, Sunday at 6:15 PM.
Tuesday, May 20
Virtus training at 7 PM in Church basement.
May 18, 2014
St. Mark’s HNS 13th Annual Charity Golf Classic at Colts Neck Golf Club
Monday, June 23rd, at 12:30 PM
Net pr
local c donated to
Not a
golfer? Ɵes!
r or a v come a
Huge 50/50 raffle
ckets on sale now.
$20 each
Three winners of the
raffle will divide the
proceeds as follows: first
prize of 70%, second
prize of 20% and third
prize of 10%!
Net proceeds of raffle
drawing support local
chari es.
Drawing will be held at
the dinner following the
June 23rd HNS Charity
Golf Classic.
Community Activities
15-Minute Angio-Screen
The Meridian Cardiovascular Network is offering a
15-minute vascular screening, which includes: Carotid
Artery Ultrasound, Peak Systolic Velocity (PSV), Ankle
Brachial Index (ABI), Blood Pressure in both arms,
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Body Mass Index, Heart
Rhythm, EKG and Pulse, Color Report, Educational
materials and consultation with a registered nurse.
Next screening date is Thursday, May 29: 1 PM-7:30 PM
at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune.
Pre-registration is required. Visit online at http://
NewsEventsAndClasses/EventCalendar.cfm or call
1-800-DOCTORS or 1-800-560-9990 to register or for
additional dates. The fee is $74.95.
House Tour of Spring Lake
On Thursday, June 5th, 10 AM-3 PM, the Spring Lake
Historical Society will hold its 35th annual house tour.
The tour will feature many wonderful homes built
between 1910 and 2011. Included in the tour this year is
The Essex and Sussex which will open its doors to visitors
to view a few
condominiums on the
The winners need not be
lower two levels. Tickets
present at the drawing.
are $30 and will be
available for purchase
approximately one month prior to the tour date at the
following shops in downtown Spring Lake: Kate &
Company, 1100 Third Avenue; Camel's Eye, 1223 Third
Avenue; and Art Effects, 1319 Third Avenue. You may
also purchase tickets at the historical society's museum on
the second floor of the borough hall at 423 Warren Ave.
Tickets will also be available on the day of the tour at the
Spring Lake train station.
Beach Badge Raffle
Last chance! The Holly Club of Sea Girt is selling raffle
tickets for $5 each. Prize is two Sea Girt beach badges for
the upcoming summer season. Members will be selling
tickets at the boardwalk near the Pavilion and in
downtown Sea Girt this weekend. Drawing will be held
this Sunday, May 18th, at 4 PM. Winner need not be
May 18, 2014
First Holy Communion
May 18, 2014
First Holy Communion
May 18, 2014
First Holy Communion
May 18, 2014
First Holy Communion
May 18, 2014
13th Annual St. Mark’s Holy Name Society Charity Golf Classic
From Tee to Greens...
Monday, June 23rd at Colts Neck Golf Club
followed by a gourmet dinner* on premises.
Details and sign-up forms are at St. Mark’s Church entrances or
call Glenn Skola at 732-299-0438 or Ed Robinson at 908-337-4373.
*Dinner guests only $55!
and so much more!
Sign up for both the golf and dinner
or dinner only.
Special pricing for golf foursomes!
Hole-in-One cars! Huge 50/50!
18 Mayo de 2014
Iglesia de “San Marcos” Apostolado Hispano
Msgr. Sean P. Flynn, Pastor
Rev. Maynard Nagengast, OSB
Website: www.stmarkseagirt.com
215 Crescent Pkwy, Sea Girt, NJ 08750
Misa Dominical: Domingo 5:00 PM
Diana Zuna, Apostolado Hispano
Horario de oficina en Español: Lunes, Martes & Miércoles
9:00 AM- 3:00 PM
Teléfono: 732 449-6364 ext. 100
[email protected]
Invitamos a toda la Comunidad a participar en nuestra celebración de
la Santa Misa en español, todos los domingos a las 5:00 PM.
CONFESIONES: Todos los domingos de 4:30 PM- 4:50 PM. También
pueden llamar a la rectoría en caso de emergencia ext. 101.
SACRAMENTO DEL BAUTISMO: Los padres de familia que deseen
celebrar el sacramento del bautismo, necesitan los siguientes requisitos:
∗ Deben pertenecer y estar registrados en nuestra parroquia.
∗ Señalar la fecha del bautismo con (2) meses de anticipación.
∗ Una copia del certificado de nacimiento del niño (a).
∗ Llenar la aplicación para el bautismo.
∗ Asistir a una charla pre-bautismal, con los padres y padrinos.
∗ Copia de elegibilidad de los padrinos.
∗ Los días disponibles para bautismos son: Sábados 12:00 PM o 1:00 PM
(ceremonia solamente) y Domingos 5:00 PM durante la Misa
Dominical. Si desean más información, pueden llamar a la oficina
Parroquial en español al: 732-449-6364 Ext. 100 y para las charlas:
Carlos Zuna 908-910-4898.
CLASES DE RELIGION: Se ofrecen clases de Religión en Ingles y Español,
todos los domingos antes y después de la Santa Eucaristía desde los grados:
Pre-k, K hasta el 8th grado. Para los adultos se ofrece RICA en Español. Las
inscripciones se llevan a cabo cada año entre los meses Mayo a Septiembre.
Para más información llamar a la oficina del Apostolado Hispano ext. 100 en
SACRAMENTO DEL MATRIMONIO: Las parejas que desean contraer
matrimonio deberán señalar la fecha del matrimonio por los menos un año de
anticipación y deberán estar registrados en nuestra parroquia. Las parejas
deberán tener todos los requisitos necesarios antes de señalar la fecha. Deben
ser Católicos y haber recibido los Sacramentos de Bautismo, Comunión y
Confirmación. Luego iniciaremos la preparación “pre-matrimonial” de
acuerdo a la discreción del Padre que celebrara la Misa.
Si desea más información pueden llamar a la rectoría ext. 100.
MINISTERIO DE MUSICA: Les invita a las personas que deseen cantar o
tocar cualquier instrumento musical, les invitamos a que se integren al coro
en español de San Marcos. Las practicas se realizaran en el sótano de la
Iglesia, el día y la hora se les comunicaran entre la semana. Comuníquese con
Víctor Torres. Vengan a cantar al Señor Jesús.
CIRCULO DE ORACION: La Renovación Carismática en el Espíritu Santo
"Al Encuentro con Jesús" te invita a que vengas a encontrarte con El Señor
Jesús a través de oraciones y alabanzas, ven y gózate en la presencia del
Señor, ahora con el Ministerio de Música Carismática: "Sembrando
Esperanza." Te esperamos todos los días Viernes a las 6:30 PM. No faltes,
Cristo te espera Salmo 150! Alabe al Señor todo ser que respire!
MINISTERIO DE LOS JOVENES: Invitamos a todos los padres de familia
que apoyan a sus hijos (as) en el servicio comunitario, participando en los
ministerios de la Iglesia. Prepárense jóvenes como verdaderos hijos de Dios,
ustedes son la Esperanza de estos tiempos. Practiquemos nuestra Religión
Católica en la Fe de Cristo Jesús.
TRANSPORTACION: Ofrecemos transportación a las personas que viven
en Pt Pleasant, Brielle, Manasquan, Sea Girt, Bradley Beach & Belmar. Por
favor mandar un texto o llamar los domingos a Diana Zuna at 908-783-4221
antes de las 2:00 PM si necesitas este servicio. No te vengas solo si tienes
carro, invita a alguien más a la Eucaristía, esa es una buena forma de
evangelizar y ayudar a otros a que se acerquen más a la Iglesia, más a Dios.
Quinto Domingo de Pascua
Primera Lectura: Hechos de los Apóstoles 6, 1-7.
Algunas viudas se quejaron porque no recibían la justa
distribución de alimentos. Los Doce eligieron a siete
personas prudentes y las pusieron a cargo de la
Salmo Responsorial: Salmo 32, 1-2. 4-5. 18-19. Que tu
misericordia, Señor, venga sobre nosotros, como la
esperamos de ti.
Segunda Lectura: 1 Pedro 2, 4-9. Jesús es la piedra
angular, escogida y preciosa para Dios. Todos los
creyentes son piedras vivas, “estirpe elegida, sacerdocio
real, nación consagrada a Dios”.
Evangelio: Juan 14, 1-12. Jesús dijo a sus discípulos que
El iba a prepararles un lugar. Toda persona que tenga
fe, “hará las obras que hago yo y las hará aún mayores,
porque yo me voy al Padre”.
Presentación de las Ofrendas para 18 Mayo
Silvia Riaño y familia
Lecturas y Calendario para esta Semana
19 Lunes: Hch 14:5-18; Sal 115 (114):1-4, 15-16;
Jn 14:21-26. Día de la Reina Victoria (Canadá).
20 Martes: Hch 14:19-28; Sal 145 (144):10-13ab, 21;
Jn 14:27-31a. Memoria opcional de san Bernardino de
21 Miércoles: Hch 15:1-6; Sal 122 (121):1-5; Jn 15:1-8.
Memoria opcional de san Cristóbal Magallanes y sus
compañeros mártires.
22 Jueves: Hch 15:7-21; Sal 96 (95):1-3, 10; Jn 15:9-11.
Memoria opcional de santa Rita de Casia.
23 Viernes: Hch 15:22-31; Sal 57 (56):8-10, 12;
Jn 15:12-17.
24 Sábado: Hch 16:1-10; Sal 100 (99):1b-3, 5;
Jn 15:18-21. Día de la Independencia de Ecuador.
18 Mayo de 2014